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Jim Colby 07-13-2010 06:03 PM

Re: Down in Jim's Garage
[B][U]July 13[/U][/B]
3 rounds: Jump rope drills, 5 WBS, 5 SDHP, 5 box jumps, 5 push presses, 5 hurdle jumps, 15 sit-ups, stretching. Felt strong in the warm-up tonight.

"Fight Gone Bad!"
Three rounds of:
Wall-ball, 20 pound ball, 10 ft target (Reps)
Sumo deadlift high-pull, 75 pounds (Reps)
Box Jump, 20" box (Reps)
Push-press, 75 pounds (Reps)
Row (Calories) - No rower, so as usual subbed 12" hurdles in zig-zag pattern (2 hurdles = 1 kcal)

327 (tied PR - ****ed I didn't double check PR before tonight's workout! Could have gotten one more rep.)

Very hot and humid in the garage tonight and this one took a lot of willpower to give it on the last round. Hard to believe, but no achy joints or muscles tonight for a change.

Jim Colby 07-14-2010 09:52 PM

Re: Down in Jim's Garage
[B][U]July 14[/U][/B]
CrossFit rest day

200 yd warm-up
6x100 yd freestyle, 1 min RI
4x50 yd freestyle, 45 sec RI

100's in 1:36-37
50's in 45-46 sec

Trying to keep the intervals focused on quality and technique for a while. I'll increase the yardage and interval lengths once I feel that I'm getting my form back. Felt pretty good tonight.

The bike shop called to tell my tri-bike has arrived. Can't wait to go down and get fitted this weekend.

Jim Colby 07-15-2010 08:29 PM

Re: Down in Jim's Garage
[B][U]July 15[/U][/B]
[U]Verizon Wireless Corporate Challenge 5K[/U]
I clocked my time at 23:34.
Happy with that time since the first 5 minutes was spent dodging people and trying to fine a clean line to run in. I think there were 3 or 4 thousand runners. Too bad about missing the 400M intervals. but I plan to do interval training most Tuesdays going forward. The 5K was a lot of fun!

Jim Colby 07-18-2010 07:55 PM

Re: Down in Jim's Garage
[B][U]July 16[/U][/B]

[B][U]July 17[/U][/B]
Rest. Golfed nine holes.

[B][U]July 18[/U][/B]
Cycled ~17 miles in ~ 53 minutes, then
Deadlifts 1-10-1-20-1-30
325-245-325-225-325-185=1630 lbs (same as 12/31/09), then
Cycled 7 miles easy with my wife, then
9-7-5 Ring pull-ups/ring-dips (untimed), then
Golfed 9 holes carrying clubs

Hot again today, but felt good.

Jim Colby 07-19-2010 05:16 PM

Re: Down in Jim's Garage
[B][U]July 19[/U][/B]
I was in my cycling gear this morning and ready to cycle to work and then the storms rolled in, so I skipped the cycling (weather should be better tomorrow).

Decided to swim after work instead (all freestyle yds with 1 min. RIs):
200 warm-up
6 x 100 (1:34-37)
4 x 50 (0:44-45)
Haven't worked out in the pool consistently for a while, so I'm keeping the intervals and total yardage short for the time being and trying to focus more on technique.

Was going to do today's crossfit WOD afterwards, but ran short on time. Will try to fit it in tomorrow after work. Could be interesting doing that one off the bike.

Jim Colby 07-20-2010 03:12 PM

Re: Down in Jim's Garage
[B][U]July 20[/U][/B]
Cycled to work - Hilly 20 mile round trip

At lunch:
Easy 10 minute jog to warm up
1200M at 6:58 min/mile pace
walk 200M
1000M at 6:40 min/mile pace
walk 200M
800M at 6:30 min/mile pace
walk 200M
600M at 6:18 mim/mile pace
walk 200M
400M at 6:00 min/mile pace
Easy 10 minute job to warm down
Stretch again

No time for CrossFit WODs again today. Plan to double-up tomorrow in morning and at lunch. Gotta do that nasty Helen metcon.

Jim Colby 07-21-2010 11:49 AM

Re: Down in Jim's Garage
[B][U]July 21[/U][/B]
3 sets: 5 mins Jump roping - crossovers, single legs, DUs; 10 push ups, 5 pull ups, 15 sit ups, 10 KBS 1 pood)
For time:
Run 1200 meters
63 Kettlebell swings, 1.5 pood
36 Pull-ups
Run 800 meters
42 Kettlebell swings, 1.5 pood
24 Pull-ups
Run 400 meters
21 Kettlebell swings, 1.5 pood
12 Pull-ups
I did this at the office gym at lunch and had to stop and wait a bit for the pull-up bar. Since I didn't count that time, I had more rest than allowed, which helped my time a bit. The runs and KBS were pretty easy and I definitely could have run faster, but decided to take it easy after yesterday's intervasl. I am still struggling with pull-ups after taking my injury break from cross-fit and those were tough for me. I was doing singles at the end of all sets and even those were very hard.


Jim Colby 07-24-2010 01:23 PM

Re: Down in Jim's Garage
[B][U]July 22 and 23[/U][/B]
Really busy at work so no WODs

[B][U]July 24[/U][/B]
[B]Cycled 15 miles (hilly) in 49:13[/B], then

Part A. Three rounds for time of:
30 Push-ups, release hands from floor at the bottom (rx'd)
12' Wall climb (subbed 12' rope climb)
95 pound Overhead squat, 21 reps (scaled to 45#)
12' Wall climb (subbed 12' rope climb)
Seven minute time cap. Score time of completion or reps completed within the cap.

Rest 30 seconds.

Part B. Three rounds for time of:
30 Toes to bar (rx'd)
95 pound Ground to overhead, 21 reps (rx'd)
Seven minute time cap. Score time of completion or reps completed within the cap.

Rest 30 seconds.

Part C. Three rounds for time of:
6 foot Wall jumps with burpee, 5 reps (subbed burpee, then box-assisted muscle-up on pull-up bar)
20 ft Rope Climb, 3 ascents (subbed 12' rope)
Twelve minute time cap. Score time of completion or reps completed within the cap.

[B]Part A: 1 Round plus push-ups plus 1 rope climb
Part B: 1 Round
Part C: 1 Round plus 5 burpee assisted pull-up bar MUs[/B]

Performed this cycling/crossfit combo in the middle of the afternoon in brutal heat/humidity and it was all I could do to finish. Felt like quitting after Part B, but kept going. The cycling felt good, but the games WOD afterwards was very tough!! Certainly put me in my place.

Jim Colby 07-25-2010 04:03 PM

Re: Down in Jim's Garage
[B][U]July 25[/U][/B]
The usual warm-up of ~20 mins,

[U]CrossFit Total[/U]
BS 275 (F at 300)
SP 145 (F at 155)
DL 325 (F at 345)
CFT 745 (down from 800 on 11/09, but I haven't been doing much heavy lifting due to a stomach injury in Feb.)

Then did a hill run of just under 5 miles n 39:15. HR in 120s for most of run and then 140s-150s at the end of the run.

Did great on the hill run but not so well on the CFT. The lack of heavy lifting this year is showing. I also tried too big of a jump in weight on the final lifts and my left elbow was sore today after yesterday's games WOD, so that hindered my SP. My last CFT was 800 on 11/09 (295/155/350). I should be (hope to?) able to get back to that score this year.

Jim Colby 07-26-2010 07:40 PM

Re: Down in Jim's Garage
[B][U]July 26[/U][/B]
Cycled 10 miles to work: 32:45
Cycled 10 miles home: 32:30, then went to the pool
(All freestyle yds with wall starts):
200 yd warm-up (untimed)
6x100 yds (1:34-1:140, most around 1:35)
4x50 yds (0:43-0:45)

I love my new TT bike. I can hold > 20 mph even on slight uphills and into headwinds and hold 22-23 consistently and pretty easily on flattish roads. Can't wait to try my new carbon wheels, which are still sitting in the garage.

Almost got killed on the commute to work today. I was heading around a slight bend in the road at an intersection with a bit of a down-hill slope and a Bimmer tried to squeeze a left turn in ahead of me (significantly underestimating my speed ~ 30 mph). I would have hit it dead-on, but slammed on the brakes and swerved left, putting the bike into a skid into the oncoming lane, then I swerved right hard, pulling out of the skid and back into my lane. I have no idea how I pulled off that manoeuver on my new TT bike, but its amazing what you can do when your life is on the line. This is the same corner where a car knocked my son off his skateboard and into the ditch with a broken wrist, almost ruining his swim season. I think we'll call this corner Dead Man's Curve.

Swimming felt good, but my left elbow is still sore from yesterday and the swimming seemed to aggravate it. I'm icing it tonight and taking extra fish oil and anti-inflammatories.

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