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Rich Hunter 02-18-2008 07:42 PM

CrossFit Iraq!!!
No Affiliates? No Problem!
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CrossFit Iraq:
Killer Fitness

I soooooo want to make this T-shirt since I'm over here...and for next time...and the time after that...and for Afghanistan...Can I do this? :shrug:
Will it anger the gods? Please?! I would buy them if the CF store had them. Heck, make it for those of us who are deployed doing the job and living the dream...Any takers?:gunsmilie

John Hoffner 03-18-2008 02:05 AM

Re: CrossFit Iraq!!!
I was thinking of doing the same thing over here. The longer I'm here the more people starting asking, started joining, and now theres about 6 a day either joining me or coming to ask what the WOD is today...
Anything against the rules about us making a deployed CrossFit t-shirt? I understand the trademark and although I'm a level 1 I am not an affiliate, so I don't want to abuse the good CrossFit name.
ANyone have any experience with this issue?

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