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Brian Strump 03-02-2013 05:28 PM

Re: Physical therapy/Sciatic nerve
[QUOTE=Bill M. Hesse;1144367]You are not getting an MRI because it's a Workers Comp case....and that is one of the biggest scams in each state. It's almost as bad as the VA hospitals.

That was it. I suppose you meant quality? I am just curious. I hear a lot of bad press but have had no issues myself. I suppose I would like to know what to safe guard against.[/QUOTE]

Ahhhh, not sure how I missed that. My only WC experience was in Ohio, where getting MRI's approved was cumbersome paperwork and frustrating. In NC, I do not accept WC cases.

Personally, I've never been treated by the VA. However, I do have patients that were in the military, and go to the VA for particular issues which in some cases you would expect an MRI after "x" number of weeks/months with specific injuries without improvement. Too much red tape.

I was not meaning the VA hospitals are a scam, just that the quality of care it seems they receive may be sub-par. I have no idea why that would be, I'm not sure how that is all set up through the government, who pays them, etc.

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