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George Mounce 08-20-2007 06:41 PM

Vibram FiveFingers
So, after the debate between Newton's and FiveFingers, I bought myself a pair of FiveFingers. The bright red and black Sprints.

All I can say is man you get some weird looks!

I can feel the lack of cushioning, but at the same time, walking and running feel VERY natural. I would suggest that if you can try them on first before the purchase to make sure you are going to like them. If not, I went with the size online, but I got to try them out in the store and the size I measured myself for using the online system worked perfectly.

Patrick Donnelly 08-20-2007 08:46 PM

Re: Vibram FiveFingers
Happy birthday, George.

I asked a question about the durability in a recent thread somewhere... Anyway, I contacted the company asking about the durability compared to the typical running shoe (good for 350-500 miles); got my reply the next day.


Hi Patrick,

Thanks for the inquiry.

You can expect at least 500 miles out of your Vibram FiveFingers soles before they show significant signs of wear. I have been running in my FiveFIngers for about 200 mi and my boss has been using them for well over 500mi. Neither of us has noticed any deterioration.

Thanks again for your interest in FiveFingers!

Georgia Shaw
Customer Service and Support, VIBRAM FiveFingers
9 Damon Mill Square Suite H3
Concord, MA 01742 USA

Peter Keller 08-20-2007 10:10 PM

Re: Vibram FiveFingers
I can't vouch for 500+ miles, but I own a pair of FiveFingers (extensive review here: ) and I think these things will last a long time- longer than my traditional running shoes for sure.

One note- ease into the running in them. I am from a distance background, and I think I went too far too fast...

Jason Naubur 08-21-2007 07:47 AM

Re: Vibram FiveFingers
I've had mine for a few months now and love them. They are comfortable and great for kicking around. I do get a lot of comments so be ready!

Not only for running either! I have climbed trees / ropes / posts with them. Played some friendly soccer and crossfit-ed in them. They don't slide around your foot so work well for side to side movements.


Nick Cruz 08-21-2007 08:50 AM

Re: Vibram FiveFingers
Has anyone tried bouldering in these? I am looking at getting the Sprint's and bouldering is listed as an activity well suited for them.

George Mounce 08-21-2007 12:42 PM

Re: Vibram FiveFingers
Good to know they last a long time, I did a WOD @ CrossFit SoCal today with 1 mile of running broken up into 800m.

I find you are forced to have correct technique, which is something I'm working on anyways. They were fine in sharp turns, even with me dripping in sweat. I will agree, I think it is smart to ease into longer runs, as even the shorter runs, I am noticing that now since a full on shoe isn't acting as part of the shock absorber, my legs and hips feel the ground more. I'm looking forward to having these a long time. :)

Andrew Cattermole 08-22-2007 12:29 AM

Re: Vibram FiveFingers
Tried these recently at a seminar,great stuff
Prefect for Barefoot runners and great for in house WODs and yoga sessions.

I think they will find a following amongst yoga and barefooters in particular.

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