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Mara Rozitis 12-23-2011 02:35 PM

Re: PaleoZone vs Morbid Obesity: An Odyssey
Nice work with the 32 lb kettlebell, Luke!

And thanks for the added motivation that your post about holiday eating gave me. I've been surrounded by all kinds of sweets at work for the last couple of weeks but haven't been too tempted, until someone brought in 6 still-warm awesome donuts yesterday. My favourite kind. I used to polish off a package like that MYSELF back in the day, but have managed to not eat a single donut in a couple of years now. Yesterday I was seriously on the brink but I thought about how crappy I would feel later and didn't eat one! Yay!

Luke Seubert 12-23-2011 05:01 PM

Re: PaleoZone vs Morbid Obesity: An Odyssey

Originally Posted by Zane Jones (Post 1017006)
I think holiday eating can be problematic when it turns into a season of bad eating. But, if one or two cheat days in late November and December aren't going to put you off the horse, i usually tell people to go ahead and enjoy all that food with friends. It really just depends on the person. I'd say my biggest craving during the holiday time are the drinks, not the food. There's something about cold weather and cocktails. So, for the upcoming weekend, I approach it the same way with food, I make up my mind in advance. And if/when that plan fails, I have a back up, usually water, tea, or coffee. .

I concur. If you work hard to maintain a really healthy diet throughout the year, a few days of holiday excess aren't going to hurt much of anything. So enjoy the holidays with friends and family, and don't worry about it. Just don't let it drag on for weeks on end.

I am doing much the same as you are, Zane. I normally don't eat eggs and cheese, but I am cooking them up for Christmas breakfast as part of the holiday. It helps that foods like these, while not strictly part of my version of the Paleo diet, don't stray too far from Paleo orthodoxy. Eggs and cheese are OK in modest amounts.

That, and tonight for my high carb meal, I plan to enjoy a handful of Hershey chocolate kisses to go with my yams. :D

Luke Seubert 12-23-2011 05:07 PM

Re: PaleoZone vs Morbid Obesity: An Odyssey

Originally Posted by Mara Rozitis (Post 1017038)
Nice work with the 32 lb kettlebell, Luke!

Kudos to Mara for carefully reading my WOD posts and catching that little detail.

Yeah, I have been slowly increasing my kettlebell weight, starting with 15 pounds and bringing it along. I plan to take it to one full pood - 37 pounds. After that, I'm not quite sure what I'll do. I might hold it at 1 pood, and then just work on increasing the number of Tabata cycles. I would like to get up to at least 25 cycles, but it would be cool to do 32. A 1 pood kettlebell would provide sufficient stress for the time being, and further my goal of achieving a 9:56 time in the 1.1 mile sooner rather than later. Later defined here as much smaller belly than I have now or will have in the next few months.


Originally Posted by Mara Rozitis (Post 1017038)
And thanks for the added motivation that your post about holiday eating gave me. I've been surrounded by all kinds of sweets at work for the last couple of weeks but haven't been too tempted, until someone brought in 6 still-warm awesome donuts yesterday. My favourite kind. I used to polish off a package like that MYSELF back in the day, but have managed to not eat a single donut in a couple of years now. Yesterday I was seriously on the brink but I thought about how crappy I would feel later and didn't eat one! Yay!

Glad to be of inspiration. That is a key motivation of mine in writing this Workout Log - inspiring others, for in so doing I also inspire myself.

Yeah, I used to dig doughnuts too. Not so much these days. It is amazing how one's tastes can change with some devoted effort applied consistently over time.

Luke Seubert 12-23-2011 07:57 PM

Re: PaleoZone vs Morbid Obesity: An Odyssey
You Asked For It, You Got It! How To Deal With Holiday Feasting Perils

From the ZenHabits blog, the following article should prove helpful to all those who have inquired along these lines:

Luke Seubert 12-24-2011 05:21 AM

Re: PaleoZone vs Morbid Obesity: An Odyssey
Saturday Weekly Body Measurements Update
Date: December 24, 2011

Last Week's Total Body Measurement: 880.0 cm
This Week's Total Body Measurement: 880.0 cm
Beginning Date for Body Measurements - May 14, 2011 - Total Body Measurements: 1009.5 cm
Total Centimeters Lost to Date: 129.5 cm

While my Total Body Measurement did not go down at all this week, I am still fairly pleased with my progress. I lost 2.0 cm on my waist measurement, which is the critical one. This is the 3rd week in a row that I have pulled a 2.0 or 2.5 cm drop in my waist, so I can't gripe about that.

My measurements stayed the same because a number of upper limb measurements increased. Why this is so, I am not sure. I had a high carb meal last night before bed, so with the big influx of glycogen I might be retaining some water. Or, perhaps my strength training is resulting in slightly bigger muscles? Or maybe it is some other factor, including measuring errors. I don't really know, nor am I going to ponder it very much. I am losing belly fat, and that is the main thing at this stage.

Body Measurements for Last Week and This Week
An explanation about "Total Body Measurements" and how I use body measurements to assess fat loss over time may be found in my previous post, "The Humble Tape Measure: Simple But Oh So Useful" (WFS).

Right Thigh: 65.0 cm, 64.5 cm
Right Calf: 48.0 cm, 47.5 cm
Right Ankle: 25.0 cm, 25.5 cm

Left Thigh: 67.5 cm, 67.5 cm
Left Calf: 48.5 cm, 48.5 cm
Left Ankle: 25.5 cm, 25.5 cm

Right Arm: 35.0 cm, 36.0 cm
Right Forearm: 32.0 cm, 32.5 cm
Right Wrist: 19.0 cm, 19.5 cm

Left Arm: 38.0 cm, 38.5 cm
Left Forearm: 32.0 cm, 32.5 cm
Left Wrist: 19.0 cm, 19.0 cm

Neck: 43.0 cm, 43.0 cm
Chest: 128.5 cm, 128.0 cm
Waist: 136.0 cm, 134.0 cm
Hips: 118.0 cm, 118.0 cm

Luke Seubert 12-24-2011 05:46 AM

Re: PaleoZone vs Morbid Obesity: An Odyssey
WOD - Rest Day

Date: December 24, 2011

Today is my scheduled rest day. All in all, I did fairly well with my last 3-On cycle. While I didn't do all my workouts as Rx'd, I got most of them in, and expect to adapt my way up to full Rx'd workouts in due time. My energy levels are good and I have no aches or pains to speak of, so all is going well.

The past few nights, I have had trouble sleeping the entire night. I would wake up very early in the morning, usually unable to fall back asleep. This is a possible symptom of overexercise, but I am not sure. I slept better this past night, but my high carb bedtime meal likely helped out there. I'll see if regular high carb meals twice a week resolve this issue, or if the problem lies elsewhere.

Meanwhile, I have plenty of squats and strength training circuits and sliding and swinging coming up in my next 3-On cycle. It will be interesting to see how I handle some of the increasing work volume.

Goals for Next 3-On Cycle
  1. Sunday - 200 Squats Challenge & Moderate Strength Training Circuit
  2. Monday - Sliding & Swinging and Core Strength Training Circuit
  3. Tuesday - 200 Squats Challenge & Moderate Strength Training Circuit
  4. Wednesday - Rest Day

Anybody Know of Good Balancing Exercise Resources?
Finally, I have been doing some informal balance WODs the past few days. Mostly I have been practicing standing on first one barefoot and then the other, on my mini-trampoline, for a minute at a time. I began with a total of six minutes of balancing, and I am now up to ten minutes total.

Having taken a fancy to the notion of doing some slacklining this coming summer, I realized I need to work on my balance skills. Slacklining often requires balancing on one foot, on an unstable surface. This works out a lot of muscles in novel ways. Many beginning slackliners suffer limited practice sessions due to muscle fatigue.

So, by doing various one-legged balance exercises on my unstable mini-trampoline surface, I am preparing myself for sustained slackline sessions. Granted, a slackline is unstable in a different way than a mini-trampoline is, but it's still a better choice than a solid floor for developing muscular strength, endurance, and good balance during one-legged standing exercises.

If anybody knows of some good resources for balancing exercises, please let me know. I have cooked up a few different one-legged balancing exercises on the mini-trampoline, but could use some additional material.

Mara Rozitis 12-24-2011 01:40 PM

Re: PaleoZone vs Morbid Obesity: An Odyssey
Hi Luke. I have the same sleep problems from time to time and I'm not sure what causes them, but I get pretty frustrated when I wake up at 4:20 and have to get up an hour later anyway. I find extremely high carb meals or extremely intense exercise in the evening exacerbate the problem and often give me nightmares to boot. I am going through a rough cycle right now, and it seems like it always correlates with periods of weight loss for some reason. I don't know but if you figure it out please share.

As for balance, there is always the Bosu ball. You can use it right side up (more stable) or upside down (less stable.) I think they are kind of expensive, but I don't know of anything else like that. To advance the degree of difficulty with your current balance exercises, you could try closing your eyes. This adds a pretty exciting element, I must say.

Luke Seubert 12-25-2011 06:25 AM

Re: PaleoZone vs Morbid Obesity: An Odyssey
Sunday Lean Body Mass Update
  • Date: December 25, 2011

LBM Average 2 Weeks Ago: 199 lbs
LBM Average 1 Week Ago: 200 lbs
Current LBM Average: 200 lbs

My Lean Body Mass held steady this week at 200 pounds, although when I peaked at the numbers to the 1st decimal place, I picked up 0.7 pounds. Who knows? I might actually pull a 201 pounds one of these Sundays? :) Anyway, with my BFC daily readings dropping nicely and the tape measurements shrinking in all the right places, I continue to enjoy good success in maintaining muscle mass (or maybe even slowly gaining a little) while losing fat at a pretty good rate. I have managed to dial in a pretty good combination of diet, exercise, rest, and stress reduction.

All is not Happy-Happy-Joy-Joy, however. Last night began a bit of Christmas Holiday indulgence. Not a binge like Thanksgiving, though. I am not eating as much, and I am definitely not eating grain based junk food. Mostly just a lot of Hershey kisses. I saw the results this morning, with a spike up in my Bodyweight. Not enough to pull my Bodyweight Trend number up, but a spike nonetheless.

On the brighter side of things, today I cooked a bunch of Paleo friendly foods for Christmas breakfast. Blanched and braised fresh Brussels sprouts; piperade - which is a French name for a Basque dish of sweet peppers, onions, and tomatoes; and blanched broccoli mixed with onions and beaten eggs which is topped with Swiss cheese and baked. By focusing on foods like this, which are quite tasty, I hope to avoid the worst of the Thanksgiving binge, while still enjoying fine holiday fare.

LBM Derived From Formula, Omron, And Their Average LBM
My Lean Body Mass computation is derived from two sources. The first is my daily BFC readings taken with my Omron HB-306, which is detailed in my previous post, How to Get Semi-Useful Body Fat Composition Data Out of a Bioelectrical Impedance Analyzer (WFS). The second is based upon several of my body measurements, as detailed in my previous post, A Quick Method of Computing Body Fat Composition (WFS). Neither of these two methods results in an LBM number which I regard as accurate. However, when the two are averaged together, they seem to produce a result that is reasonably close. This average is what I used in the table below.

Regardless, what I really pay attention to is changes in LBM over time. My current goal is for LBM to hold steady as I lose fat, or if possible, gain a little LBM while losing fat. By the way, FBM = Fat Body Mass while LBM = Lean Body Mass.[indent]
05/14/11_______220 lbs_______194 lbs
05/21/11_______218 lbs_______192 lbs
05/28/11_______217 lbs_______187 lbs
06/04/11_______217 lbs_______185 lbs
06/11/11_______216 lbs_______181 lbs
06/18/11_______216 lbs_______178 lbs
06/25/11_______213 lbs_______175 lbs
07/02/11_______212 lbs_______172 lbs
07/09/11_______211 lbs_______171 lbs
07/16/11_______210 lbs_______168 lbs
07/23/11_______211 lbs_______165 lbs
07/30/11_______210 lbs_______164 lbs
08/06/11_______210 lbs_______161 lbs
08/13/11_______209 lbs_______159 lbs
08/20/11_______207 lbs_______156 lbs
08/27/11_______207 lbs_______156 lbs
09/03/11_______206 lbs_______155 lbs
09/10/11_______205 lbs_______151 lbs
09/17/11_______202 lbs_______150 lbs
09/24/11_______202 lbs_______148 lbs
10/01/11_______203 lbs_______146 lbs
10/08/11_______202 lbs_______145 lbs
10/15/11_______202 lbs_______142 lbs
10/22/11_______202 lbs_______141 lbs
10/29/11_______200 lbs_______138 lbs
11/05/11_______199 lbs_______137 lbs
11/12/11_______202 lbs_______134 lbs
11/19/11_______202 lbs_______133 lbs
11/26/11_______201 lbs_______130 lbs
12/03/11_______200 lbs_______132 lbs
12/10/11_______199 lbs_______129 lbs
12/17/11_______200 lbs_______126 lbs
12/24/11_______200 lbs_______123 lbs

Greg Pack 12-25-2011 10:15 AM

Re: PaleoZone vs Morbid Obesity: An Odyssey

Originally Posted by Luke Seubert (Post 1016647)
I unreservedly recommend whole milk over skim milk if you are supplementing your diet with milk while trying to put on muscle mass. I don't necessarily recommend GOMAD - Gallon Of Milk A Day - for guys our age and with our goal - no fat gain. A GOMAD = 2600 calories, which when combined with all your other food is an awful lot of calories each day. What I do, is drink 1 quart/liter of whole milk immediately after each hard workout. On rest days, I do not drink any milk.

Take a look at the following article from
Why Milk Is The Ultimate Post Workout Food (WFS).

If you want more information, run a couple of Google searches on keywords like "whole milk" training strength OR resistance OR weight. Consider combining keywords like that with American Journal Clinical Nutrition.

Be aware that milk is not a Paleo food, and that Robb Wolf strongly recommends against most dairy products, especially variations of milk. He is somewhat OK with some hard cheeses, but that's it. Nonetheless, many people find Lacto-Paleo to be an excellent diet. I am one of them.

HOWEVAH! Diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks. While I am definitely gluten sensitive, I am not lactate sensitive. I can digest milk without any discernable problems. So for me, whole milk post-workout is a fine idea. You have to decide for yourself if whole milk is appropriate. If you have problems with dairy products, then avoid it.

If you don't, follow the recommendations of StrongLifts, Mark Rippetoe, and dozens of highly regarded and respected strength training coaches over many, many decades - drink milk! Milk is Mother Nature's ideal food for growing mammals. And if you are lifting heavy for the purpose of gaining strength and muscle mass, you are most definitely a growing mammal.

Thanks for the link. I read the article linking through and it discusses mostly skim. Howver, I did find an article abstract of whole vs. skim.

These studies tend to compare equal quantities of substance. I wondering from a "calorie allocation" which is superior. A quart of whole milk contains around 600 calories. Well, for 600 calories, I could drink around two quarts of skim milk. That's twice the protein, electrolytes, etc ingested. I struggle with protein intake daily now anyway. Of course another option for me would be a skim plus added whey supplementation. I'll keep digging to see if I can find anything definitive.

Great News- Santa brought me a starting strength DVD & Book today- time to get to reading! Merry Christmas everyone!

Mara Rozitis 12-25-2011 10:45 AM

Re: PaleoZone vs Morbid Obesity: An Odyssey
Greg, skim milk is much higher in sugar than whole milk , due to the fact that the fat is taken out. I think you'll get a much more balanced macronutrient profile with whole milk. Really. I would start with maybe a quart post-workout, or maybe a pint and see where that takes you in two weeks. Everything I've read indicates that whole milk is the way to go. When I drink milk I drink whole milk, though I'm a little sick of milk and have switched to other forms of post-WOD nutrition.

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