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Daniel Katula 05-19-2006 10:10 AM

Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm 36, 6'2",260lbs and 31% body fat.
I've trained in judo and mma but injury, moving, career and my own laziness have sidelined me again and again. I am currently 10 months post op on a torn achillies (nasty spiral high tear)and my recovery has been great. Gained alot of fat during this period.
I love grappling and would like to return to MMA training. I plan on using crossfit as part of the means to that end. Seems to be a wonderful community here.

Jeffrey Crawford 05-19-2006 10:16 AM

Welcome daniel, crossfit is a great way to help get in shape for mma or any other sport for that matter. I also train MMA and my cardio was nowhere near where it needed to be before i found crossfit. Make sure you check out the start here tab and read all the faqs, these will take care of a lot of questions. Besides that welcome and good luck.

Parker Gates 05-19-2006 11:24 AM

Welcome Daniel!
I was also in poor shape when I got here.
Not fat so much as just weak! Crossfit has thorouglhy changed that! I see improvments every day in my loads and times!
Also, using Crossfit I have overcome multiple injuries!
Good luck!

Anthony Bainbridge 05-19-2006 11:29 AM

Welcome Daniel!

The benefits I've gained for Judo/grappling by adding Crossfit to my training has been nothing short of awesome. My last tournament felt like a light warmup.

Peter Queen 05-19-2006 06:39 PM

Welcome Daniel, I see that you are a fellow Wisconsin-ite. You are not too far away from me. Crossfit is definately the place to be. Read the section on Nutrition, you will find a lot of helpful advice there and ask any question you want. Also you might want to get the book "Mastering the Zone". It has been very helpful for me and it is the book of choice among the rest of us. I, like a lot of us, have shredded off a lot of body fat. I'm a 45yr old fire fighter and have been involved in MA, marathons,body building, ect and like a lot of people here I am now in better shape than ever and am finding new ways of getting better all the time. That's the beauty of CF, we can always learn something new from each other. Oh, you might want to check out the Racine Crossfit facility as well. Ryan is a great guy.
Here is the link:

Daniel Katula 05-21-2006 07:44 AM

Thanks to all for the greetings.
Today will be my 5th WOD. I'm already getting my fat *** up for consecutive kipping pullups.(remember consecutive includes 2 :wink:)

Frank DiMeo 05-22-2006 09:27 AM

Daniel, I tore my Achilles in 2001.
It's healed up good, thank GOD; but I was out of running for a long to avoid re-injuring it.
I just worked around.
Same thing when I tore my triceps tendon about two years ago.
Train smart, but train.

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