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Patrick O'Neil 05-07-2006 08:22 AM

Hey all, got a question about deads after the WOD this morning.

As my weight gets heavier in a workout, I notice that when I initially pull on the weight, I briefly use my back to pull the weight up before my legs "catch up." I don't do this with light weight; it seems to be pure legs with no movement at all from my back.

I feel like this is bad form and I'm probably using heavier weight than I can handle. However, I know the deadlift works the back as much as the legs, so is it a bad thing to use the back some in the movement, or am I on my way to injury?

Thanks in advance,

Adrian Bozman 05-07-2006 06:21 PM

I'd have to see your form to accurately comment, but I'd say you're fine as long as the lift meets this criteria:

1) Back straight (maintaining nuetral curvature of the lumbar spine)

2)Heels stay on the floor and are the primary 'drive' spot.

3)Your hips stay lower than your shoulders.

You want the musculature of your back invovled. Those muscles are hugely powerful and strengthening them will help you function better as a bi-pedal being (standing, running, jumping, carrying things...pretty much anything you can think of).

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