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Drew Cloutier 11-04-2013 06:26 PM

Rogue Equipment and all equipment weight limits
Hey I was just wondering where one could find the tolerances/limits for equipment of various manufacturers i've found EFS info, but nothing on Rogue or Sorinex or MDUSA stuff for example.

Stuff i'm talking about are J-cups, barbells, Racks, etc...

In that regards would more holes in a rack's uprights make it weaker? (check out Sorinex racks that have 4 way holes up and down the entire upright all 4 sides) and Rogue has plenty of holes on all 4 sides as well.

William Henniger 11-05-2013 06:53 AM

Re: Rogue Equipment and all equipment weight limits
For Rogue:

1) Racks-

1.1 Legs - Tested over 10,000 LBS - More than any human can put on them for static or dynamic loading

1.2 Pullup Bars - Bounce test 1000 LBS on bars to test weld strength

2) J-Cups - Tested with 1,000LBS each

3) Barbells - Vary by type - We spec out the tensile strength and we warranty most of our bars for life. All bars are tested with a static load of 1000LBS but the true story of a bar is what it does when used for OLY or Power lifting.

4) Specialty Bars(Safety Squat bar etc) - We put 500LBS on either side for a total load of 1000LBS and bounce test them off the end of a forklift for each one prior to painting them


Much of what you will find on various product pages is static testing which tells you very little. The dynamic load of a clean and jerk vs just loading a bar is much more demanding. We do our best to replicate the movements at a load that will never be seen.

Everything Rogue is over engineered by design.

Hope that helps


Drew Cloutier 11-05-2013 08:02 AM

Re: Rogue Equipment and all equipment weight limits
Awesome thank you!

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