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John Penick 06-16-2008 04:02 PM

Not sure how to get started?
I took a class at the golds gym back home and it was awesome, still hurt. The trainer had us do a lot of different exercises, my question is....I'm trying to figure out where he got all of his idea's, like run up hill for 2min and then 40 squats as fast as you can 4 times that was one of them. I'm going to the homepage and lookin at the exercises but I can't find how many reps to do. Also I usally just lift weights 4 days and run 3, how offend to do I do these work outs. Maybe I'm just blind but thanks for the help.

Jason David 06-16-2008 06:34 PM

Re: Not sure how to get started?
Keep reading and start slow. Best bet would be to visit an affiliate to learn the movements.

Watch a lot of videos if you can't get to an affiliate.

S.S. 06-16-2008 06:44 PM

Re: Not sure how to get started?
Recommend you start with the "START HERE" section of the mainpage.



Elliot Fuller 06-16-2008 11:54 PM

Re: Not sure how to get started?
Yep, check out the above link and the FAQ for starters.

The workouts are posted on the main page. If you have any questions about the workout, you'll typically find that it's already been asked/answered in the comments for that WOD. If all else fails, ask away in the comments or here, or search around for the answer first.

How often you do the WOD depends on what your goals are. If you're in a bodybuilding mode, then you won't do a WOD every day. Instead you might do what's called a Max Effort Black Box (MEBB) routine, which basically mixes your standard lifting days with WOD days...

The typical CrossFit routine goes 3 on 1 off (e.g. 3 days of WODs followed by 1 day of rest). The typical MEBB routine goes something like WOD-MEBB-WOD-REST instead. But it really just depends on what you're looking to gain. CrossFit isn't a bodybuilding program, so if you're looking strictly to bulk up and build on your lifts, you're probably better off with a MEBB routine or just bodybuilding, period.

Search around the forums for a while, there are tons of threads that have great answers for your questions already.

George Mounce 06-21-2008 07:30 PM

Re: Not sure how to get started?
I'd start with just the warm-up each day for the first 3 days before you hit a rest day, then do scaled versions which can be found [URL=""]here(WFS)[/URL].

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