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Brent Batalis 02-21-2012 11:41 AM

Total hip replacement & crossfit at 47 yrs
I started crossfit begining January of 2009 thinking I was in shape.....boy was I wrong. My first two weeks didn't go as good as I thought. Doing a number of wods and not being able to finish them. As time went on I got into the best shape of my life going back to my high school days. No I wasn't the best in the 180 class but I was in the best shape for me. So many people are scared to try crossfit because they don't want to be not the case. You don't have to be the elite of crossfit to see changes in your body,cardio and how the new you carries your confidence. OK I''ll get to the point of why I'm writing this. About 12 months ago I was told I would need a total hip replacement. My doctor told me when you can't do daily activities come back and get your surgery done. On the pain meds I was put on I felt like a new man doing all the wods with no pain. That lasted only about 6 months until the meds weren't working as well and my pain was getting worse. I continued to do to do the classes scaling down most of the movements. I would go to classes and Bradley Garner would have my own wods to do with others and not make me feel as a outcast. I continued to do them until the pain was just too much. I called my doctor set up my surgery, I did crossfit a week up until my surgery. I had to be off my meds a week prior and really couldn't hardly move. I wasn't in the best shape before my surgery but I was in great shape for the cards I was dealt with. With Brad and April's help with scaling back wods for me I was ready for my surgery. I had my surgery on Janurary 30th 2012, on February 1st I was zipping down the hallways of the hospital on my walker and nurses would say no way you had surgery 3 days ago. I was released that day. I had PT at home and my therapist couldn't believe the things I was doing said I was weeks ahead of schedule. February 9th I lost the walker and started using a cane, February 15th lost the cane and walked on my own. February 17th .....19 days after my surgery my wife Becky took me to crossfit 180(Becky thought she was just taking me to the box to mingle so not the case....ha) and did my first wod very scaled of course but did a wod!!!! Today February 19th walking on my own with no pain meds and I haven't done that for about a year to be meds free. I would have never ever been able to bounce back like I have without the help of crossfit 180, Brad, April and my very SPECIAL wife Becky. I don't care what size, shape, over weight, under weight or any health problems you might have if you give crossfit a chance it will work for you. Thanks for all the support the crossfit 180 family gave me thru this trying time, you made it so easy on me. Dinners, cards and text messages to keep me going strong.....THANKS AGAIN BRADLEY GARNER!!!

Helen M Brennan 02-22-2012 01:19 AM

Re: Total hip replacement & crossfit at 47 yrs
now that is AWSOME Brad. Onwards and upwards from now on.. must be a relief to have recovered so well



Gail Beckley 11-02-2012 02:34 PM

Re: Total hip replacement & crossfit at 47 yrs
I too was told I need a hip replacement. I am only 49 years old and holding out as long as I can, but the pain is unbearable at times. I love crossfit and your post is reassuring that once I decide to get the replacement, I will be able to recover and get back to the box. Thank you.

Tim Jeffryes 05-26-2013 09:31 AM

Re: Total hip replacement & crossfit at 47 yrs

As your posts were very soon after your surgery, I'm wondering if you have an update a year later. I'm wondering about squats, lunges and running. I'm contemplating getting a replacement, but I want to be able to continue to do those things.


Gail Beckley 07-08-2014 11:42 PM

Re: Total hip replacement & crossfit at 47 yrs
I had my THR surgery 7 months ago and doing great. I have no regrets since I am pain free now.
I returned to Crossfit about three months after my surgery. I have some restrictions, no more running and jumping. I modify some of the movements in the WODs like doing power snatches instead if full snatches etc.

Sal Villani 12-02-2014 08:46 PM

Re: Total hip replacement & crossfit at 47 yrs
I know this is an older thread, but perhaps those with a THR will see this.
I had a THR in 2007 at the age of 37. I returned to the gym after about 3-4 months and worked on some leg and hip strength, along with weight training. In May of 2014 I started Crossfit. In June/July I started having some glute, flexor and soas pain. I went to a sports med doc that is part of the group that performed my replacement and had an MRI. Turns out I had tendonitis in my glute medius and my minimus was basically shut down. My obliques on my left side were also not engaging. I took about a month off of CF and worked with a PT and a sports trainer to activate the minimus and my oblique and strengthen my medius. As a result of the injury I learned a ton about how to strengthen and protect my hip muscles. I wish I had this knowledge in 2007.

Scaling properly, coupled with continued PT on my own, over the past month I have hit new PRs (albeit not too heavy) without issue.

Martin McSweeney 12-25-2014 09:31 AM

Re: Total hip replacement & crossfit at 47 yrs

Could you share what those exercises are that help strengthen the hips? Or could you provide a link to a site or some videos?

Thanks in advance,


P.S. Merry Christmas.

Sal Villani 12-29-2014 01:08 PM

Re: Total hip replacement & crossfit at 47 yrs
Merry Christmas to you, too.
I am sure there are video demonstrations, but I learned which exercises were best from my PT and an MD/Olympic trainer.

Here's what I do:
Hip Dips: I stand on my left leg (the affected leg) and lift my right leg slightly off the floor. Then I dip my pelvis so that the right side dips down toward the floor, and then lift it back so the my pelvis is level. I do 3-4 sets of 12. You may need to hold on to something for balance.

Clam shell: I lay on my right side and bend my knees slightly toward my chest, so that my left leg is lying on top of my right leg. I lift my left leg by parting my knees (feet stay together) and at max flex I hold it for 3 seconds. Again, I do 3-4 sets of 12.

Leg Raises: same as the clam shell but with my legs straight.

Leg press or squat with band resistance: I put a band around both knees so the resistance is to keep my knees near closed. I then spread my knees and hold while I air squat (or with light weights) or leg press (with moderate weight).

Bent over rows: here's a tough one. Stand straight legged and lean over so your torso is parallel to the ground. I lift my left leg to parallel as best I can. I do 3 sets of 12. And I alternate legs so I can see my progress. The exercise is not so much for your back as it is for activating your glutes.

All of these have helped tremendously in keeping my glutes activated, so that's minimize any risk of injury when training heavy (on squat and dead lift days).

Another extremely important thing for me, and probably most important, is stretching. I stretch 2-3 times per day and I use rollers and lacrosse balls for mobility.
Glute and hamstring stretching
Samson stretching
Couch stretching
Mid and low back rolling
Lacrosse ball for breaking up scar tissue in glutes.

Doing this along with CF over the past few months has increased my strength tremendously. I hope this helps.

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