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Adrian Garcia 03-24-2013 04:25 PM

Crossfit at Fort Bliss TX
Hi, I'm looking for info on doing Crossfit at Fort Bliss. I saw this article posted and have actually worked out in the Soto Gym Crossfit Room but didn't know it was possibly something more. I've also been a member of El Paso Crossfit back in 08 and more recently Push Crossfit last summer. I'm PCSing back to Bliss in May and want to keep doing Crossfit. I don't mind going back to an affiliate but if the Fort Bliss Crossfit gym is going to materialize I'd like to do it there. I live in the North East 54 & Sean Haggerty Post is closer than any affiliates but if anyone has a lead for a gym or garage gym in that area feel free to PM me.

Work safe

Thanks, Adrian

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