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Robert Wolf 01-22-2003 06:54 PM

Hi all!
I am just batting this around but what is the "optimum" squat width. When I PL'd I did 85-90% of my squats olympic style: High bar, flat back, *** to grass. It made my competition squats feel like I was cheating. But those heavy, wide sumo squats really built my glutes, hams, spinal erectors. Is that not what we are after?
All of the recent talk of specificity has had me thinking and the olympic squat is likely more specific to the olympic lifts but does that mean we should be training predominantly this way? How about heavy wide squats mixed with deep overhead squats? Just throwing ideas around here...any and all input is appreciated...especially you Dan John!

Tyler Hass 01-22-2003 09:03 PM

I'm definitely not Dan John, but I think you're on the right track. Some people like Dave Tate argue that you should always pick the style that allows you to move the most weight, because that will cause the most muscle activation.
However, Olympic style squats will increase your range of motion, especially in the hips and back. Although, it might compromise your stretch reflex in powerlifting style back squats. If you were still competing this might be a concern.
With your interest in Capoeira and olympic lifting, it sounds to me like deep squats should be your staple, mixing between front, back and overhead, with some occasional PL style thrown in would be the way to go. In the past you did really well with deep squats, so that's further reason to stay on that course. If you want to build up your glutes, hams and spinal erectors, you might consider deadlifts and Romanian deadlifts, as well.
This sounds awfully complex, so I'm probably wrong:-) Look forward to hearing from Dan John and Coach...

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