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Jason A Smith 06-30-2010 07:12 AM

Re: Jason's Workout Log
Today: @ the crappy hotel gym

DL 1X5 @ 330 got 2 reps and called it, I will try again next week with proper equipment

"Need one score"
AMRAP in 3 min
3 50 lb DB hang cleans
6 push ups
12 sit ups
rest 1 min
5 rounds

I got 3 rounds every time or a total of 15

All in all not bad for the hotel gym. They had a bar but it was junk and one of the bushings was missing from the sleeves so I made a decision. I will try the DL's next week at same weight. A little tired today lots of wlaking the last couple days in Montreal site seeing ! Likely will skip Kalsu and do sprints and pull ups at the cottage this weekend. Heading there tomorrow morning.

Jason A Smith 07-06-2010 07:57 PM

Re: Jason's Workout Log
No I didn't disappear, just a few days off to rest and recover

Back at it today

me BS 3X5 255 (resetting)
wife BS 3X5 45

AMRAP in 15 min
any way OH 135/35
10 push ups
15 back extensions/supermans
me 5 rounds
wife 8 rounds

was hoping for 6-7 rounds, shoulder still sore. Hoping my reset can add to my BS. I am going to redo my DL fromlast week and reset my bench as well and keep moving on my PC. Wife's first go with CFFB, see if she sticks with it or wants something else.

Jason A Smith 07-07-2010 08:43 PM

Re: Jason's Workout Log

DL 1X5 me 330 wife 95

6 rounds for time
53 yard farmers walk 52.5/25
1/2 gasser

me 5'19", wife 6'28"

Good deal today, was feeling beat before hand and dreading doing the 330 DL again. Did it, had the wife tape it. Was a bit ugly on rep 3, and hips are still coming up too fast, will have to work on some with lower weights to correct. Other than that should have gone heavier on the farmers walk. Will have to rig something up to carry plates for next time.Resting tomorrow...maybe.

Jason A Smith 07-09-2010 06:59 AM

Re: Jason's Workout Log
Yesterday was a rest day

BS 3X5 260
BP 3X5 150

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 KB swings 1.5pd
40 yard sprint

Did this early in the morning, and I don't usually work out in the morning (or haven't for a while). Felt good, we are heading camping for a couple days today so I may improvise a workout while there tomorrow and catch the snatch work on Sunday, or just enjoy the outdoors tomorrow....we'll see. I think I will check out what I was up to last year at this time, be curious to compare. I know for sure I am 15 lbs heavier for sure.

Jason A Smith 07-11-2010 09:06 PM

Re: Jason's Workout Log
Couple days rest camping, but ate really well.


1 RM power snatch
got to 135 which I think is a PR
3X15 GHD sit ups

on the minute for 8 minutes
2 power snatch at 110
no misses

Felt really good today, I thought I dcould get to 145 on the time. Next WOD is CFFB total, really looking forward to see what I can do with it this time.

Jason A Smith 07-13-2010 08:37 PM

Re: Jason's Workout Log
Rest day yesterday


CFFB Total
PC 170/175/185/190[B]PR[/B]
BS 295/315[B]PR[/B]/325X2 Fail
BP 175/185/190[B]PR[/B]
DL 330/345/355[B]PR[/B]/360 Fail

Total:1050 (+50 from last time)

Pretty pleased with the effort. Was hoping for +60 and very close to that so I am happy. Will be shooting for another 50-60 jump again next time. Was really hoping to get my squat tonight but it stalled coming out of the hole. Video'd my PR DL and it looked pretty decent. Do T Rice Conditioning test tomorrow see how slow I am.

Jason A Smith 07-14-2010 08:59 PM

Re: Jason's Workout Log

T Rice Conditioning test:

3X300 yard shuttles (5X60 or 6X50)
65s, 53s, 53s

Did the first one with 6X50, next 2 @ 5X60. Thought about doing one more but left well enough alone. Happy with that, but know I need to work on sprints some more so increase speed. Rest day tomorrow, on a side note, Leah's new Rogue women's bar arrived today. It is a nice piece and I am sure she will enjoy it immensely.

Jason A Smith 07-16-2010 12:28 PM

Re: Jason's Workout Log
Rest Day yesterday, today:

Press 1RM 135 [B]PR[/B] by about 10lbs. Tried 137.5 and couldn't budge it !

5 rounds
FS @ BW AMRAP 30s 9/8/8/7/7
rest 30s
BP @ BW AMRAP 30s 6/5/5/4/4
rest 30s
sprint 100m
rest for rest of minute
Total 63 reps

Sprints were up the stairs out the door and down 50m and back. It's 30C here today as well so hot out. Coming back for the squats did not feel like fun. Good effort today, sprints felt good, I think I am getting faster (?). Had to jockey around to do squats and bench at the same time as well. I set up the rack for BP and started FS's from the bottom. Going to WOD in the morning tomorrow and then heading out camping. Getting some gravel today to spread around this afternoon. Will be sore and tired later.

Jason A Smith 07-18-2010 02:00 PM

Re: Jason's Workout Log
Well, sort of a screw up yesterday, should have gotten up and done my WOD early but I got sidetracked the night before watching the games late and then Hot Tub Time Machine which was a quality piece of cinema. So I rested yesterday and back at it this afternoon in the campground.

AMRAP in 15 min
10 Supine Ring Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
10 Box Jumps 20"
12 Rounds + SPRUs

Pretty pleased with my effort, will take a rest day tomorrow and then do last Monday's work which was gymnastics skills and sprints, which I can do while camping. I may go for a long bike ride on Wednesday and then back to regular work by the end of the week.

Jason A Smith 07-20-2010 05:03 PM

Re: Jason's Workout Log
Rested yesterday and did a hill interval bike today pulling the 2 year old. Went about 20 min. I will do the gymnastics work and sprints tomorrow. Likely my schedule will continue to be a bit hit and miss while we camp over the summer.

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