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Greg Geis 04-20-2016 08:11 AM

Bulk Speed Rope Cable Rope
Does anyone have a recommendation on a good place to buy bulk coated cable for speed ropes? It seems like all of the jump rope sites I run across look like the prices are really marked up. I would think if you know what guage cable you want and coating type there would be more affordable options for the same cable.

Also, if you know the General guage and coating type with the least memory that would be helpful (PVC/Nylon?)

These are just for the typical Box speed ropes for the class.

Greg Geis 04-20-2016 08:22 AM

Re: Bulk Speed Rope Cable Rope
I was editing the title when my phone glitched and posted.

Anyway, my favorite coated cable ever is the RPM, but I don't know what cable/coating they use. It's too pricy for general class purchase. Jump N Rope has a reasonable rope for $35 /100 ft and it's a nylon coating which is what I was leaning toward. I'd still like to find a good cable supplier though.

It looks like the same type of cable is available for like $10/100ft if you just buy coated cable rather than from a jump rope company, but you have to know the right specs:

[url][/url] WFS

Greg Geis 04-26-2016 09:50 AM

Re: Bulk Speed Rope Cable Rope
I figured it would be fairly common for people to order bulk cable from a cable supplier. Well I might look into it a little more and take a little risk trying one out. Not that it's a huge need, I'm just curious more than anything. Plus it would be nice just to be "cable rich" and swap it whenever you get a kink or crack in it.

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