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Janet Fisher 06-15-2003 06:00 PM

I used to like to go to one resource and throw all my faith behind it for a while, but this message board and Crossfit proved to me that you have to draw from multiple sources.

I'd like to know what resources some of you are working from as you design your nutritional habits, and what parts of each you ignore or find to be true.

For example, I'm finding a lot of benefits from eating according to The Paleo Diet, but I ignore their advice on fat (if I don't have fat with each meal, I crave carbs afterwards). I trust a lot of Lights Out except for the coffee advice (coffee seems to drain my adrenals). I haven't started reading Natural Hormonal Enhancement, but from what I've heard, I'm hoping it will allow me to drop my hypothyroid meds.

Keith 06-16-2003 02:20 PM

Hi Janet, I started off eating semi-strict paleo ala Drs' Eades about a year or so ago. I saw quite a few benefits but still didn't feel 100%.
Since moving to a pretty strict meat, veggies, fruit, and oils diet I feel significantly better.
I find, however, that my system now reacts pretty strongly to certain things when I do 'cheat'. Wheat is a big no-no. I love strong Java coffee but within 20 minutes of drinking a cup, acid reflux will kick in. This is something I'd never experienced pre-paleo, but I guess it's my body reacting to 'foreign' foods much more strongly.
As I said I started out with the EAdes Lifeplan approach, and have moved to stricter versions over time with noticible results. I've just finished 'lights out' and there's a lot of good info in that book.
I really feel that you have to glean what works for you (and what you can commit to long term) from each system and build your own individual program, continually refining it as you get more experienced.


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