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Zack Lewis 09-13-2010 11:45 AM

What to do when?!?!
Hey guys! I am new here at Crossfit but been doing it off and on, and now with a garage gym in place its going to be an all the time thing. I was thinking starting slow, do a strength workout on MWF and on Tuesday Thursday do a WOD, or just do WOD MWF and take off T TH...Since I am new my programing is terrible! Any advice/tips or even examples of what other guys do. Short history, I started at 330 about a year and half ago, dropped down to 280, then hit crosfit and now at 255. Want to get down to 230 and LOVE crossfit, I just find myself sore as **** after them and sometimes too sore to do a full WOD that is why I am wondering on splitting the WOD days...just need advice!!!! Thanks Guys!

Tobias Gohrbandt 09-13-2010 11:59 AM

Re: What to do when?!?!
If you can't handle a WOD in a reasonable time, or without requiring huge amounts of recovery, scale it down.

You don't really need to do any programming on your own - just follow the mainpage WOD, or some affiliates' WOD. Add in a rest day, or scale down as required.
Splitting things up in strength days and WOD days, and trying to adjust the programming, is likely to get messy.

My two cents - I'm sure people with more experience will drop in shortly. :)

Ramon Gomez 09-13-2010 12:12 PM

Re: What to do when?!?!
Early on in your experience, there isn't much need to have dedicated strength days...they're programmed in there anyway, and you'll make strength gains simply by doing the metcons regularly.
Scale your workouts appropriately, and gut it out for about 4-6 weeks (this is about the amount of time I've found it takes someone to adjust to the program). Stick with Puppies or Buttercups
If strength and/or power are your main goals, you can switch to something like CFFB after you've been at it for a while.

Tim Nakashima 09-13-2010 12:18 PM

Re: What to do when?!?!
Don't try to do your own programming. As previously suggested, follow a tried and true program like mainsite, CFFB or an affiliate. I would recommend scaling to 50% (weight and reps) the first couple weeks, then 60% for another couple weeks, then 70%. Once you find you can recover adequately, try doing weights as RX'd and scale reps or reps as RX'd and scale weights, just stay consistent!


Brian Blaston 09-13-2010 02:06 PM

Re: What to do when?!?!
I can relate - going back about 10 years ago i was 290, now about 200.

I lost about 80 of those pounds "bodybuilding" and running. I put a whooping on my body and have plenty of aches and pains to show for it.

I've been following an affiliate for 5 months and am in the best shape i have ever been. there is a method to the need to go crazy and force more.

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