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Jennifer Pratt Sumner 03-01-2011 11:50 AM

Garage Games Series - Pound For Pound
Join us for “Pound For Pound,” also known as “#4#,” the third competition in the Garage Games 2011 Series, hosted by CrossFit Montgomery to be held in downtown Montgomery, Alabama on April 9-10. We need competitors and volunteers. Visit [url][/url] (family-friendly link) for more info.

Pound For Pound is a two-day CrossFit competition for advanced and scaled individual athletes, and teams. There will be beginner, intermediate, and advanced divisions. We are still determining whether we will have a Masters division (ages 45 and older).

What makes #4# unique?

- This is the first CrossFit competition of this scale to be held in and within at least 150 miles of Montgomery, Alabama…or so we think!

- The venue is a 600 ft. X 75 ft. train shed with trains that will most definitely pass through during the workouts. Prepare to shake, rattle, and lift!

- Scoring and weights used in the workouts for advanced and intermediate athletes will be scaled based on the bodyweight of the athlete.

- There are a few other aspects of this competition that would characterize it as unique…but we can’t tell you because it’s highly classified information.

Pound For Pound may also include an additional separate event: CrossFit Games Open Sectionals Week #4 WOD on Friday. Pound for Pound falls on the fourth week of the CrossFit Games Open, the feeder for the CrossFit Games Regionals. As more information is posted on the 2011 CrossFit Games website regarding the Open, we will decide if we, CrossFit Montgomery, will opt-in to host that week’s WOD at our box [gym], affectionately called “The Boneyard” on Friday, April 8.

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