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John Frazer 05-11-2005 10:08 AM

First "Helen" last summer -- 29:00-something w/ 27 lb. KB (Ironmind handle w/plates).

Second "Helen" last fall -- 23:00-something w/ 36 lb. KB.

Third "Helen" in January -- 25:00-something (was sick and had an injured knee).

Today's "Helen" (still 36 lbs.) -- 16:25. Hadn't swung a KB since January.

Will add more weight for the next one.


Eugene R. Allen 05-11-2005 10:43 AM

Wow, great time improvement...where did that come from? I find one of the best ways to drop your time comes from doing the pullups all at once. Dropping off the bar for a rest really bloats your time. Some run training and turning that 400 yard slog into a graceful sprint will help a lot too. Great work. I really like Helen.

John Frazer 05-11-2005 02:55 PM

I think the improvement came from a couple areas:

1. Been working a lot on my pullups. Previous Helens I've been so gassed from the run/KB that I could only manage 2s and 3s; today was more like 5s and 4s.

2. Paced myself a little on the run -- I think the last couple times I was so gassed from sprinting hard that I had to break up the KBs even more. My run, BTW, is out my front door and uphill 200m, then downhill back.

3. The KBs are the odd part, they felt downright easy compared to last time (less back strain, better extension at the top), even though my thighs are sore from the weekend's clean/run and L-pullup workouts (this is the April Helen, I'm running about a month behind).

Overall, I felt as if my breaks during the WOD and my recovery time afterward, were a lot shorter than on any previous effort. I think my goal for next time is to hold the same time or better, with 5 or 10 more pounds on the KB. Should be doable if I keep working on my pullups.

Rob deFreese 05-12-2005 06:48 AM

Hey John, congratulations! Helen is one of my favorities as well. She's such a balanced workout and gives you a great measure of your progress.

You will definitely continue to improve your time as you develop your pull-ups and fatigue management.

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