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Terry Dickman 04-17-2009 10:25 PM

Re: Over 50 CrossFitters Sign In
WOD 4-17-09
Three rounds for time:
400m Run
21 Kettlebell Swings, 53 lbs.
12 Pull-ups

My Time 10:47 RX'd
~ everything unbroken except the last 4 pull-ups

Terry Dickman 04-18-2009 11:05 AM

Re: Over 50 CrossFitters Sign In
WOD "Danny"[/B]
Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
24 inch Box Jump, 30 reps
115 pound Push Press, 20 reps
30 Pull-ups

3.044 rounds RX'd (3 full rounds plus 4 box jumps)

Your right Charlie, These heroes died way to young. Danny was close to home, we live 50 miles from Oakland. One of the local affiliates Crossfit Modesto is doing a fundraiser for the families.

Charles Pyke 04-18-2009 11:28 AM

Re: Over 50 CrossFitters Sign In

I'm guessing you're an engineer of some sort. 3.044 rounds?

Although, I'll have to admit to being somewhat exact on building my 24 inch platform. My first attempt was 1/2 inch short, so I added a layer of plywood before accomplishing the WOD.

On the subject of the GHD: Thinking of making a bid on that e-bay GHD. Even if I spend $100 on fuel and some more on food and 12 hours of my time, it's still the best deal I have going. Plus, my wife wants to get our of town even if it is only for a short time. We'll see what happens. I e-mailed the guy for more pictures.

In the mean time I ordered a WFW woman's bar for the wife, a 24kg MuscleDriver KB, and a medicine ball. I opted for the Garage Store med ball because of price.

Terry Dickman 04-18-2009 01:18 PM

Re: Over 50 CrossFitters Sign In
[QUOTE=Charles Pyke;569410]Terry,
I'm guessing you're an engineer of some sort. 3.044 rounds?[/QUOTE]

ha...what gave it a away? yes, you are correct
i didn't actually calculate it, just entered my time time on (WFS) and copied it from there

it's a pretty cool web site used to track and post your workouts, you can also post your meals there too. click on the link below in my signature and a check it out. you can sign up for free and join the main site

Mark Ervi 04-18-2009 03:14 PM

Re: Over 50 CrossFitters Sign In
Did Race for the Cure 5K run in Waco.
My time: 28:34
6th in my age group
At the half-way mark my right calf got tight and I thought I was going to have to walk it in. I backed off the pace a good bit and finished.

John Burch 04-18-2009 06:52 PM

Re: Over 50 CrossFitters Sign In
today was my first day of week 9 of recon ron- 80 total pullups

25 burpees
25 pullups
25 KB swings @ 52lb
about 8 minutes

Mark con grats on the 5k

Terry I have been watching and you are tearing it up great times and all, also I went to your whiteboard site and i must say that is a very nice site
(I tried to sign up but something went wrong) Im very impressed with your diet and girls times, recorded there keep up the good work. I will be looking your way for leadership (if you dont mind)


Charles Pyke 04-18-2009 08:44 PM

Re: Over 50 CrossFitters Sign In

Nice work on your run. Not sure if Waco can be cured.


Good job on your pull up progression.

Today, I did just about nothing. A friend of mine came over to use my weights. He does a lot of olympic lifting and power lifting (competes too). There are no bumper plates at the base gym and his garage isn't big enough to support a home gym. He set a PR of 280 lb clean and jerk! I helped him with the plates. The guy is an animal.

Also, he showed me how to do Romanian Deadlift (RDL). He tells me doing RDL has really helped his squat and O-lifts. On top of that they do help develop lower hamstring flexibility and they just plain make your back feel great. You'd have to try it to appreciate it.


How did I guess you're an engineer? Lots of little signs. Obvious signs of computer savvy (playing w/ the avatar, quotes,etc), attention to detail, etc. Kind of the pot calling the kettle black. I'm a military pilot. Compulsive in a different way from an engineer but still compulsive. I am getting more mellow though. I tell the younger aircrew guys and gals I work with that flight planning and execution consists of "Measure it with a micrometer, mark it with a crayon, cut it with an axe". (Bit of a salute to chaos there and sometimes military flying is just that, managed chaos.) And then I tell them when they get enough experience, sometimes you just pick up the axe an go to work.

Hmmm. Kind of chased a rabbit there. Oh well. Maybe I'll tell you about ants and elephants some time.

As always, there must be brocoli: :broc::broc::broc::broc::broc:

Mark Ervi 04-19-2009 12:05 PM

Re: Over 50 CrossFitters Sign In
Did “Angie” as Rx’d.
100 pull-ups, 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats. No alternating exercises.

My time: 37:39 (splits 16:11, 9:54, 6:13, 5:21)

First time ever for “Angie” as Rx’d.

Charles Pyke 04-19-2009 02:07 PM

Re: Over 50 CrossFitters Sign In
For time - 100 pull ups, 100 push ups, 100 sit ups, 100 squats

WU: 1500m easy row, 3 X a series of SS, ovh squats w/ weight, sit ups, push ups, pull ups, RDL @95 lbs

Time - 31:54.0

Splits - 8:19.9 / 12:41.0 / 6:59.9 / 3:53.2

Pull ups scaled w/ medium Iron Woody band
Push ups 1 thru 42 reg. pu's; 43 thru 100 knee pu's (or I'd still be out in the garage)

Both pull ups and push ups are difficult due to C-6 and C-7 nerve impingement/damage.

Body feels like it's made of rubber.

After a brief rest tried some more RDL's: 5x95 and 5x125. Difficult w/ legs wobbly legs thanks to Angie.


John Burch 04-19-2009 02:47 PM

Re: Over 50 CrossFitters Sign In

broke everything into sets of ten for ten rounds
26 minutes give or take the seconds
the last few pullups were hard comming

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