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David Wood 11-20-2002 11:35 AM

Hello Coach:

I don't know which forum to post this under, but "starting out" seems close enough.

A while back (on the old board), you indicated a willingness to have an occasional drop-in visitor from among the legions of web-linked.

Is this still possible? I live in NJ, and strive to keep up with the WOD (failing all too often). This week I'm at a conference in SJ, and would love to swing over the hill to visit Crossfit on Thursday morning, if possible. (I lived in SJ or other parts of the Bay Area for years, so I'm pretty sure I can find you).

But, I don't want to drop in unannounced, and I don't want to impose on your generosity (what we get off the Web and newsletter is already incredible). I'd love to just see the facility, and suffer through the WOD at the "mother ship", if possible.

Thanks for all you do (even if the answer here is "Sorry, can't accomodate visitors.") Crossfit is fantastic.

David Wood
Lebanon, NJ (most of the time)

Patrick Johnston 11-20-2002 12:19 PM


I go and see him when I am in the area though I do pay him for his time. I find that the money is very well spent! You get a fantastic workout (no duh!), but you get great attention. He and his crew work with you on your form which is very important on many of the movements. I addition, you get lots of great information that will help you in your workouts. He works with individual clients everyday so my suggestion would be to schedule an individual session with him. You will not be dissapointed. It is money and time well spent. I hope this helps.

David Wood 11-20-2002 12:47 PM


Thanks for the suggestion. I wasn't going to presume on Coach to schedule a session on such short notice . . . but if he's available, I'd be delighted.

We'll have to wait for him to see this, and answer on his own time. I think it would be great just to drop by and use the facility, even without direct guidance.


Patrick Johnston 11-20-2002 08:47 PM

The problem with just dropping by is that it is a pretty intimate atmosphere. That is, it is more conducive to a one-on-one type of program unless the user is very familiar with the setup and the program. Because of its size I don't know if people just drop by. I think that they schedule times so that things run smoothly there.

David Wood 11-21-2002 10:42 PM

Patrick: Thanks again for the advice. I ended up *not* going over to Soquel and just dropping by (I'm in LA now, Thursday evening) . . . based mostly on your very sensible observations. Next time I'll figure out my schedule a little farther in advance and try to actually schedule a one-on-one *before* I get there.

Instead of the WOD (which was "rest" anyway), I drove up to Berkeley (I went to Cal, many years ago), went into the weight room, and probably scared the heck out of the youngsters there. I included thrusters, and jumps from a deep squat holding a 45-lb dumbell in each hand . . . it didn't seem as if anyone there had ever seen those before.

Patrick Johnston 11-22-2002 05:39 AM

Doing CrossFit definitely scares the natives! I am frequently asked "what kind of workout are you doing?" This question usually is put to me as I am doubled over and trying my best to keep all my internal organs from being thrown up. But hey, I'm in and out and I get results.

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