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Alex Burden 03-21-2017 02:39 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Tuesday morning and feeling good. Wife is in a good mood too :D. The plan for today was to workout with the wife and do what she wants. I am quite surprised how fresh i feel in my legs and back today after yesterday.

Warm up 2 rounds
one of us sat on the rower, nice easy pace to get the body going
while the other completed:
Jog 6 lengths of gym then 50/100 Du/Su's

Those DU's really get the heart rate going and the idea was to try and go unbroken. Hit 43 first but on my second round i hit 76 unbroken... i was on such a role i thought bollocks i want to see how far i can get... new PR.

Wife's Plan
Farmers walk 1 arm OH with KB x 12 lengths of gym on each arm, wife 8 &12kgs, myself 16, 20, 24kgs
DB row on bench 8x6reps wife 8-12kgs, myself 16-22kg dumbells.
DB bench press 8x8reps wife 12kgs, myself 22kg dumbells
Superman holds 10x10 seconds hold... 10 seconds on/10 seconds off

Cool down
allot of mobility and stretch... extra focus on hip flexor for the wife... 30min.

Felt good just to move th ebody and not stress out.

Alex Burden 03-22-2017 02:23 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Wednesday morning and both of us are feeling really good and wife was really happy and craking jokes at 05.30 :D

So for today, nothing complicated OHS focus... with squats inbetween and tech from S2O (the jerk).

Warm up
3min on the rower at a good pace to get the body going.

Mobility and stretch in preperation for the plan. Allot of empty barbell reps, in total 25min warm up.

Wife - she has had problems with her hip flexor for some time but the new things we have been woking on over the past few months have really helped. So now it was time for her to test it out fully.

First allot of reps with different barbells before she started adding weight. She rotated between OHS and squats between sets.

26kgs/57lbs x1 new PR :kicking0:

58kgs/127lbs x1 best lift in 1˝years :pepper:

Very solid the whole morning and resting and focusing between lifts. She has easily another 10-15% in the tank.

Just get comforatable under a heavy barbell again and keep that solid core. did some sets of squats at 80kgs in between the first 5 sets.

75kgs/165lbs x1 (90% of 1rm)
78kgs F
43kgs x 20

Felt really good today and solid... missed 78kgs at the bottom. The final set was just to test and see how things felt... the set of 20reps felt great and i could have hit 25 but my wrists were tired and i am not taking any risks.

40kgs for sets of 3-4 reps pure technique, get under the bar quickly but the landing position and stability. Felt really good today.

Cool down
I did 10 sets of DU's @ 25reps or more per set unbroken. kept calm and kept the heartrate down.

Then we stretched fro 20min or so after we cleaned up our mess.

Thats it until Friday morning and 17.5

Alex Burden 03-24-2017 02:01 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Friday morning and feeling sort of ok..... a little tired but good. So we all know what the plan is for today... 17.5 Wife did her own thing and i have no idea what she did apart from running on the treadmill. Then she judged me.

Anyway back to today.. Warm up
3min on the rower, squats, front squats and mobility to get the body going plus a couple of 1min rows to increase the heart rate a little in between.. all in all about 45min warm up.

17.5 10 rounds for time of:

9 thrusters, 95 lb.
35 double-unders

The plan was to break up the DU's into a 20 and 15 to keep the heart rate under control. start unbroken on the thrusters and break later to 5 and 4.

So i got started... 3.2.1..........go...
completed 2 rounds.....

I think the started ok but then a cloud of doom fell over me gradully... that negative vibe in the gym caused by someone else... someone that just brings everything down... now i do not talk with this person but its the presence of that individual based on previous encounters.

FCK it.... i am giving up... frustration, dissapointment and allot more...

I sat on a tyre for, i don't know 2-3min...... bollocks to this..... i am going to finish it... just get the damn thing done and register a time. No rush.... just do it.

Game head back on... clock is still running.... Continue..
this negative situation is not going to beat me.... FCK everyone i am doing this thing.

So i carried on.. rested allot between sets and kept to my plan on the DU's and i was hot on them today... no problems.

Wife also put me in th eright frame of mind.... just do it then, no rush... positive all the way... :D:D

Time 26:14

Not the best time in the world but i registered it... i did the damn thing and on Monday i am going to take off 4-6 minutes on this. Bring that focus back to the table for one final attack.

The tip of the day... yeh, people think they are going to go unboken on the sets but the best thing to do is break up the DU's... as soon as your heart rate is up and you start to miss those DU's you will loose alot of time. The DU's will break you and mess with your head and cost you (watch Ro vs Boz, Ro lost it on the DU's). I went the first set unbroken which was not worth it... then 20s and 15s worked great... i tripped 3 times in total i think on 14/15 reps during 3 seperate sets.. but banged out the remaining 20s and did not loose any time.

This is going to burn and your lungs want to explode.... keep that game head on and think positive.

On Monday i will be back with a vengance and no negativity.

Cool Down
get over 17.5, breath, sweat and relax for 20min or so.

Alex Burden 03-27-2017 12:15 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Monday morning and i was looking forward to a repeat but i have had a bad throat all week end.

I gave it a go and i gave up after 5˝ rounds... i was ahead of time from Fridays result but i just could not get air into my lungs... my lungs felt like 2 ballons both with small holes in them... getting smaller and smaller over time... 1˝ hrs after trying my lungs and chest are still tight.

Very dissapointed about that.

If i am going to take anything with me from this year then that would be that i need to increase my aerobic capacity. I need to put in a good 2 months work on this prior to the next open. When i was training karate this was so important and back then i worked out 6 days a week and my aerobic capacity was great.

Now its just to wait and see where i end up on the leaderboard.

Going to take the rest of the week off..... back next week... that is unless the wife wants to work out.

Alex Burden 04-03-2017 12:44 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Well it is now Monday and both the wife an i have been away since Monday last week. We both needed the break and i was out of it both Monday and Tuesday, not feeling well. I this is what affected 17.5, it was in my system and broke out on the wrong Fcking day..

Anyway, feelis as if it was ages ago we were at the gym and we were ready to go :)... great to be back.

Warm up
Row, Du's and stretch in total for 10min or so.

Got the heart going and made sure we were ready for what was to come.

Todays plan
Working out together alternating.

Strict pull ups - sets of 2 reps.... no idea how many we did but in total 10min so that means allot.. last 5-8 sets we did 3 reps/set.

DB rows - 8 reps/set x 8 sets - wife 7kg DBs myself 16 + 20kgs

Back extensions (weighted with DB) - 8reps/set x 10 sets wife 7kgs myself 16kgs

Bench press sets of 8 reps - wife@ 20,25,27,30,32,35kgs and 2 reps @40kgs. Myself 20,40,50,60,70,75kgs and 5@80kgs

Box dips 6x5reps wife
Ring dips, strict 10x3 reps myself

Cool down
Stretch and mobility for 20min

All in all a good day, a good old bodybuildning work out :)

Alex Burden 04-04-2017 07:37 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Tuesday morning and a little sore in places and quite tired. I had to drive 150km to drop my youngest off at college and didn't get home until 23.00.

Apart from that we are ready to go :D. Focus today was pulse.

Warm up
Stretch and a little mobility first then 4 rounds of

1min row then walk 2 lengths of gym (40m) carrying a 20kg/44lb med ball then rest and stretch for 1min.


Straight in the following:
12 min time cap
25 DU's or 50 SU's
Run 6 lengths of gym (120m)
50 DU's or 100 SU's
Run 6 lengths of gym (120m)
75 DU's or 150 SU's
Run 6 lengths of gym (120m)
100 DU's or 200 SU's
Run 6 lengths of gym (120m)

Complete before time cap and rest remaining time or after cap continue strait onto.

Wife 8.18, myself 8.22

1 min row for meters
1 min rest
2 min row for meters
2 min rest
3 min row for meters
3 min rest
4 min row for meters

Wife: 231, 455, 677, 910 total 2273 meters
Myself: 272, 528, 775, 1051 total 2626 meters

To finish it all off 15 rounds of
10 seconds superman hold
10 sec rest
10 seconds hollow rocks
10 sec rest

Cool down
A good sweat and stretch for 20 min

That's that, back Thursday

Alex Burden 04-06-2017 01:21 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Thursday morning and feeling great, wife a little tired but otherwise in a really good mood :D maybe becasue she is working from home today.

Tone for today - keep it simple from the start and then hit the lungs together.

Warm up
Rower for 4-5 min max stroke rate 22 rower set to 125-135 drag factor. I was below 500m/2min quite easy and wife held 2.10 pace nice and easy.

Allot of stretch and mobility as the same time we started on the simple part of the day....

Snatch balance drop and heaving depedning on how we felt.

Warmed up well and then we started to get into the movement/s. sets of 3-1reps. Taking time between weights so that we could focus and reflect on how it felt and it we felt they were good reps or not. Filmed each other a couple of times to actually see what was going on and how the barbell moved and our feet landed.

5kg x 3reps
10kgs x 3reps
14kgs x 3reps
17kgs x 3reps
17kgs x 1rep
20kgs x 2reps
20kgs x 1reps
23kgs x F
15kgs x 3reps

Wife felt good and was very stable, but she did not listen to what i said earlier... and that was to hit single reps after the first 3 weights. Technique was great and so so solid. She is able to repeat her starting routine exactly the same and start position on her shoulders and locking them for stability. This has taken some time and it really shows.

20kgs x 3reps
30kgs x 3reps
40kgs x 3reps
50kgs x 2reps
55kgs x 2reps
60kgs x 1rep
65kgs x 1rep
70kgs x 1rep PR
75kgs/165lbs x 1rep PR
80kgs x FF

So today i had no idea how far i would get... my snatch PR is 75kgs and OHS 82.5kgs so i thought i would take this as far as i could and see what happens. I felt solid on all of the lifts and hit 2 PRs in the snatch balance today. My final 2 lifts at 80kgs were great on the way down... landed well and was just millimeters off on my balance and dropped it at the bottom.. 2nd attempt was better that the first but just off.

Lungs partner workout.. together complete in total:

40-30-20-10 reps of

Bar facing burpees
Wall balls 9kgs/4kgs
KB swings 20kgs/12kgs

We kept a good constant pace and we brought out lungs to life :D

Cool Down
Stretch and mobility for 25min and some sweating.

Good day today for both of us... looking forward to tomorrow even though i havn't planned anything yet.

Alex Burden 04-07-2017 12:12 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Friday morning and feeling great.... wife was tired but was cracking jokes at 05.30.... lame jokes at that :).

So the plan for today was to keep it simple and just a little run through the body, partner workout

Warm up 4 rounds - alternate
Row while the other jogs/runs 10 lenghts of gym (200m)

Some stretching to wake the rest of the body up.

Run though
1min on 1min off 4 rounds

Ring pulls
Farmers walk 1 arm OH 16/24kgs KB

10 seconds on 10 seconds off for 40 sets

1min on 1min off 4 rounds
S2O barbell 20/40kgs
Sit ups

Cool Down
stretch with focus on those sticky parts and some flossing maybe 20min

That was that for this week... back Monday :)

Alex Burden 04-10-2017 12:20 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Monday morning and well... it's Monday...;) little tired but feeling ok. Wife was in a good mood too.

So today's plan was already planned on Friday last week.... Row, not allot but just enough. Technique with control on drag factor and pull rate/min.

Warm up
little stretch and then a 1000m row to give us the control rate for the rest of the session. Remembering that this was still the warm up, so just a comfortable rate.

Control times:
Wife: 4.45 - Drag factor 123
Myself: 4.10 - Drag factor 129

Then some more stretching for 5min while i put the plan up on the wipeboard.

Row 500m @ a faster rate than your control time but not maxing out.

Now the wife used the normal clock so that she could see the actual time and i used the calorie rate as i wanted to know what calorie rate i was using as an indication.

We used 1 rower from here because this meant we had good time to rest and could give each other feed back on the techinique.

Wife: 2.17,3 - Drag factor 123 stroke rate 24/min
Myself: 1.50,0 - Drag factor 129 stroke rate 25/min

250m @ a faster rate than your 500m control time but not maxing out.

Wife: 1.03,3 - Drag factor 123 stroke rate 24/min
Myself: 51.2 - Drag factor 129 stroke rate 26/min

250m @ a faster rate than your 250m control time but not maxing out.

Wife: 1.00,2 - Drag factor 123 stroke rate 25/min
Myself: 50.1 - Drag factor 129 stroke rate 27/min

So now we have a number of control times and a good feel of how things are.

250m pure techinque very low drag factor, nice and easy... 60% legs, 30% back and 10% arms.

This went well for both of us but the wife was getting a little tired.... she kept loosing form so i told her to think and slow it down.

500m @ MAX rate, as fast as possible

Wife: 1.58,3 - Drag factor 125 stroke rate 29/min
Myself: 1.33,3 - Drag factor 140 stroke rate 32/min

The wife's time was not as good as she had hoped for but she did say she was a little tired. I know she was a little dissapointed but next time she will kill it. More pep talk :D

For myself i watched the calorie rate the whole time... 1900-2100/hr, i paced myself well from the start and did not burn myself out and could speed up at the end. I have another 10-15% in me i think which will give me a chance to beat my PR of 1.29,3 next time i am going to keep the same drag factor but speed up my stroke rate a little and i think i will have it.

Cool Down
My Ipad died on me so we have to use our heads a little... so to time the superman hold we alternated... one of us did 5 sit ups while the other held the superman.. then we changed over and repeated.. worked well.

15 rounds

Superman x roughly 10-14 seconds
Sits ups x 5 reps.

then stretch for 20min.

Not allot fo stress today and it was quite good. Took th epositives with us from today :)

Alex Burden 04-11-2017 01:57 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Tuesday morning and ready to go. Both of us were feeling quite good this morning, happy, cracking jokes and stuff.

So the plan for today was snatch. I have looked back at a few videos of us and it is now time to look at the finer details... 2 things to work on... 1: hips and
2: Knee position in relation to arms in the start position

Warm up

1000m on the row nice an easy

Stretch and mobility to wake the rest of the body up. This also continued as we got into the snatch using a PVC pipe.

We broke the snatch down to smaller parts as part of the extended warm up, OHS, snatch balance, squats, hang power snatch plus a few more things. All with a 20kg barbell for me and a 5kg barbell for the wife.

1- hips 15-20min.
In the videos i noticed that the wife was not using her hips to get the barbell up, she either missed them or barely touched them. So using a PVC pipe we worked on hips activation. I showed her what i wanted to see, she started to get the position and movmeent and then the last 10min it worked great. sets of 3 reps. At the end she could really feel that the PVC pipe met her hips and she could bounce it up.

2 - Knees 20min
Now in the video i noticed that both myself and the wife had our knees in line with our elbows in the set up and when i checked the barbell position it was slightly off towards the toe, which in turn made it hard to get a good line on the pull which also made it harder to meet the hips and drive the bar up.

So we both made an adjustment at the start pushing our knees slightly ahead of our elbows. This was easily done by pushing the hips slightly forward which also meant the butt moved down slightly and our backs were more vertical. The big difference was that we could now feel the glutes and hams allot more as they were activated.

So from here we started to snatch. With the new start position the first pull was allot easier, the bar was closer making it easier to meet the hips and going from 0-100 was so quick on the second pull. The bar flew up and we both found it so easy to get under the bar.

I don't think i have seen the wife have so much fun snatching before... :D she could feel the difference through the whole movment. Between every rep we had to rest at least 5 seconds.. no rush... reset and lift... over and over again.

Snatch 30min
5kgs x 10
10kgs x 10
15kgs x 8
18kgs x 8
20kgs x FFFF thinking to much
15kgs x 10

Very sharp today. At 20kgs i think her mental side was taking over as it is hard to concentrate for so long.

20kgs x 10
40kgs x 15
50kgs x 8
55kgs x 6
60kgs x 4
65kgs x 3
70kgs x 1 FF (really close)

I was really pleased today and 70kgs is 93% of my 1RM. Solid lifts today and hit that 70 as if it was nothing, it just flew up. I have noticed that i am now hitting higher weights more often which is exactly what i need to do.

Cool down
Clean up the mess

Just like yesterday, alerternating
10 rounds
Superman x roughly 12-16 seconds
Sits ups x 6 reps.

Final round 11 hold for 30 seconds...

stretch and mobility for 20min

A great day today... back Thursday :)

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