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Emma Wheeler 07-26-2005 01:22 PM

Hi all. I've just finished my first complete month of CrossFit WODs, after easing myself in for a couple of months before that. My gains have been very modest but hugely motivating for me. BTW I'm a 33yo, 125lb female in 'reasonable' shape by non-CrossFit standards.

I can now do 10 'proper' push-ups - could only do 3-4 before. This is from doing only 'knee' push-ups in the WOD.
I can do 10 consecutive dead-hand pull-ups with my Therabands. This might not sound very good, but I could do only 2-3 when I started. And I'm about 3 inches away from a full, unassisted, dead-hang pull-up. Nearly there!

Everything else, from bench & deadlift, to box jumps with fewer rests, to 5k time has improved.

I had a terrible time sticking to workouts before, although I love to exercise. The variety with CrossFit keeps it fresh - can't wait to see what the WOD is!

And I know I said it in the Comments, but reading Kelly Moore & Lynne Pitts' achievements on the WOD, hell, all the other women posting, is hugely inspirational while I'm struggling to do one proper pull up or deadlift my bodyweight.

Thanks to everyone for making this such a great place to hang out!


Pat Janes 07-27-2005 12:42 AM

Nice work, Emma! That is some very encouraging progress.

And most of us, male or female, usually find Kelly and Lynne's achievements with the WOD, inspirational...!

Emma Wheeler 07-27-2005 03:58 AM

Thanks Pat, one of the great things here is that everyone is so encouraging. I do find everyones' achievements amazing, from people like me just starting out, to the elite guys & girls. Actually it's equally inspiring hearing from people who are seriously overweight or unfit and who are giving these workouts their all.
I'm just looking forward to the day when a non-CF person calls me a 'freak' or a 'nut'. It's like the CrossFit badge of honour!

Karl Steadman 07-27-2005 06:37 AM

That is some impressive results Emma, well played!

As that poo pop act once sung "The only way is up....."

Keep on rocking the WOD and the famed muttering of ".......nutter...." will surely happen!

Don Woodson 07-27-2005 09:08 AM

Way ta go Emma! Just do a WOD in public. Freaky looks are guaranteed.
On your pullups: To get that last three inches, try standing on a chair or something and start hanging and holding in the full up position for as long as you can, trying to hold your chest to the bar, then gradually dropping down. Repeat this a few times/workout. In a few days you'll be doing solid deadhang pullups. Their called negatives BTW.

Karl- Love your avatar.

Karl Steadman 07-27-2005 09:52 AM

Cheers mate!

Gotta let 'em know in any way you can...

There is a great site i heard about: or something like that.

People have come up with their own ideas and posted them- pretty inspirational!

Erm.....hijacking over, sorry Fiona!

Karl Steadman 07-27-2005 09:53 AM

That would be Emma!

(Gotta stop trying to keep up with so many conversations at once!)

I can't multi task i'm a bloke!


Emma Wheeler 07-27-2005 10:01 AM

Great, thanks for the advice guys. I was doing negatives when I could no longer do full pull-ups, but wasn't doing the hold at the top as you recommend. I'll definitely do it, thanks.

Karl, are you in London? Just sold our house there (not as a result of the bombs, I hasten to add). We've got used to living in the countryside here in Switzerland and will be living out of London when we return to the UK at the end of August. Stay safe if you are.

p.s. Wasn't it Yazz who did 'The only way is up'? That's going back a few years...

Karl Steadman 07-27-2005 10:26 AM


Yeah i live in South East London and work in Docklands (Canary Wharf). Countryside is definately nicer, but the London spirit is actually being pretty strong at the moment!

It was Yazz, well done, i was racking my brains and couldn't remember!

In terms of your pull ups, holding at the top and lowering yourself as slowly as possible is exactly what my lady Rachel is doing with the goal of a full pull up very soon. Keep me posted how you do so i can hopefully inpire her too!

Where abouts in London was your house?

Graham Tidey 07-27-2005 11:22 AM

The only way is up should be some kind of pullup anthem when struggling under the bar, staring menacingly at the ceiling.

Or "you're the best thing that ever happened to me".

By the way Emma, what you've done still rocks the socks.

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