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Stephen R. Lampl 04-30-2009 09:00 PM

Re: Over 50 CrossFitters Sign In
[quote=Charles Pyke;578329]Scott,

Just read the WOD your son did. Now I feel old. Ouch.[/quote]



Nice SP and BS work! Never thought of doing the high rep sets, but what better way to induce muscle memory.....

Stephen R. Lampl 04-30-2009 09:02 PM

Re: Over 50 CrossFitters Sign In
[quote=John Scott Rezendes;578391]
then a made up WOD completed in 15:33 of:
#65 thrusters
#35 K-bell swings
burpees (PFSS)[/quote]

Jeepers, John Scott, this one sounds positively least, high on the suck factor. Great time!

Stephen R. Lampl 04-30-2009 09:19 PM

Re: Over 50 CrossFitters Sign In

[/B]Great SP work. Loved the competition stories too. I'd be willing to be now that Jim Ryun couldn't do any of the WODs you've done......As for Lance Armstrong, he's just not human (I say that with the deepest respect)!


[/B]Great job on "Elizabeth" today. Glad the flight went well. I would have loved to have made into our Air Operations Program, even as a flight officer/paramedic or an observer on one of our fixed wings. Didn't happen...

BTW, I added PFSSs to my warm-up today. I forgot the suck factor just 10 of those little wonders can add to one's day.....Just what I need though to raise my endurance!


[/B]Hope the rest day was all good!


[/B]Good stuff! Sensible to have backed off on the weight for the cleans. I'm curious - - can I ask if you timed your WOD? Take care of that ankle!


[/B]Nice "Elizabeth" also! Great that you acknowledged your form issues and kudos for "powering" through anyway! You may find your weight capability actually increases when you get your form dialed in. I'm not particularly strong comparatively with some of you and yet I've found technique to be key with these oly lifts. I am definitely not the sharpest tool in the oly lifting shed!

Great work, everybody. Old folks ROCK!

John Scott Rezendes 05-01-2009 09:33 AM

Re: Over 50 CrossFitters Sign In
Today I'm feeling like Ray Liotta in the last 15 minutes of Good Fellas.

Got to the gym and both the C2s were taken (by folks who really didn't know what the heck they were doing...except blindly watching Maury and pulling stroke about 5 times a minute...) so I got on the stationary bike and knocked out 2 miles in 7:54 until a C2 was vacated then executed a moderate 1600m row in 8:05. I got a new gadget WFS ([B][url][/url][/B]) to do tabata with since my hearing is shot and it has a vibrating function. Anyway I mount the pull up bar to start and the wing starts barking after about 5 seconds. Being a more prudent man than I was twenty years ago, I bailed on the tabata and tackled some back squats. I just read the chapter in Starting Strength and thought I would test newly discovered technique. Much happiness and joy...shoulda read the darned book a long time ago. I didn't hit my #215 PR (being prudent and all) but I felt better under the bar than I ever have as follows:


I'm pretty sure I could have hit a new PR for at least 1RM, but backed off to give the ailing knee a break.

Now it's back at the house, finish washing clothes, pack the kids stuff, take a shower, pick up the kindergardner from school and drive to Tallahassee for a family reunion tomorrow. The wife is heading to NTC early sunday morning so I got exactly no help. Yeah, baby!

Charles Pyke 05-01-2009 10:01 AM

Re: Over 50 CrossFitters Sign In


Charles Pyke 05-01-2009 06:21 PM

Re: Over 50 CrossFitters Sign In
Long hard day. Ran out of time and energy. No work out today. Also, was bad with the diet this evening. Had a hamburger (really not so bad) but had a milk shake with it. The milk shake made me feel bloated and a bit crappy. I haven't had any sugar for a long time. Yech! On the road tomorrow. Will have to see what happens tomorrow.

Cancelled my order for the kettlebell and medicine ball. The online retailer was out of stock and the back order will take quite long. Other issues with the retailer as well. Oh well. I'll try a different seller soon.

John Burch 05-01-2009 07:28 PM

Re: Over 50 CrossFitters Sign In
my son and I did todays WOD Tabata something else, the pull ups and push ups were real tuff started out with 9 pullups the first round and went to six and down to 4, push ups were just brutal I did 20 the first round and my arms were on fire after that.

glad my 13 year old is into this stuff

going over to the new crossfit affiliate here in Chesterton tomorrow for a WOD the place is not open yet but it must be some sort of open house looking foward to training with people who have at least a level 1 cert. I need help with my oly lifts

Steven I did the Elizabeth in apx 10 min but dont forget my lifting skills are on the low side

Charlie give us your GHD reveiw thanks :D

Robert Grande 05-01-2009 07:47 PM

Re: Over 50 CrossFitters Sign In
Buy In: CFWU

Pull Ups: 14,9,7,6,3,4,4,3 = 50
Push Ups: 18,10,10,8,8,5,6,6 = 71
Sit Ups: 18,15,13,10,10,12,11,10 = 99
Squats: 15,15,15,15,15,15,20,20= 130

Total: 350

Thanks for the encouragement; after yesterday's workout I was down on myself for the lousy form; today, my numbers are okay, but if the truth were told, 50-75 of those reps wouldn't count in the CrossFit Games. But then again I'm not competing; I just glad that on a Friday afternoon, after a long week, my wife, my son and I are in the gym and that I'm lying on the floor gasping for air and not passed out on couch with a beer in my hand. Have a great weekend and tomorrow's WOD looks like fun

Terry Dickman 05-01-2009 08:04 PM

Re: Over 50 CrossFitters Sign In
[B]WOD 5-1-09[/B]
21-15-9 reps of:
Clean 135 pounds
Ring dips

10:11 RX'd

Definitely a lot of room for improvement on my clean form. Had several misses because I didn't get enough speed on the bar and get under it. Was very happy with the ring dips, did 10 unbroken on the first round.

Went way off my diet yesterday...two pieces of chocolate birthday cake, lasagna at lunch, spaghetti at dinner and 2 glass of wine...felt kind of crappy today but got back on the salmon and broccoli...feeling much better now.

Scott Allen Hanson 05-01-2009 09:01 PM

Re: Over 50 CrossFitters Sign In

Strong Elizabeth! That's a solid time for anyone.


Nice Tabata. It's amazing that laying on the floor, gasping for air can be enjoyable, or at least memorable, when you share it with family.


Likewise, nice job on the TSE. That one's always deceptively hard.

4/30 Bench Press 45x5; 95x5; 115x5; 125x5; 135x5
Hadn't benched in a long while an hoping it will help my lagging SP's.

followed up with Elizabeth, 21-15-9 of 135 squat cleans, ring dips.
really tried to convince myself to try the power clean version, but forged on with the squat cleans. Time = 14:27, about 0:20 off my PR.

5/1 Dead Lift 65x5; 115x5; 202x3; 222x5; 237x5; 247x5. Followed with 202x15 after about 5:00.

Met Con was a shortened (to adhere to the 10 minute met-con for CFSB) Tabata Something Else: 5 rounds of each exercise:

Pullups: 13, 11, 9, 8, 7
Pushups: 13, 10, 8, 7, 7
Situps (Ab-Mat, Butterfly): 13, 13, 12, 11, 11
Squats: 20, 21, 21, 20, 20

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