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Alex Burden 10-21-2016 01:49 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Friday morning and no chance of forgetting to set the alarm clock... we had to get up at 03.30 to drive our son to the airport. At the gym 06.00 today.

What we should have done yesterday we are doing today :)

Warm up
2 min row for general heart rate..
stretching and mobility and some other stuff.
Tabata row for calories 85-90% of max

Yesterday today
8x10reps bench press increasing weight after every second set.
Bench dips - as many as we wanted to hit that bottom position.

Then 2 different ways
10 x 5 Ring pulls
5 x 10 KB swings

Technique - strict muscle ups 10 in total took time to rest in-between. went well.
5x5 strict C2B

Final one rests why the other works
10 rounds each
5 hang power snatchs (wife) 15kgs power snatchs (me) 40kgs
6/10 calorie row

this was a very quick final today... snatches took max 15-20 seconds and the row took between 20 and 32 today.

Cool down
stretch for 15min

that was that..... back Monday :D

Alex Burden 10-24-2016 12:39 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Monday morning and well rested... because we did nothing this weekend, just took it easy :D

Had a plan yesterday, that got changed by the wife and i added a little to it, to spice it up at the end.

Warm up
little active stretch then for 3 rounds with a little twist
1min row
50/100 DU's/SU's

Keep rowing until the 1 min time cap is over or you need to keep rowing until the DU/SU's are completed (that is if we were having a terrible day on them). If you complete the DU/SU's under 1 min then you get to rest a little :). Both of us completed the DU/SU's in around 32-38 seconds.

Wife change back work
5x10 reps strict DB rows laying on a bench - 6-24kg DB's
6x10 reps rear delt flyes laying on bench - 3-6kg DB's

10x10 strict crunches
10x10 back extensions

To finish it all off for 10 rounds each, alternate between rounds
40 m sprint
2 burpees
2 KB swings 12/20kgs

Cool down
Stretch and sweat for 20min

Alex Burden 10-25-2016 01:12 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Tuesday morning and the heavens have opened :( so our car is going to get very wet.... i just spent 2 days detailing and paint restoring it, looks amazing shmae to get it all dirty today.

Anyway, i had a plan for today or should i say multiple plans but in the end i decided upon something else.. those plans i am leaving to Thursday. SO for today - snatch for me and hang power snatch for the wife. We had no intention of maxing out today but my PR is 70kg/154lbs, wife is 25kgs/55lbs.

Warm up same as yesterday
little active stretch then for 3 rounds
1min row
50/100 DU's/SU's

My DU's were not the same today, allot different jumping with weightlifting shoes on, took the first round and 8 misses to sort that out.

Wife - Hang power snatch
10kg barbell x 2 x 5
15kg barbell x 2 x 5
20kg barbell x 2 x 5
23kg x 1 x 10

The wife said she did not have a good day on this today but i told her you have to have a bad day to be able to have a good day. But her 23kgs were not a problem and they did fly up, sure she has things to work on but after 3 weeks i think she is doing great :D

She then moved onto to KB swings 12/16kgs
10x10 alternating between the KB's

Me - Snatch
20kg x 4
25kg x 4
30kg x 3
40kg x 4
50kg x 3
60kg x 3
65kg x 2

Now by this time things are getting better after a couple of tips from a gym buddy with allot of lifting experience. Get the bar closer was the main advice.. move the knees out of the way of the path of the bar and not the bar around the knees.

70kg/154lbs x 3 fails then x 1 equal PR :kicking0:

After this very solid lift he told me to add 10kgs/22lbs to the bar but i said i would take 5kgs/11lbs. He said don't worry if you fail, just try the weight get the feel for it.

75kg/165lbs x 1 fail, almost got it x 1 new PR by 5kgs/11lbs :pepper::pepper:

A little unstable at the top when i drove the weight up but i was solid to above the knees and exploded and caught the bar perfectly at the bottom. A great day that evolved from nothing.

Cool Down
stretch for 15min

Alex Burden 10-27-2016 12:02 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Thursday morning and it is time to meet one of the girls.... Helen both feeling good and ready to go.

Warm up
1000m row
stretch mobility and warm up for Helen.

Helen 3 RFT
400 m run
21 Kettlebell swing 24kg/16kg
12 pull-ups (wife assisted)

The wife has tried Helen once and i have done it a few times.. the hardest part is that we run indoors and trying to work out 400m is a bit of a pain because doing shuttle runs means that we loose alot of time. So we worked out a small rectangle and did 9 laps of that. I still think that we did 1 lap to many on each round which means we ran 150m too far.

Looking back i don't think we warmed up enough and we should have got our heart rate up alot more during the warm up because we could feel it during the WOD, no hitting a wall but the fact that it was tough. (need to think about that when we do it again)

So.......... times are in
Wife - 14.46 new PR by 2min
Me - 13.06

We really need to do this one again and very soon but with a different plan from the start and i need to start to look at the butterfly technique for pull ups as i kipp today.

Cool down for 5 rounds
1min row while the other completes 25 DU's or 50 SU's

then stretch for 15 min or so.

Alex Burden 10-31-2016 02:18 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
No work out last Friday as i took the wife out for a late meal on Thursday night and we didn't get home until really late. So to make up for that we moved wood logs and split them into firewood over the weekend for 6 hours.

So... Monday morning and the first time we have below zero centigrade .... Brrrrrrrr.

Put together a plan yesterday and we kept to it... TABATA for the whole thing.

Warm up
1000m on the C2 rower and run 20 lengths of the gym (400m)
light stretch and mobility to get the rest going.

Tabata x 5 today
Tabata 1 - Run lengths of gym (20m)
Average result=
wife= 60-65m
Me= 75-80m

Rest 4min

Tabata 2 - DU's/SU's
Average result=
wife= 45-50 SU's
Me= 20-22 DU's

That got the pulse really going..

Rest 4min

Tabata 3 - Shoulder to Overhead 34/15kgs
Average result=
wife= 7
Me= 7-8

Rest 4 min

Tabata 4 - wall balls 9/4kgs
Average result=
wife= 7
Me= 8

Rest 4min

Tabata 5 - row for meters
wife =728m
Me = 825m

This really got the heart rate going and got tougher and tougher as we progressed. We thought we could have done better on a few things but the body said NO! we are still pleased with it though.

Cool Down
I did some hanging L holds holding for 5-6 seconds at a time, did 10 rounds of this.

Stretch for 20-25 min today.

Alex Burden 11-01-2016 03:12 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Tuesday morning and feeling great... thighs a little sore after yesterday. Wife is in a good mood...... :D

Nothing fancy today just quick and easy partner workout.

Warm up 4 rounds
1 min C2 rower for meters
Shuttle runs of gym (20m)

Average 220 wife/265 me
Runs 8 wife, me 10

Stretch and mobility to get going.

Nothing fancy 2min partner AMRAP, must touch hands for handover.

KB swings 12/20kgs, total = 60

rest 2min

DL 45/75kgs, total = 59

rest 2 min

T2B/K2C, total = 52

rest 2 min

One arm DB S2O 6/14kgs total = 90

rest 2 min

Air Squats, Total = 99

rest 2 min

Box jumps/step up 20/24", total = 52

Cool down
stretch and mobility for 20min

and that was that for today

Alex Burden 11-03-2016 02:51 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Thursday morning and a little tired... did not sleep that well late night for some reason. Still, the gym is calling and we have things to do :)

So today we are doing our own thing, the wife does her thing and i do mine.

Warm up
little active stretch
1k row under 3.50 for me and 4.20 for the wife was no big deal today.

Own thing: Wife - back work
6x10 - Strict DB rows laying on a bench. 6-12kg
Bench press, multiple sets different weights, but finally did 9@35kgs then 1 @40kgs and back to 5@35kgs all in one go.
6x10 - back extensions.
6x8 - Strict K2C

Then she cooled down and stretched for a while.

Own thing: Me - Technique - concentrate on small things.

First 20min - Hand stand against the wall.
I need to find the balance between how close to the wall i need to have my hands and how much energy i need to get in the upright position.
Start - with head on abmat... up and down numerous times, no problem and very little effort require.
Then - bumper under abmat, head on, up and down and more effort required. Add bumper repeat and then one more and repeat. Now i almost have my arms locked out but my head is still touching abmat.

Finally - remove bumpers and abmat, arms locked, try and get in position. I found that i needed to move closer to the wall and the effort required is allot more. Wife filmed me and i could see what i needed to do. Did get in place a number of times and could hold it for 7-10 seconds. y now the shoulder were getting tired. It felt good and will be back on this next week.

Second - Strict muscle ups
The focus today was to really work on the transition driving my upper body into the dip position. I found them to be easier and i had only 1 no-rep.. i did 12 really good reps (singles) with about 30seconds reps between them. Quality counted today... i am hoping to try a kipping MU soon but i need to be 100% on the fundamentals first. Very pleased with those today and i feel i have progressed.

Third - Butterfly pull ups (15min)
I can kipp and they are great but i get tired too quickly where i know the butterfly can really help. Found a video on youtube (channel i follow) with a really great instruction. So i did the basics and got the feeling, progressed and then hit 5 in a row. Not the best looking pull ups but it is a start and will only get better.

Forth - strict ring dips 7x3reps
I know these will help with the MU's and HSPU's later so i thought i would add them today. Being fatiged made them harder but they felt good.

Finally for fun - strict bicep curls (30kg barbell)
Just to even out the burn in the upper arms, bicep curls, 8x8reps

Only now have i found i have the core strenght to do this so L holds between 2 boxes, 8x5second holds.

Cool down upper body stretch and mobility for 10min

and that was that for today both of us were pleased with today :D

Alex Burden 11-04-2016 01:57 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Friday morning and a little tired, the wife though!!!!!!! :ranting2: tired and ****ed of with me, i can't understand how she can be ****ed first thing in the morning.. I got in late last night after attending a company event which in turn ment i woke her up when i got in, just to top if off apparently i snored allot which also woke her up........... apart from that i slept ok :D

So, back to business :)

Warm up
did nothing really, just got strait into it.

Partner workout share the load as we wanted, just get it done.
3k row
400 DU's/SU's (1 DU counts as 1 rep, as 1 SU counts as 1 rep)
Farmers walk with KB's 40x20m lengths of gym wife 20kgs/me 40kgs or as the wife put it, bloody heavy.
120 T2B/K2C/crunshes
20 Split jerks from rack wife 25kgs, me 70kgs and 80kgs on the final rep.

Cool down
stretch for 15min

and that was that for this week. Things have been good and we have both made small progressions in a few things during this week.

back Monday

Alex Burden 11-07-2016 01:31 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Here we are again... Monday morning and we now have the first snow and -3 centigrade. Nice having an engine heater so the car is nice and warm before we jump in :).

So the plan for today was to keep moving for a long time.

Warm up
50 cal on the rower
active stretch and warm up with the movments we have below ensuring we don't pull anything later.

Moving for a long time
35min EMOM (7x5min zones)

min 1-5 = Row for calories 8/12
min 6-10 = 15 KB swings 12kg/20kg
min 11-15 = 6 C&J 15kg/40kg
min 16-20 = 5 pull ups
min 21-25 = 8 box jumps 20/24"
min 26-30 = 8 Burpees
min 31-35 = 10 wallballs 4/9kgs

We both made it though it but the wife jumped over a round of wallballs and took 1 min extra rest, but she completed them during min 36.

The pull ups were not that hard and i should have done at least 8, 5 was perfect for the wife.

Final 3 movements were good but could increase by a couple of reps next time.

Cool down
Stretch and a chat for 15min or so.

Alex Burden 11-08-2016 01:47 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Tuesday morning and it's cold outside.... still allot of idiot on the road with summer tires!!!! Anyway back to us. The plan for today for me was to finish off with 25-ft. overhead walking lunge @ 43kgs and the wife was to get her OHS again.

Warm up
5min on the rower or 1250m whatever came first
active stretch for the shoulder cuffs and hips and ankles.

The plan OHS
Started off with normal squats with a 2 second pause at the bottom building up the weights but no more than 3 reps at any time. Wife took it to 30kgs and i went up to 100kgs. We did 6-8 sets on this.

Then OHS sets of 3.
Wife used a 5kg barbell adding weight through the sets and then pushed up to 20kgs for 3.
She started to feel her hip flexor again and was not pleased so she decided to do something else. I am going to have to help her with that tonight.
She went onto
back extentions 6x10
ring rows 6x10
and something else i can't remember.

Me. so my goal was to work on the 25-ft. overhead walking lunge @ 43kgs but i needed to work on my OHS first to become comfortable. My PR is 82.5kgs/181lbs.
So it went like this:
40kg x 3
50kg x 3
60kg x 3
65kg x 3
70kg x 1
74kg x 1
80kg x 1 solid lift and more than i expected for today. I should hit a PR soon on this.

Then the goal
8 x 25-ft. overhead walking lunge @ 43kgs, pleased with that but it was hard work, took a small rest between rounds.

To end it all off = 5 x 10 bar facing burpees, jumping over the barbell, 40 sec rest between each round. These felt good and i have polished my techinque to save allot of energy.

Cool down
Stretch for 15min

that was that, back thursday

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