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Benji Whitehead 05-28-2008 10:59 AM

critique my idea for a shed/gym
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i got bored at work one day and drew this up. i think i have room for it, now i just need money and motivation. It might actually need to be extended/expanded because we just got a miata and i don't want to leave it out in the rain. the dimensions are in feet and are basically guesses. i'll probably hang my rings somewhere between the big door and the oly platform. i'm no carpenter or builder so please tell me if something looks stupid.

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Tom Fetter 05-28-2008 11:35 AM

Re: critique my idea for a shed/gym
You've got a 5 X 8 area for a power rack and weights, and nearby an 8 X 8 Oly platform. For a one-person gym, this is overkill ... I've got my rack on a tongue sticking out the back of my platform.

For a 2 or more person gym, you'd have a better use of space to strengthen the whole floor as if it were a platform, and set up the rack and a designated OLY lifting area side by side along the long wall. If you put the rack in the corner, you'd maximise free space ... and putting your weight tree etc. between the rack and the Oly platform would separate the space well enough.

I'n this small a space, I'd be reluctant to have the floor chopped up into separate heights - e.g. Oly platform higher than the rest. You'll probably find it much more functional and flexible to keep the floor all the same height, even if you choose to insert a strip of wood in your designated Oly area to stand on. In practice, I haven't found at my modest level of lifting, that the rubber mat floors are any less optimal for cleans etc. than wood ...

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