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Kendall Frederick 01-21-2006 02:09 PM


I'm enjoying the Crossfit workouts, but I seem to have managed to pull/separate something in my right shoulder during the cleans from 2-3 days ago. I couldn't lift my right arm above my head for a day or so, and it's still very sore when I raise my arm.

I've never done Olympic lifts before, and I think I was lulled into a false sense of "bad-assedness" by the fact that I was strong enough to handle the appears my joints disagree. :happy:

It feels like a pure muscle injury, and I hope to be back in business soon. I am fairly certain I hurt it when lowering the cleans as I was dropping the weight and probably hyperextending the shoulder toward the end of the rounds.

My plan of action: leave weights alone for a week or so until the pain's gone and I have range of motion back. When the WOD features olympic lifts, go light (bar only or similar) for a few weeks until I'm certain my joints are used to the speed as well as the weight.

Anybody have any remedial work or injury prevention tips for me? I have searched and read some shoulder injury threads on here and plan on trying the wall hook massage; I have also been trying to stretch my shoulders before every workout.

This is sort of frustrating for me right now as I'm also a triathlete; the shoulder is making me miss my master's swim workouts. To top it off, I'm dealing with a pulled calf muscle and trying to begin running again. Last night's run brought back the calf pain so I am feeling like an old gimp!

Kendall Frederick 01-26-2006 12:06 PM

Huge vacuum here, but I'm still having problems, so I thought I'd post again.

My shoulder improved over the weekend and earlier this week, to the point where I was ready to return to swim practice tonight. Then yesterday it made an about-face and feels much worse, to the point of near immobility. I haven't done any upper body work or anything else I can think of to aggravate it. The pain is intense if I try to move the right arm upwards, especially with my arm out to the side.

Almost ridiculous to add, but I apparently also severely strained my oblique ab muscle on the right side at some point last week. Went to do a partial WOD from yesterday (the situps and squats portion) and had sudden screaming pain on the first attempt at a situp.

I am wondering what in heck is behind this spate of strained/torn muscles..I don't want to repeat this.

Steven Low 01-27-2006 02:55 PM

Rest it definitely. Once it starts getting better do some light work and the ice it afterwards. Ice is key to keep the swelling down so that blood can flow to the area afterwards to help heal it. Heating pads can be used as well to accelerate blood flow and thus healing after icing or just randomly during the day. Other than that, there really is no 'cure' or anything.

A few supplements that are good for the joints -- well, moreso the connective tissues -- are glucosamine and chondroitin. You can try those if it really is a joint/connective tissue problem and not a muscle problem. Strains and pulls on muscles just need to be rested though.

Matthew Townsend 02-04-2006 04:15 PM

Kendall, if it's any consolation, I'm having the same problem as you. First CF related injury in six months. So, it seems rest is the key.

Good luck.

Peter Queen 02-15-2006 08:59 AM

Hi Kendall. I am coming into this conversation late so I hope you are felling a little better by now. About a month ago I was doing the same thing as you, in so far as pushing myself to a level that I should have not done yet. Ergo: My ego got in the way. Anyway, I was benching 325lbs and I was doing fine for the first two reps. Then I felt what I thought were my muscles being pulled away from my left shoulder. I immediately put the weights on the lower rung of the bench bar support and got up. It was more of a soft crunching sensation than a sharp excruciating one. I was able to do some other routines during my session at the gym. However when I got home I definitely felt the pain start to build up. Basically, my shoulder became stiff and sore for about two weeks afterwards. Sleeping was hard due to the constant nagging pain. I kept going through a self created therapy process by moving my shoulder around to test the range of motion every hour or so to see where the performance level was. This also helped to keep it as loose as possible. i could not even lift my arm up to my ear because of the pain and stiffness at first. Eventually, I was able to star doing some very low weight shoulder exercises and small range of pushups to further test it. The bottom line is, resting it is the key. The arm will come back but give it time. I now have a full range of motion again without any pain. Start doing some very light weight/no weight exercises to keep testing it and to get it back into motion. Drink plenty of fluids and watch you intake of protein, calcium and fiber and you should get back to top shape in no time. Continue to use the ice and heat as suggested also. Obviously if the problem still persists, consult a physician.

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