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Chris Jordan 12-30-2005 11:39 AM

Item 1:
Today I deadlifted 255 lbs! That's got me pretty jazzed. I may have been able to do more but i felt my form was starting to give.

Item 2:
On Nov. 30 I couldn't do a double-under to save my life. Today I did tabata double-unders, finished up with 3 sets of 10 straight and had gas to spare! What a difference a month makes!

Item 3:
My wife humored me last night by saying I look better than ever now!

This has been a very challenging first month. I look forward to many more. Thanks Coach and community for the inspiration and support.

Jeremy Jones 12-30-2005 04:18 PM

Strong Work Chris!

Imagine the monster you will be in a year - Keep it up!

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