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Deb Weber 07-07-2011 07:15 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Pound of salmon for dinner tonite, in coconut oil over spinach and brussels sprouts roasted with bacon & olive oil, and a half a sweet potato...... heaven!

[B]Val[/B] - i forgot, get pounds its kg x 2.2046 or something ridiculous - I just times it by 2 and add 10%.

[B]7_7_11 Thursday[/B]

Power Snatch off Boxes[/B]
35kg (5)
40kg (2)

[B]Clean & Jerk[/B]
45kg/1+1 (2)
48kg/1+1 (2)
52kg/1+1 (I had to do this three times, for coach)
50kg/1+0 (2)

[B]Clean Pull[/B]
57kg/2 (3)
63kg (2)

[B]Back Squat[/B] Blairstown
63kg/2 (3)

Pretty good nite in the gym! Felt strong. Everything was easier. Dont know if its timing, eating like a horse (pounds of meat, milk, sweet potatoes, vegs - half a chocolate cake for the holiday) or just a good day.

What is it with Snatch you either love it or hate it, I loved it tonite, all easy and no problems at all. Clean & jerk ok, much better getting up than last time, but my jerk timing is off, dipping fast instead of slow and THEN fast up. He made me redo the 52 three times to get it right (power cleaning to my chin on redos). Coach said, its b/c the weight is light & I can press out, but it wont fly when things get a little heavy. This sport is like getting old; you get one thing fixed up, something else goes to hell, need to be fixed.

Backsquats were ok, 63 was very hard and im damn sure my last double wasnt near deep enough but it was marginal depth or dump.

What is it with the thumb tape, why does everybody do it (even the other beginners). I can see the wrist wrapping, Im going to need to do that when my weights get a little heavier.

And why when you ask a weightlifter what they got up to, they say '80' (they mean, ONE eighty)...

And a heavy squat attempt tonite; there were like 3 reds, a green and iron on each side... guy got down and back up to a sticking point a tiny bit above halfway and had to dump, a hair away from making it. Guy's an inch bigger than me, maybe. Seen some amazing things in that place!!!

Deb Weber 07-08-2011 04:23 AM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
i think it was 4 reds a side. And realizing im going to have to magically grow a pair, watched J. (he can squat 3xx+# for reps ATA) pulling a clean well under that 4 tries to sit under the thing!!! Clean pulls, never feel like you're doing anything, my traps today oh boy!!! Summer of nonstop Anthony trial BS, broad's gonna be [B][SIZE="3"]rich w/a capital R;[/SIZE][/B] never heard a word about the F-A-T-H-E-R; what a wacky story, people cant accept the legal system in this country got nothing to do with truth/justice. We'll never know and the parents, you take the kid back or what? Its verkakte!! Tired of hearing/seeing it. (GOD I LOVE MY DAUGHTER).

contrast shower (so much fun, scald then freeze yourself numb)
burpees (more fun, save me)
foam roll/stretch
Maybe box jump and/or shoulder prehab later

Bill Houghton 07-08-2011 05:20 AM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
In celebration of putting up our named WOD's and Hero workout signs yesterday, I chose to do Filthy 50 (first time). 44:02 :yikes:
Rx except we don't have kb over 45 lbs yet.

The recent article in the Journal about running an affiliate is spot on. A LOT of work, lots of time consuming commitments. I asked a very accomplished painter how he knew when a painting is done (he spends 2 - 3 years on a painting) his answer "when you can't think of anything else you can do to make it better." That has become my mindset on our affiliate.

Pat Quigley 07-08-2011 11:50 AM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Strength deload week for DL: 5X135,225,315.

WOD: One half tabata Filthy Fifty. Score 301. Tough workout.

Deb Weber 07-08-2011 05:28 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
[B]7_8_11 Friday[/B]
Rain kinda ruined my plans for bj's today, tired anyway. 5 rounds of 10 high ring rows/5 pushups about three and a half minutes. A sixth meal then abs. Slacker!!

Perry Dean Freedman 07-09-2011 07:42 AM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
7/8/11: classic bench, incline and decline workout.
5 rounds of 10 reps hang cleans @ 135 lbs. (vastly improved).

Ran 3 miles (22 minutes).

Pat Quigley 07-09-2011 12:12 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Strength:deload :overhead press:5x 75,90,115.

Grace: 1rft---30 clean and jerk with 135 lb. 8:40.

Perry Dean Freedman 07-09-2011 02:08 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
7/9/11: created own WOD:

4 rounds:20 pushups on 4 medicine balls; 20 dead hang pull ups; 50 bicycle crunches

4 rounds:20 bench 135 lbs; 20 dumbbell bent laver rows 80 lbs; 20 alternating sitting 20 lb medicine ball slams ( I don't know what u call these but good for intracoastals)

4 rounds: 20 cable chest flys @ 100lbs; 20 cable back flys @ 40 lbs; elbows and feet on plyo ball planks 20 alternating knee to chest.

Finish with bicep routine.

Tried to design a high volume chest, back and core (intracoastals muscles) routine.

Jim Colby 07-09-2011 03:26 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Haven't had a chance to post much this week. Excellent work by all!!

[QUOTE=Perry Dean Freedman;957212]
I know that long distance training is antithetical to the cross fit philosophy, but it helped speed me up Mt. Rainier last summer with ease and up Mt. Washington this past winter in deep, deep snow, and 100 mph winds. I'm starting training for Mt. McKinley for next June (if my wife doesn't give me too hard a time). Could not do this type of activity without putting the mileage in. I still think there is a place and function for distance training. There really is no substitute.[/QUOTE]

Agreed. You also need to train for what your main athletic needs are. You really don't want to haul a bunch of bulky mass up Mt. McKinley. Strength to weight ratio and endurance are critical for something like that. Sounds like a spectacular adventure and a lot of fun!

[QUOTE=Perry Dean Freedman;958268]7/8/11: classic bench, incline and decline workout.
5 rounds of 10 reps hang cleans @ 135 lbs. (vastly improved).

Ran 3 miles (22 minutes).
Nice work and good run time.

[B][U]Tuesday, July 5 and Wednesday, July 6[/U][/B]
Busy in general and didn't have time to work out. Probably not the worst idea to take a couple of days off, although I hate doing it.

[B][U]Thursday, July 7[/U][/B]
[U]At Lunch[/U]
Ran 3 miles (first mile at 7.0 mph, second mile at 7.5 mph, third mile at 8.0 mph), then
Swam 1000M straight through. No time on the swim, since there's no lap clock at the outdoor pool. I should start wearing my racing watch.
[U]After work[/U]
Played around with the TRX suspension system and did some jump rope practice.

[B][U]Friday, July 8[/U][/B]
3 circuits of (5 DH pull-ups, 15 squats, 10 push-ups, 15 sit-ups, max unbroken DUs). Did 31/39(tied PR)/[B]40 (new PR) on the DUs[/B]. [I]Like a dumb-a**, I stopped and celebrated after I got #40 instead of getting as many as I could.[/I]
10 minutes of dynamic stretching
[U]Main Workout[/U]
20 minutes on the TRX trainer, working the core and legs really hard, then
2.6 mile run (289 foot high hill in the middle, 22:48). About a minute off the PR with very little effort. Ran very easy.

[B][U]Saturday, July 9[/U][/B]
Swam 1600M straight through, then drove home and
Cycled 25 miles (1300 ft of elevation gain, 1:28).
I was all set to soundly break my PR on my normal 25 mile route (with 1200 ft of climbing), when I came upon a downed tree and power line. I had to detour over a huge hill, so lost a lot of time, but still beat my old time. Different route though so I won't log the time.

Deb Weber 07-09-2011 06:14 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
[B]7_9_11 blairstown[/B]
OMG!!! I guess Thurs was more than Im used to. Sooooooooo sore today, traps especially and headache and PMS fatigue. Just a recovery workout - but if someone had said, lets go for a bumpy ride on a splintered broomstick and you won't have to workout - I mightve said ok!! I shouldve done more warmup, I finally warmed up after my 4th workset, felt much better and when it was all done I felt like the workout should start. :rolleyes: Monday s/b tough & no coach so just this and rest tomorrow.... hahaha looking at my log and my mouth going like an entenarsch, can tell business is slow!!

[B]Snatch + OHS[/B]
30kg/1+6 (3)

30kg/3 (3)

40kg/2 (3)

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