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Bert Brams 10-20-2005 12:40 AM

Steve, can you explain why this technique is better than deadlifting it ?
Usually I sumo-deadlift a tire and then push it.(when going for distance...but same thing when going for weight, actually)
Does this consume too much energy in comparison ?

Tim Richardson 10-20-2005 01:47 PM

Bert, I think I can answer your question. Deadlifting the tire doesn't deliver forward motion, only upward motion. In order to move the tire, you must drive INTO it to deliver forward motion (and so that your arms aren't having to do all of the pushing work).

Steven Stackpole 10-20-2005 05:11 PM

Well said Tim.
I dont know what else I could add to that Bert.
The stance is very similar to one in which a football lineman takes. Thats give you the forward motion that you want to impart on the tire.

Aaron Markovich 10-31-2005 05:14 PM

Hey I just wanted to update everyone.

The competition was a blast and a good time was had by all. There were 11 competitors and although I didn't place in the top four I was able to complete all the events. Considering that my friend and I only did crossfit as part of our training and that we were outclassed by an average of 40lbs we did exceptionally well.

I'll have the individual results later this week and I'll post a short review of my experience.

Btw, I love the tire flip!

Bert Brams 11-01-2005 06:00 AM

Ah, thank you Tim and Steven. I'll try to get a video/picture of me trying out the new tire.

Steven Stackpole 11-01-2005 03:40 PM

Glad you let us know how things went.
Dont underestimate the power of Crossfit. For the first few comps I did this past summer, thats all I really had under my belt also.
Sounds to me like you were outweighed by 40lbs, not outclassed by 40lbs. There is a big difference in the two. Can you get pics??
Flipping tires can be fun, but the 1000lb tires can be a real ball buster. Don't even THINK about doing cardio after that! :-)

Steven Stackpole 11-01-2005 03:42 PM

Send Pics!! Hell yes
Have you done any comps??
If you havent, you should!

Aaron Markovich 11-07-2005 01:15 AM


Sorry, my bad on the outclassed/outweighed difference. As I stated before I'm 5'10, 165lbs. Most of the competitors were 6'+ and ranged between 205-245lbs.

I'm still waiting for the results and pictures. Most of the equipment we used came from a guy who runs a strongman training program in MD. The tire we used only weighed 350lbs. The event was 12 flips for time. Apparently, the guy who supplied the tire has a 750lb one but the kid running the comp. said it was too heavy. After studying the clip you provided I'd like to practice with a heavier tire.

Aaron Markovich 11-07-2005 01:18 AM

Bwt, everyone either deadlifted the tire or used their back entirely. It was very interesting to see who used technique and who used brute strength.

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