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Marc Ohmann 02-26-2008 02:55 PM

Marc's Born Again Hard Log
I've been watching the site for some time and it seems to match what I am looking and seems to be the next logical step in my workout.

I am a 31 year old male. I started working out about 6 months before my 30th b-day. I wanted to be in the best shape of my life when I was 30 and I made that happen. I ran my fastest mile last summer @ 5:52 and I benched, squatted, pressed, dl'd more than I ever had in my life. Of course most of those lifts I had never done before either.

Since June of 2007 I have run through Starting Strength twice each time lasting 2 months. I have seen great gains but SS neglects the athletic portion of my training.

I am currently ~190lbs and just under 20% bf. I've gained about 30lbs in the last 10 months about 1/2 of which was lean. My goal now is to get down to 176 lbs and 10 or 12% bf by June. My primary reason for wanting to lose the weight is to help in my body weight exercises and overall gpp. I have fallen off considerably in pullups since last summer and I want to get some of that back.

Wish me luck. Diving in to cf head first.

Marc Ohmann 02-26-2008 02:56 PM

Workout 1 : Week 1
[b]As Rx'd[/b]

Five rounds for time of:
400 meter Run
50 Squats
30 Back extensions

[b]My Version[/b]
Four rounds for time of:
200 rope turns
50 Squats
30 95lb Good Mornings

Time: 25:31

I quit just before the 4th round of GMs. In hindsight I shoulda only used 75lbs on the bar. Anyhow, fun workout! I was gasping for air and I was drenched with the sweat squirting outta me by the end.

Squats were by far the hardest but I completed all 200 of them. By the end I was only doing 8 or 10 at a time.

Marc Ohmann 02-28-2008 11:41 AM

Workout 2 : Week 1
[b]As Rx'd[/b]
7 rounds for time of:
95 pound Sumo-deadlift high-pull, 10 reps
10 Ring dips

Compare to 071113.

[b]My Version[/b]
4 rounds for time of:
95 pound Sumo-deadlift high-pull, 10 reps
10 dips

Total time: ~11:00

Dips were killer. The third set I moved to only 5 and the last set I didn't get any. The high-pull dls weren't too bad. I probably coulda got all 7 sets of them.

If I lose 15 pounds the dips will come around :)

Edit: Watching the video my mid back had a bit of a curve in it on the dls. I have to remember to get my hips down on these next time.

Marc Ohmann 02-29-2008 04:01 PM

Re: Marc's Born Again Hard Log
[b]As Rx'd[/b]
Friday 080229

Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3 reps

Compare to 071004.


I failed on the first rep of 195. Something weird is going on with my right wrist so I tried a slightly different grip and everything felt funny. I was happy with just getting the 185 up.

I was practicing form on squats yesterday with 135 on. I decided to try barefoot and I kinda like it. So today I did the sets sans shoes. I also switched my setup around so I don't face the mirrors. I think my form looks a little better and now I can really watch my knees. They dive in quite a bit on reps when I'm not concentrating on pushing them out.

All in all another great WOD.

Marc Ohmann 03-03-2008 02:20 PM

Workout 4 : Week 2
[b]As Rx'd[/b]

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of the triplet:

Deadlift: 1 1/2 body weight
Bench press: body weight
Clean: 3/4 body weight

Set up three bars and storm through for time.

Compare to 071114.

[b]My Version[/b]
Scaled 67%

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of the triplet:

Deadlift: 190
Bench press: 125
Clean: 95

Total Time: 43:11

Note to self: I need to setup a white board so I can mark off rounds as they go by. Sometimes I really had to think to remember which round I was on.

Marc Ohmann 03-04-2008 02:48 PM

Workout 5 : Week 2
[b]As Rx'd[/b]

For time:
100 Pull-ups
100 Push-ups
100 Sit-ups
100 Squats

Compare to 071211.

[b]My Version[/b]
For time:
25 Pull-ups
100 Push-ups
100 Sit-ups
100 Squats

Total Time: 20:16

I started off figuring I would do it as rx'd with jumping pullups. But that was wishfull thinking. Pushups were the easiest then squats which is weird. I thought I would be able to bust out 100 situps in no time but I ended up using assistance for the last 75 of them.

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