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Dave Rounsevelle 02-14-2006 11:37 AM

One of my goals for the year to to accomplich a muscle up. I am a former powerlifter but in the last five years I have been riding motocross and running w/ some weight lifting. I have been doing some WOD, and usually finish w/ decent times-within the top 10 percent. I broke my collar bone last October so my pullups and dips are slowly coming along. I'm close to 15 on the pullups and can do 15 regular dips. I built a set of rings last weekend and...dips on rings are about 1:3 to regular dips. So ring dips about 6 reps now.
My question is, has anyone tried Tyler Hass' muscle up plan?? I should be ready to try it my the end of the month. Oh, I'm 47, and racing the 22 year old kid across to see who can get the first muscle up.:biggrin:

Robby Beauchamp 02-14-2006 01:03 PM

Tyler's muscle up program is good, and should have you doing MUs in short order.

The things that helped me most, however, were working on the false grip and slow negatives from support.

The false grip is key to a musle up. If you can't hold a false grip, you'll never be able to get "on top" of the rings in the transition from the pull up to the dip.

The slow negatives from support built my strength in the exact groove of he MU. Be sure to lower yourself down VERY slowly with the rings as close to you as possible. Also try to maintain the false grip all the way to the hang positoin when you do negatives.

You'll be doing musle ups in no time.

Kevin McKay 02-14-2006 02:34 PM

Hey guys can you point me to the muscle up plan?

Jared Waltz 02-14-2006 03:03 PM

Kevin McKay 02-14-2006 04:15 PM

Thx Jared

Joshua Newman 02-15-2006 07:45 AM

Tyler's plan is solid for building a good strength base and getting a feel for the false grip. But the best aid I've found in teaching the MU is actually the clapping pullup (

By the time most people begin working the MU, they can get off at least a couple of dips with sufficient depth to conquer the push portion of the movement. The problem is usually in the pull, where they don't generate enough height and momentum to make it through the transition.

Clapping pullups, then, give you a great way to practice getting higher in your pulling motion; they force you to generate power in a way that regular pullups don't.

My only other tip: consider trying some jumping muscle-ups, using decreasing amounts of jump. There's a definite skill component to the transition portion of the MU, and being able to practice it repeatedly makes the move to non-jumped (i.e. 'real') MU's far easier.

Dave Rounsevelle 02-15-2006 04:10 PM

Thanks for the inputs. I'll have to add some negative and jumping pullups and muscle ups while trying Tylers plan.

Travis Hall 02-15-2006 05:57 PM

not applicable to ring mu, but as far as bar muscle ups are concerned these two things helped me greatly-

i found working with thicker bars (the kind often at playgrounds) makes the pull easier. the thicker bar gives a more comfortable and solid feeling false grip when first learning. you still 'feel' your hands even when wrapping around with wrists.

also at playgrounds you can find rounded bars on the playsets. if you use the inside of the rounded part you can move your chest a little further in- making the muscle up slightly easier. as has been mentioned before on the forum, many find ring mu's easier because you can shift forward exploiting the transition, whereas with bar mu you just have to go straight up.

my two cents.


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