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Jacob McBride 04-19-2008 10:07 PM

Re: 400m time guidelines
[QUOTE=Lincoln Brigham;295274]I think some folks are underestimating how much of a hateful suck-fest the 400m sprint is supposed to be when done right.[/QUOTE]
the 400m and the 800m are the two worst races I've ever run. WAY worse than the mile, the 2 mile, even worse than the time I ran 15 miles. I hear the 400m hurdles are worse, but I've never tried hurdles.

EDIT: And that's why I want to run them D1 in college next year. I must have been sold on them as I was scraping dried vomit out of my leg hairs after the 4x800m relay at States last year.

Brock Jones 04-25-2008 12:29 PM

Re: 400m time guidelines
I think Lincoln is right on the money. If you're not *all-out-sprinting* for the duration of a 400m, you either have a mental block or you need to work on your conditioning. I'm not a sprinter - I've never been a sprinter - I am not built for sprinting (I'm 5'5", 31 y.o., 145#, not very fast-twitch, *and* I have short legs). When I started CF, I couldn't *jog* 400m without stopping and walking part of it. Nowadays, my PR 400m time is 1:03.

If we designed a classification system for runners that put everybody at the 'elite' level, exactly what would that accomplish? Nobody's saying that you're *not fit* because you can't run a 1:00 400m. They're just saying that if it takes you 2:00 to run a 400m that you're effectively a novice runner. Not everybody is awesome at everything.

If anything, I think the times should be adjusted *down* - because you need to have a pretty warped definition of 'elite runner' to put me in that bucket.

Andres Gordo 04-26-2008 09:50 AM

Re: 400m time guidelines
[QUOTE=miguel flores;295006]Elite: 1:04
Advanced: 1:19
Intermediate: 1:34
Beginner: 2:04
I guess untrained is >=2:05

When it comes to Crossfitters these times are very suitable for measuring performances.

Of course when comparing to track times they pale in comparison. But its a good thing this isnt a track website huh =)

So lets stay away from confusing anyone by comparing standout track times-( in comparison to crossfit) The Crossfit North times are very, how do you say, accurate I guess. When trying to find a good benchmark for 400m times.[/QUOTE]

Hmm and I thought I was slow in running

Last time I did workout that had running (it was first) I jogged the 400 Meters, and did about 1:30 I guess running/sprinting would put me in 1:04 or less :pepper:

Justin McGinley 04-26-2008 02:20 PM

Re: 400m time guidelines
[QUOTE=Jacob McBride;295300]the 400m and the 800m are the two worst races I've ever run. WAY worse than the mile, the 2 mile, even worse than the time I ran 15 miles. I hear the 400m hurdles are worse, but I've never tried hurdles.

I have to agree. I ran the 200, 400, 400 hurdles, 800, and 1600 in Highschool. The 400 hurdle is the hardest race. The last 80 meters are all willpower.

Mark Brinton 04-26-2008 03:06 PM

Re: 400m time guidelines
400m sprint is definitely a mono-modal suckfest if done as prescribed. I do think that some people don't get it in this regard and give themselves a mental pass that they would not give themselves when doing Fran or Helen. IMO, 800m is even worse.

Brian Degenaro 04-26-2008 07:47 PM

Re: 400m time guidelines
Yeah, there's no WOD out there however hard you push yourself, that is on the same level as pain as 400m repeats with minimal rest. Repeats are the only workouts that have ever left my body "in shock" for more than a few minutes.

Christin Street 04-27-2008 03:22 PM

Re: 400m time guidelines
[QUOTE=Veronica Davis;294792]That sounds about right to me. For the workouts like Nancy I'm at about 100 sec for a 400m. I'm sure that if I only had to do one 400m and nothing else I could shave at least 10 seconds off.[/QUOTE]
I'm there with you Veronica....1:40min on the 400 but if I had nothing to do afterward...maybe a tad bit faster.

Andres Gordo 06-23-2008 05:56 PM

Re: 400m time guidelines
Bringing this thread back from the dead (halfdead?) I ran some sprints today.

Started with a 2.5 mile bike ride to the park.

Rested a bit and sprinted a 400meter, holy :censored:, these things suck I got a 1:09. And personally I think I suck at running. I used to hate it now i like it more. And did other sprints....

But my point is that I never thought 400 meter sprint could be so taxing in your body, props to you people that do them or the 800s....

Blair Robert Lowe 06-24-2008 03:35 PM

Re: 400m time guidelines
Thread resurrect. Hopefully we don't start *****ing about times. I love talking about how much the 4 and 800 used to suck though.

I will concur with the 400 being suckage. I also found the 800 to be there as well. An 800 can be a bit easier if paced properly but can still lead to the same CNS failure and dry heaves/throwing up given the right conditions ( heat, dehydration ).

George Mounce 06-24-2008 06:06 PM

Re: 400m time guidelines
[QUOTE=Aaron Moburg-Jones;293624]My unscientific take:

All times for non-professional runners

Excellent: 53-60
Good: 60-72
Fair: 73-83
Untrained 96-120

I was a very average track and crosscountry runner and ran 54-56, which is better than almost anyone who doesn't train as a runner could run. It was was by no means special and I doubt I could do it anymore. I think anyone who is not a track athlete (or trains specifically for the long sprints) that can break 60 has achieved something on par with a 2x bodyweight squat. But I could be TOTALLY wrong.

I'm curious what other people think because I usually underestimate how hard I think running is and overestimate how hard I think lifting is (I CANNOT do a 2x bodyweight squat and just achieved a 2x bodyweight deadlift).[/QUOTE]

I can run a 55 sec 400m on a good day, and can't do a 2x bodyweight squat, I can do a 2.6xBW deadlift though lol.

The key to the 400 is breaking it down in my opinion and if you aren't a good turn runner, you need to learn to be one. Watch many, many videos of Tyson ***. He is an AMAZING turn runner. Be fun to watch him and Bolt of Jamaica battle in Beijing.

I was an 800 runner in high school. I did it like this - first 500, all out pace, cruise through turn, all out on straight away, cruise through turn, sprint last 100. Just how I do that race. The 400 to me is all about NOT STARTING TOO FAST. If you use all your have in the anaerobic phase you will not switch over well. World class runners are so fast they spend the majority of the race in that zone. CrossFit alone should be helping you to extend that zone and make your switch over more efficient.

Finally - learn to run properly. Form is essential to being a good 400m runner, or any distance runner at that. I personally never liked anything past 800m. You should be hitting roughly 4-5 steps per second in your stride. If you are slower than that you won't improve. Get your feet moving faster. Lots of 100s will help. Video tape yourself doing a 100 and count your strides. In a 13 second 100 you should have roughly 65 steps.

Thats all I can think of right now.

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