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Cory Osborne 10-12-2008 09:00 PM

Oz's Black Box
Going strong for almost a month now and thought it to be a good idea to start this. :rolleyes:

Finally have all my own equipment so I should be able to maintain this.

Progressively getting up to the main site WOD as rx'd while monitoring recovery (Zone/Paleo/rest/etc...):

([U]Month[/U]). ([U][COLOR="SeaGreen"]Goal[/COLOR][/U])[LIST=1][*][COLOR="SeaGreen"]WOD, 3X a week, (ie. Mon, Wed, Fri) scaled at most to "the porch" ([/COLOR][*][COLOR="SeaGreen"]WOD, 4X /week, scaled up to "porch"[/COLOR][*][COLOR="SeaGreen"]WOD, 5X /week, scaled up to "porch"[/COLOR][*][COLOR="SeaGreen"]WOD, normal week, scaled up to "porch"[/COLOR][*][COLOR="SeaGreen"]WOD as rx'd[/COLOR][*][COLOR="SeaGreen"]If unable to maintain month #5, start SS (starting strength) and/or CA (catalyst athletics)[/COLOR][*][COLOR="SeaGreen"]Cycle month CF, CA & CFE, CF, SS, [repeat][/COLOR][/LIST]
We'll see how it goes, wish me luck! Hope to see you at the 09' CF Games! :highfive:

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