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Facundo Etchecolatz 03-31-2018 03:42 AM

CCFT Level 3 - 2018
Hi everyone, I am preparing myself to pass the Level 3 in a month and I have seen that the Study Material has changed significantly in the last year. Many articles (mostly Mouvements and those of Dr Kilgore and T Leyland have been taken off the Study Material list).
For those having passed the test, do you think that taking the Online Course (Spot the flaw, Scaling and Anatomy) are a real help when preparing for the L3 (both content-wise and if the videos of the test are somehow similar to those of the L3)?
Last but not least, I've read that most memorising is needed. Could anyone underline which domain is recommended to be memorised?
Thanks for your help!

Carlos C Cobo 04-01-2018 01:03 PM

Re: CCFT Level 3 - 2018
In addition to watching all the videos, I saved all the PDFs as text files and listened to them using the app T2S on my Android. This method worked well for me because I'm a podcast and audiobook fan, so I took a break from the podcasts and audiobooks for a couple of weeks, listened to all the PDFs, felt prepared for the exam, and passed it.

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