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James Falkner 02-11-2007 08:46 PM


I have been working out before the rest of the family and neighborhood gets up (ca. 0500), and when I drop bumper-loaded barbells, I am getting complaints coming from both inside and outside the house.

What's a good way to reduce the noise of dropping these? I also occasionally get complaints from box jumps and ball slams.

Before you suggest it, changing times or moving out of the neighborhood isn't an option, nor is getting ear plugs so I don't hear the complaints ;-)

I'm thinking some kind of mat under the bumpers and/or box, and perhaps doing ball slams on dirt, but not sure what's an effective method of reducing noise.. any tips?

Roger Smith 02-11-2007 09:43 PM

This idea might help:
safe family/work link

Another thing to look at is what is making the noise. Is it the rubber on rubber, ie bumper on mat, or metal addons etc.

Depending on the $$ and location, you can insulate and they even have special sound dampening wallboard...,16417,212626,00.html
family/work safe

A friend followed a lot of the advice for a multimedia room. I did a very good job, but was a kind of expensive. Especially when you consider he did it to a used trailer home LOL....

With the slamball, you should be throwing onto a cuthion of some sort. This will not only decrease the noise, but increase the life of the ball.

For jumps, use some sort of mat. I've had the best luck with foam that is similar to garden knee pads on both jumping and landing surfaces. I got large chunks from a devices that was designed to be used as a pool float to lay on.

another issue i've had is metal to metal contact. for instance with a power rack. It's best to pad the safeties...

The room insulating is probably overkill, but it depends on how much the people its bothering are bothering you :-)

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Roger Smith 02-12-2007 09:58 AM

After rereading your original post, I'm thinking you might be droping everything on cement now? If that's the case, I'd first get rubber mats (stall mats) and see how much that helps.

Another thing you can do is tape yourself. Your probably making a LOT more noise than you realize. I know I taped myself to watch form, and was shocked at how loud so of the movements were. Enough that it completely drown out music that was playing pretty loud. I really didn't notice it when I was doing it.

Douglas Chapman 02-12-2007 11:04 AM

Grunt really loudly and curse, no one will notice the bumper sound. :haha:

(I couldn't resist)

Mike ODonnell 02-12-2007 12:28 PM

Cough loudly too....always worked when we snuck beers and had to open them during a movie...

James Falkner 02-12-2007 01:02 PM

Great ideas.. I'm currently dropping them onto bare concrete in the garage, or at best onto a piece of old carpet on bare concrete. I think most of the noise is coming from my cheap oly bars I'm using ($25 at play it again sports). also, when I combine bumpers with iron weights, the iron weights clang around too, against the steel collars and against the bumpers or other iron weights. I try to keep the collars tight but they always give a little.

I'll give the mats a try and take more drastic measures if that doesn't work.

David Aguasca 02-12-2007 04:42 PM

james, it might be the oly bars...glenn or another barbell expert might correct me on this, but i've tried dropping a barbell in my gym (with bumpers, of course) ONCE. it was outrageously loud, and i'm not about to do it again, mostly because i found out that i didn't have enough room if i was making an emergency dump, but also the noise. i think it might be the sleeve and the bar on cheap oly bars that rattle up a storm when they're dropped.

James Falkner 02-12-2007 06:07 PM

David, I think that the el cheapo oly bars are definitely rattlin' around. Every so often I have to take a hammer and pound the sleeve back onto its housing.

It may be time to invest in a good bar :-) Next time I have the video camera I'll tape it and you can tell me what's making all the ruckus.

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