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Anthony Militello 10-10-2008 11:51 AM

Workout in Deptford NJ!
Hi guys! I recently moved to south NJ to manage a 24/7 gym in the Deptford NJ area! It is a commercial gym and I usually hate these kinds of gyms, but the owner is totally open and loves seeing people workout and have a good time! I am not crossfit certified but am the head trainer in the gym as well. I will get my level 1 cert. when stuff slows down. We are aiming to open on the 13th of this month (next monday). Everyone into crossfit/powerlifting/oly lifting is more than welcome in my gym! I'd love to see you guys in here blasting out WOD's or 2x bodyweight squats/deadlifts! And you can even use chalk (all that I ask is that you clean up after yourself)!!!

I'm trying to provide the commercial world with an opportunity to see what real training is all about! I'm tired of seeing people waste their time on machines (even though we have them :/ wasn't my me) and not on actually improving their bodies performance! I feel that if we can get enough people in here doing the tried and true things behind developing awesome performance (vanity being a byproduct of it) the avg. Joe might be more willing to take an interest in it if he/she at least has a commercial "type" of setting they might be more comfortable with.

I know everyone wants to "look" better...But we all know they won’t look better until their bodies can perform better. So anyone in the local area please stop by or PM me with any questions you may have!

I will have my own personal equipment in the gym that will be available for public members to use during staffed hours as long as I am not using it with a client. I currently have 4 Kettelbells ( one 20lb, 2 16k, and 1 24k) 100lbs in bumper plates (4 25's), an adjustable weight vest (up to 100lbs), rings, PVC pipes of different lengths, there are 3 1500lb power bars here...and I will be bringing my own oly bar for members to use.

You all are welcome here! Let's lead the people to what they NEED and show them that this kind of training is really what they WANT!

- Anthony

I can also be reached at [email][/email] or on my cell at 845-633-0821

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