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Victor Goodman 07-23-2013 08:49 PM

Pinched nerve center lower back
Went to the box this evening to do the WOD and I noticed after warm-ups that my center lower back at the tail end of my spine right above my butt was hurting like I had pinched a nerve. It wasn't that bad so I stretched it out and did the WOD.

After that was done I noticed that I had more pain in that area. As of right now I can hardly bend over to grab something off the floor. I went to the grocery store a little while ago and I almost couldn't get out of my car because when I put my legs on the ground and put pressure to stand up, my back shoots pain across my abdomen to my upper butt area. I have no pain shooting down my legs so I know it's not sciatica. All this after I had just come back from a pulled muscle in my back that sidelined me for 2 weeks.:mad:

Has anyone ever had this and if so, what did you do to alleviate the pain or manage it? I am very ****ed off right now due to this. Thanks for any help.

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