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Brandon Oto 09-22-2007 09:02 AM

Re: Official Thread - Post Here!
So will comparisons be between workouts on the same date, or between best PRs? Or both possible?

Anthony Bainbridge 09-22-2007 04:48 PM

Re: Official Thread - Post Here!
Oops, just realized Brandon posted the same question I had.

If it was lifetime PR ranking system, I'd be interested. If it's on a per-day basis, I can just skim the comments page on that day.

George Mounce 09-22-2007 04:54 PM

Re: Official Thread - Post Here!
I believe the thought is to make it a lifetime PR system. I would like it to have the functionality to be able to search for a particular date as well, but one feature at a time. I think the ability to do both is needed.

Lynne Pitts 09-22-2007 05:30 PM

Re: Official Thread - Post Here!
OK, so explain why I need to put in my birthday to look at the system. Actually, all I wanted to do was see if y'all "swiped" the pictures/descriptions of the heroes workout from my FAQ - don't think my b'day is anybody's business.

Ron Wilhelm 09-22-2007 05:44 PM

Re: Official Thread - Post Here!
[quote=Lynne Pitts;196778]I don't think my b'day is anybody's business.[/quote]

She's serious too. Her birthday isn't on her user profile, and I don't just mean not shown to users, I mean it isn't in the database.

Brandon Oto 09-22-2007 06:26 PM

Re: Official Thread - Post Here!
Lynne, believe the birthdays are used to calculate age for ranking/statistical purposes.

George Mounce 09-22-2007 08:29 PM

Re: Official Thread - Post Here!
Its to determine your age - nobody but Bill sees it. Perhaps he can set it up so that you can just not put your age in, you'll have to talk to him.

If the descriptions are copy rite of CrossFit for the WODs, Bill can take the descriptions down very easily. We aren't trying to steal any information, just providing a data center to compare different times for different WODs.

Bill Patton 09-22-2007 08:45 PM

Re: Official Thread - Post Here!
a couple of quick answers and comments:
1. currently the system looks for your best time and uses this for your own entry into the standings pages. it automatically selects your best time ever. I hadn't stopped to consider wanting to see best times from a date range instead of best time ever - adding a date range selection to the current list of filters on the standing page wouldn't be too hard.

2. the system i built for concept2 allows users to self select the exact pieces for submission to the ranking - i can see adding a similar feature to logsitall shortly. this would give some more control over how entries can be viewed.

3. date of birth is used solely for calculating the approximate age that is displayed next to your name in the standings page - without this i have no way to set up the age range filter on the standings pages.

4. in no way did i want to **** off anyone who created or supported the development of the heroes workouts (or any other for that matter). I thought that by having a description that appeared on the standings pages i was respecting the concept - not swiping content. if this is an issue i will delete this content immediately.

5. rx'd - for right now the only way to see rx'd status of a workout is by drilling into the detail of the piece - i'm still working on a better way to handle this.

6. workouts that are ranked by rounds instead of time - i've got an idea on how to set this up - but haven't had time to try it yet...

-bill patton

Brandon Oto 09-23-2007 04:40 AM

Re: Official Thread - Post Here!
What I would personally like is for workouts to rank against others from the same date, and then have a separate section for viewing all-time rankings. Those are different types of data and they're both interesting. (As Anthony says, you can get the latter by looking at the comments page, but not as easily and it's not manipulable.)

George Mounce 09-23-2007 05:53 AM

Re: Official Thread - Post Here!
First we will be using a PR flag for each user's log, then adding the ability to filter by date.

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