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Zach Krogdahl 04-07-2008 06:39 PM

Zone Blocks Per Meal
I have searched around and couldnt find anything regarding this but I apologize beforehand if it has been talked about to death. I have been on the zone for about 2 months and am loving it but my blocks per meal are all over the place. Sometimes breakfast is 2, sometimes 4. Sometimes I eat 7 or 8 two block meals throughout the day. I know that the Zone suggests something like all 4 block meals with 1 or 2 block snacks. Any input on this subject? Is this bad or does it not really matter?

Jeff Dale 04-07-2008 11:26 PM

Re: Zone Blocks Per Meal
The most important thing is to keep the correct ratio of pro/carb/fat and eat the right number of blocks each day. But if your meals are that deviating that much, it's kinda hard to imagine the ratios are correct.

It all come down to how disciplined/dialed in your want to your best.:)

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