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Nik Nichols 06-18-2012 02:23 PM

Re: Nik
3:00 break

stretch and roll

couch stretch with band 2:00min a side
ham stretch with band 2:00min a side
pigeon pose 2:00 min a side

rolled glutes 2:00min a side

''air plain crash victom'' shoulder stretch 2;00min a side.

Callum Campbell 06-19-2012 02:54 AM

Re: Nik
[QUOTE=Nik Nichols;1070597]4 rounds for max reps of:
2 mins muscle ups
2 mins of double unders
2 mins rest
round 1. 10 muscle ups 80 double unders
round 2. 10 muscle ups 80 double unders
round 3. 10 muscle ups 85 double unders
round 4. 11 muscle ups 73 double unders

total 359 reps

MUs were 4 reps then singles on round 1 and 2. round 3 and 4 were 5 reps, round 4 I hit 11 reps and mussed the 12th.

double unders were arround 20 reps then 10s.[/QUOTE]

Great work Nik

Nik Nichols 06-19-2012 07:21 AM

Re: Nik
[QUOTE=Callum Campbell;1070791]Great work Nik[/QUOTE]

Thank Callum, all though DUs need work, I was happy with it. My DUs always get better as I go.

Nik Nichols 06-19-2012 07:23 AM

Re: Nik
A.M. warm up

3 rounds
10 GHDs
10 back ext
10 HSPUs
10 C2B kipping pullups
10 squats
10 situps
10 pushups

rolled my back 3 min,
pigeon pose with leg on table. 2:00 min a side.

Nik Nichols 06-19-2012 08:48 AM

Re: Nik
10:00 break
daily squat

115lbs x3
185lbs x1
235lbs x1
285lbs x1
320lbs(145k) x1

all easy and smooth. Done in 6:30.

Nik Nichols 06-19-2012 11:52 AM

Re: Nik
On the minute:

2 Power Snatch and 10 Sledge Strikes, alternating arms, for 15 minutes

I used 115lbs to about the 7th round then went to 125lbs, My snatch for reps is not great. I missed the second rep twards the end, so I did another round. So 16 rounds in all. Really not to bad a workout.

Dead lift
115lbs x3
185lbs x3
235lbs x3
285lbs x3
305lbs x3

These were just form work, not heavy work.

Nik Nichols 06-19-2012 02:00 PM

Re: Nik
cln and jerk: work up to 85%x1x5
115lbs x1
135lbs x1
165lbs x1
185lbs x1x1x1x1x1

cleans were easy, jerks harder, but not bad

sit ups: 100 done unbroken not timed.

Nik Nichols 06-20-2012 07:20 AM

Re: Nik
Short A.M. warmup
30 reps GHDs with 10lbs plate to chest
30 back ext 25lbs plate to chest
abmatt situps with 25lbs plate over head

10 HSPUs

30 OHSs with bar

Nik Nichols 06-20-2012 09:12 AM

Re: Nik
10:00 break

couch stretch with band 2:00min a side
ham stretch with band 2:00min a side

laying on my back, heels together 35lbs plated on legs holding a ''split. 2:30min

deload knee exercize 30 reps total.

Nik Nichols 06-20-2012 11:51 AM

Re: Nik
Mobility day

rolled IT band 1:00min a side
rolled glutes 2:min a side
rolled my back 3:00

pigeon pose with leg on table 2:00min a side

arm in sling shoulder stretch 2:00min a side
band on wrist to pull up bar head in arm pit 2:00min a side
band on wrist pulling across body pulling shoulder blade 2:00min a side
band pulling arm back and down elbow by head 2:00min a side.

Mobility ran long or I'd have done a metcon too.

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