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Jon Gilson 05-01-2007 11:45 AM

Congratulations to David Wells, this month's winner of the Again Faster Equipment drawing. David won a 1-pood kettlebell!

Every month, I give away a piece of equipment to one person randomly selected from my mailing list. The June giveaway will be a copy of Coach Rippetoe's classic, "Starting Strength". Think of it as equipment for your mind.

To enter for the June drawing (and every one after that!), all you have to do is shoot me an email at [][/email].

The next AFE Newsletter will be out tomorrow, and will contain all the great equipment deals you're used to seeing, as well as a great affiliate starter package and some advice on equipping a gym to train 6-12 Crossfit athletes per hour on the cheap.

Whether you're about to open your own Crossfit Affiliate or just thinking about it, you'll want to see this.

My stable of products will also be represented, from the Again Faster Bar to a sweet pair of squat stands. If you want it, I've got it!



Jon Gilson 05-03-2007 05:35 AM

Hey Guys,

My apologies! As you may have noticed if you subscribe to the Again Faster Newsletter, I'm a bit behind in getting it out. As usual, I have a few dozen things competing for my attention, and the Newsletter got pushed to the back burner.

Rest assured that it will be out sooner rather than later--Friday night at the latest.

In the meantime, there's a new article up on Again Faster, and you can always occupy your downtime reading the latest edition of the Crossfit Journal!

Thanks for your understanding. I appreciate it!



Jon Gilson 05-08-2007 09:15 AM

Sorry to sandbag, guys! The AF Equipment newsletter is still sitting in my Constant Contact drafts folder, which is the last place in the world it should be.

Fortunately for me (but unfortunately for my subscribers), the training business is commanding a healthy dose of my time, and I've been unable to finish up the "Opening a Crossfit Affiliate" article to my satisfaction. When finished, it should be the most comprehensive article on the topic to date.

I hope you like the article and find the Newsletter helpful. It undoubtedly contains the best prices I've ever offered on Again Faster Equipment, and is totally worth the wait!



Jon Gilson 05-10-2007 10:10 AM

The May Newsletter is out, with all the gory details. If you were expecting a copy and didn't get one, please shoot me an email: [][/email].

This month's newsletter includes "The List", containing the best prices I've ever offered. Buy $300 worth of gear from The List, and shipping is on me! This isn't a closeout list. It's the stuff you need to leave the Big Box gym behind forever.

If you're not currently recieving the AFE Newsletter and would like to, feel free to get in touch.



Bill Russell 05-10-2007 01:30 PM

I got it today Jon, nice job.

I was about to order Starting Strength but I'm feeling lucky. I'll wait until I win it from you in the June giveaway!:gunsmilie:

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