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Mark Gebhard 03-23-2005 02:11 PM

I don't know if this should be in the Injuries section or here because I've just got the form wrong. But when I do L-pullups, knees-tucked pullups, or either chin variation, at the bottom it feels like a tendon in my right shoulder is rubbing wrong or something. This absolutely never happens doing regular pullups/chins with or without kipping. Has anyone else experienced this? Maybe I'm somehow not keeping my body at the proper angle?

Roger Harrell 03-24-2005 08:30 AM

Keeping your legs out in front of you forces the shoulder into a different position at the bottom. It's possible there's some flexibility to gain here. Is it hurting or just feel strange? Also as you get stronger your rotator cuff will be able to position your humerus better and these little things will go away.

Mark Gebhard 03-24-2005 10:22 AM

I'd say it does kind of hurt. Not really painful but clearly something is wrong. It's sort of at the level where I didn't want to go to a deadhang partially because it hurt and partially because of the fear that doing so might cause an injury. Maybe I'd describe it as the tendon(?) was popping back and forth over a bone. I'm really bad at describing these things. I do seem to have weak shoulders so maybe you're right and they just need to get stronger.

Roger Harrell 03-24-2005 12:02 PM

Take it easy in the mean time. Work some regular slow pull ups into your routine. When you do the slow pull ups try to keep your body hollow

while you do them. This will work the same positions as the L pullup without as much load. If it does hurt, or you feel things getting any worse ease off on those excersizes that aggrevate it. Start doing some shoulder rehab stuff for your rotator.

look under the shoulder section.

Patrick Walsh 03-24-2005 12:11 PM

Mark, I felt soemthing very similar to what you described when I did the L-pulls yesterday. If I'd drop to a dead hang with my legs out in front of me my right shoulder felt... loose? Like something was about to pop out of place :-(

I have slight problems with this shoulder doing things like heavy presses overhead as well. I think I might have injured it as a child and it's just weaker than my left shoulder.

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