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Luke Seubert 07-08-2011 08:07 AM

Re: PaleoZone vs Morbid Obesity: An Odyssey
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The 6th Photo from the Previous Post

Meal #6
  • 75 g Turkey
  • 108 g Portobello Mushrooms
  • 108 g Red Onions
  • 80 g Dark Leafy Greens
  • 3 tsp EVO
  • Freshly Ground Black Pepper
  • Mrs. Dash Garlic and Herbs

Luke Seubert 07-09-2011 04:29 AM

Re: PaleoZone vs Morbid Obesity: An Odyssey
Saturday Weekly Body Measurements Update

Date: July 9, 2011
Last Week's Total Body Measurement: 964.0 cm
This Week's Total Body Measurement: 964.0 cm
Beginning Date for Body Measurements - May 14, 2011 - Total Body Measurements: 1009.5
Total Centimeters Lost to Date: 45.5 cm

Without question, this is the most disappointing week to date for body measurements. In past weeks, I always lost between 5.5 cm and 7.0 cm. This week, I lost nothing. A scattering of measurements went down a little bit, and a few went up. Most unusual.

Why did this happen? Well, my bodyweight has been plateauing, so a big part of this is that I am not losing fat. We can attribute that to my excessively large "free meal" early in the week, a pint of Ben & Jerry's. Oh, the price we pay for those extra generous rewards we give to ourselves. In the coming week, I will simply stick to my eating plan and be satisfied with that.

Also, for the past two days, I have gone out walking and sunbathing. Between those two activities, I might be retaining some water I otherwise wouldn't inside worked muscles and slightly sunburned skin. I don't know. If that reason sounds kinda lame to you, I would have to agree. Still, I do wonder. Late next week, I'll back off the exercise and sunshine, and see what happens.

So far, this week seems to be a setback. I will redouble my efforts on the diet and skip the free meals this week, and see about breaking through these plateaus.

Body Measurements for Last Week and This Week
An explanation about "Total Body Measurements" and how I use body measurements to assess fat loss over time may be found in my previous post, "The Humble Tape Measure: Simple But Oh So Useful" (WFS).

Right Thigh: 68.5 cm, 69.0 cm
Right Calf: 51.5 cm, 51.0 cm
Right Ankle: 28.5 cm, 27.5 cm

Left Thigh: 72.5 cm, 71.0 cm
Left Calf: 52.0 cm, 52.0 cm
Left Ankle: 29.0 cm, 28.0 cm

Right Arm: 38.0 cm, 39.0 cm
Right Forearm: 34.0 cm, 34.0 cm
Right Wrist: 20.5 cm, 20.0 cm

Left Arm: 41.5 cm, 43.5 cm
Left Forearm: 35.0 cm, 34.0 cm
Left Wrist: 20.0 cm, 20.0 cm

Neck: 45.0 cm, 45.5 cm
Chest: 143.5 cm, 145.0 cm
Waist: 158.0 cm, 159.0 cm
Hips: 126.5 cm, 125.5 cm

Luke Seubert 07-11-2011 04:11 AM

Re: PaleoZone vs Morbid Obesity: An Odyssey
Monday Weekly Body Fat Composition Update

Date: July 11, 2011
BFC Average 2 Weeks Ago: 42.3% (Approximately 4% understated compared to hydrostatic immersion)
BFC Average 1 Week Ago: 42.1%
Current BFC Average: 41.9%
Beginning Date for BFC - May 4, 2011 - BFC Average Then: 44.6% (Approximately 4% understated compared to hydrostatic immersion)
Total BFC Average Lost to Date: 2.7%

My BFC continued its gradual decline this week, overall. That is part of the problem - the decline is too gradual vis a vis my bodyweight loss rates. I think I am burning too much muscle and not enough fat. Some exercise leading up to the weekend seemed to help, as the readings dropped nicely over the weekend, even with the loss of bodyweight and my breaking through the 382 plateau. Usually, when I drop down a few pounds, the Omron ticks up by a tenth or so. Also, I discovered the rolling the wrists forward or backwards can alter the reading. Rolling them forward can kick it up by 0.1% while rolling them back drops it by around 0.1%. At some point, I will probably just take all my readings with rolled back wrists, but for now, I am trying to keep a neutral wrist position. Chalk another finicky usage trait up to the Omron.

BFC Readings and Average For The Past Two Weeks
The BFC Average listed below is a simple 7 day moving average. It tends to overstate current BFC slightly as it lags behind the real data, but it smooths out erratic BFC readings and shows the actual BFC rate of change over time. Readers curious to know more about how to effectively use an Omron or any other bioelectrical impedance body fat composition meter should read my previous post, "How to Get Semi-Useful Body Fat Composition Data Out of a Bioelectrical Impedance Analyzer" (WFS).

__Date_______BFC Reading_____BFC Average
Mon, Jun 27, 2011_______42.0%_______42.3%
Tue, Jun 28, 2011_______42.0%_______42.2%
Wed, Jun 29, 2011_______42.0%_______42.2%
Thu, Jun 30, 2011_______42.4%_______42.1%
Fri, Jul 01, 2011_______42.2%_______42.2%
Sat, Jul 02, 2011_______42.2%_______42.2%
Sun, Jul 03, 2011_______42.0%_______42.1%
Mon, Jul 04, 2011_______42.0%_______42.1%
Tue, Jul 05, 2011_______42.0%_______42.1%
Wed, Jul 06, 2011_______41.9%_______42.1%
Thu, Jul 07, 2011_______41.9%_______42.0%
Fri, Jul 08, 2011_______41.8%_______42.0%
Sat, Jul 09, 2011_______42.1%_______42.0%
Sun, Jul 10, 2011_______41.9%_______41.9%
Mon, Jul 11, 2011_______41.7%_______41.9%

Luke Seubert 07-11-2011 10:34 AM

Re: PaleoZone vs Morbid Obesity: An Odyssey
The Three Metric Amigos - The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum
To help me track the progress of my fat loss, I use three metrics: bodyweight, body measurements, and body fat composition (All WFS). As I pointed out in the linked posts about each of them, they all have their flaws as fat loss metrics. However, when looked at together, and over time, they can help suss out fairly accurately what is going on with respect to fat loss.

For example, I have been consistently losing just over four pounds a week for almost 10 weeks now. That is a very fast rate of weight loss. Perhaps it is too fast, given that my caloric intake each day is 2,100 calories, which is quite low for a man of my age and size.

What do the other metrics say? Looking at my body measurements, I see a mostly steady decline week-to-week. However, the rate of decline is gradually slowing over the past two months. I am not losing as many inches now as I was losing two months ago. If I am losing fat at a steady rate, especially around my belly where most of it is, then as my belly circumference gets smaller, the rate of loss each week should slowly go up. Think of my belly as a sphere or a cylinder. Subtract a volume of air from it at a steady rate. The rate of decrease in circumference should accelerate over time. It is a simple differential calculus problem. But... my measurements are doing the opposite.

Likewise, my body fat composition rate of loss is slowly declining. While the Omron has its problems with respect to accuracy, if used very consistently day to day, it can be fairly precise. Tracking a moving average of the Omron's data over time should yield fairly consistent and reliable results. Like my body measurements, my rate of body fat composition loss should increase slightly over time. Instead, my rate of body fat composition loss is slowly decreasing.

The body measurements and body fat composition measurements, combined with my bodyweight measurements, strongly suggest that while I am losing bodyweight at a steady rate, over time I am losing more muscle and less fat. Since the goal is fat loss, followed by a vigorous fitness program, I need to change my fat loss regimen. My new goal is to lose fat at a faster rate, while slowing and maybe even stopping the rate of muscle loss. I will be following up on this issue in the coming week with additional informative posts, and then a post in which I pose the question how best to accomplish this new goal.

Meanwhile, thanks to the Three Metric Amigos - bodyweight, body measurements, and body fat composition; I have enough quality data to discover such problems, analyze them, develop remedies, implement them, and verify that the remedies worked. This is why I go to the bother each day and each week of tracking this data and analyzing it in a spreadsheet. And I would recommend the same process for other folks like me who are severely or morbidly obese. When you need to lose not just a few dozen pounds, but maybe a few hundred; and you are in for a long, slow, slog of a fat loss regimen; you have to watch your health and your fat loss versus muscle loss more closely. More so, anyway, compared to those who are merely overweight or slightly obese. Truly, the Three Metric Amigos are your good friends.

Luke Seubert 07-12-2011 02:47 AM

Re: PaleoZone vs Morbid Obesity: An Odyssey
Symptoms of Excessive Bodyweight or Muscle Loss
Folks who are severely or morbidly obese, and who undertake a vigorous fat loss regimen, can sometimes go too far and too fast with their weight loss. Losing weight too fast can cause numerous health problems. While remaining overly obese is definitely bad for one's health, so too is too much enthusiasm for rapid weight loss.

For those who are undertaking a serious fat loss regimen, and who expect to be on that regimen for a long period of time, it is wise to carefully monitor your state of well being, keeping a careful eye out for the symptoms of excess dieting, bodyweight loss, and muscle loss. Below are two lists of symptoms to watch out for.

Physiological Symptoms of Excess Dieting
  • Loss of endurance
  • Respiratory problems including decreased oxygen intake
  • Imbalance of electrolytes
  • Dehydration
  • Weakness
  • Heart problems
  • Fainting
  • Loss of muscle mass and strength
  • Muscle soreness
  • Decrease in activity levels
  • Decrease in sex drive
  • Decrease in body temperature
  • Swelling from fluid under the skin
  • Immune deficiency
  • Skin problems
  • Sleep problems
  • Thinning hair
  • Decreased ability to digest food because of lack of digestive acid production
  • Chronic diarrhea
  • Anemia

Psychological Symptoms of Excess Dieting
  • Decreased mental energy levels
  • Inability to focus
  • Tiredness
  • Irritability
  • Apathy
  • Sensitivity to noise
  • Sensitivity to cold
  • Hunger pangs
  • "The Neurotic Triad"
    1. Hypochrondiasis
    2. Depression
    3. Hysteria

My Self-Diagnosis
In my previous post, The Three Metric Amigos - The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum, I discussed how reviewing my bodyweight, body measurements, and body fat composition data over time led me to conclude that I was losing bodyweight too quickly, and losing more muscle mass and not as much fat over time. Since I came to this conclusion, I thought it would be wise to review the symptoms of excess weight loss and evaluate them as they apply to myself. As I go through the lists above, I don't qualify for most of the symptoms, except a few.

Under the list of physiological symptoms, I can cite the following: slight loss of endurance in the past few weeks, some loss of muscle mass in the past month, and a modest decrease in activity levels in recent weeks. In all the other symptoms, I am either the same or actually improved. For example, my respiration and muscle soreness levels are much better since I began the diet. And my overall activity levels are actually up compared to three months ago, before I began this diet.

Reviewing the psychological symptoms, I can cite these few: modest increase in irritability, some tiredness now and then, and in the past few weeks - hunger pangs. In other ways, I am much improved since I began my fat loss regimen. My mental energy is up, as is my ability to focus.

My conclusion? Given the hard data I have collected which shows slow increases in muscle mass loss rate and slow decreases in fat loss rate; combined with the excess dieting symptoms assessment above; I believe that I am losing bodyweight at too fast a rate. The problem is not severe right now, but if I don't resolve it, it could get worse in the months to come. To solve the problem, I need to decrease my muscle mass loss rate, and hopefully increase my fat loss rate.

Stay tuned. Now that the problem is diagnosed, a solution can be devised.

Luke Seubert 07-13-2011 04:29 AM

Re: PaleoZone vs Morbid Obesity: An Odyssey
Wednesday Weekly Trend and Bodyweight Update
Date: July 13, 2011
Today is the end of Week 10 of my fat loss regimen.

Last Week's Bodyweight Trend: 387.4 lbs
This Week's Bodyweight Trend: 383.9 lbs
Last Week's Bodyweight: 382.0 lbs
This Week's Bodyweight: 378.8 lbs
Beginning Date for Bodyweight Measurements - May 4, 2011 - Bodyweight: 425.6 lbs
Total Bodyweight Trend Lost to Date: 41.7 lbs
Total Bodyweight Lost to Date: 46.8 lbs

This was a mixed week. For a long time - six days - my bodyweight was stuck in the 382's. I finally broke through the plateau, and began dropping again. A large portion of this was my fault - poor choices during two free meals last week - way too many calories and poor quality carbohydrates. The rest though, I am not so sure. I rarely plateau for so long a period of time. Anyway, I now know to avoid Ben & Jerry's on free meal days. I'll stick with really dark chocolate - it tastes great, the fats are healthy, and it is very hard to eat too much - the flavor is too powerful.

My Bodyweight Trend only dropped by 3.5 pounds this week. I am used to 4.1 or 4.2 pounds most weeks. This is what happens when I hit stubborn plateaus. Meanwhile, my body fat composition is dropping again, which is good news. I have been walking more often, and will soon undertake regular exercise. Hopefully my body measurements will show an appreciable drop this coming Saturday. I know I am fitting into some old shirts a lot better than I did.

Finally, some big news is coming up in the next few days. I am very close to hitting a major milestone. When I do, I'll let you know. Stay tuned...

Bodyweight and Trend for the Past Week
The Trend listed below is an exponential moving average with 10% smoothing. It tends to overstate current bodyweight as it lags behind the real data, but it smooths out erratic bodyweight readings and shows the actual bodyweight loss rate over time. An explanation of the "Trend" calculation's utility may be found in my previous post, "Turning Bodyweight Into A Semi-Useful Metric" (WFS).

Wed, Jul 06, 2011_______382.0 lbs_______387.4 lbs
Thu, Jul 07, 2011_______382.2 lbs_______386.9 lbs
Fri, Jul 08, 2011_______382.0 lbs_______386.4 lbs
Sat, Jul 09, 2011_______382.4 lbs_______386.0 lbs
Sun, Jul 10, 2011_______380.8 lbs_______385.5 lbs
Mon, Jul 11, 2011_______380.2 lbs_______385.0 lbs
Tue, Jul 12, 2011_______380.0 lbs_______384.5 lbs
Wed, Jul 13, 2011_______378.8 lbs_______383.9 lbs

Luke Seubert 07-14-2011 03:52 AM

Re: PaleoZone vs Morbid Obesity: An Odyssey
A Lot of Good Little Things
In two of my recent previous posts, The Three Metric Amigos - The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum and Symptoms of Excessive Bodyweight or Muscle Loss (WFS), I detailed some problems I have been having with my fat loss regimen. Now, while those problems are real and need to be addressed, only talking about the problems skews the impression of how things are going overall. So, to correct any misimpressions, this post is devoted to all the good little things that have happened to me since I began my fat loss regimen.

Losing Boyweight
To begin, I have lost over 46 pounds of bodyweight. Yeah, some of that is muscle, but a lot of it is fat. This a one of the good little things indeed. While I have been quite analytical about all this - taking all my measurements, using spreadsheets, etc. - I noticed something interesting the other day. While out and about, I popped into the restroom for a moment, and as I washed my hands, I looked into the large, very full size mirror. I was quite surprised how much I could notice it. I have lost a lot of weight around my neck, shoulders, and upper chest. My stomach too. The small mirror at home doesn't have nearly the same view, and I see myself in it everyday. But this large mirror provided a different perspective, and I can readily see the physical manifestations of all my work and effort at fat loss. Also, I have begun hauling out some old shirts and pants and discovering that they once more fit me well.

Health Improvements
There are many other improvements in my well being. My overall energy levels are up. I am less lethargic and more active throughout the day. Overall, I have more endurance and stamina. I can do more for a longer time throughout the day. I attribute this to a very high quality diet, even if it is very low calorie. I do not get as tired during the day as I did in the past, and I sleep better at night - more completely. I naturally arise earlier in the morning, though I do have to get to sleep a bit earlier too - I really need that full 8 hours.

In the past, I have suffered from slight edema in my feet. Sometimes my feet were a bit swollen, and other times not - the edema came and went. It is now totally gone, and has stayed gone for over two months. Moreover, the pale spots on my feet, sort of like dull pink freckles, are going away; leaving clear, healthy skin behind. I attribute these improvements in lower leg circulation mostly to the fish oil I have been taking, which does a number of good things for the body.

For example, my oxygen uptake is improved. I can now take my mostly-a-mile walk around the neighborhood without breathing heavily, without having to breath through my mouth. Instead, I can breath just through my nose while maintaining a moderate walking pace. Walking up the stairs doesn't leave me breathing through my mouth semi-hard - I breath harder, but through my nose. This is a very nice improvement.

Also, I don't sweat as hard as I used to. Yes, I still sweat, especially if it is hot and muggy outside. However, my sweating has decreased by a modest but definitely noticeable amount. Again, this suggests improved circulation leading to my body's enhanced ability to remove heat without resorting to copious amounts of sweat. Yes, fish oil does many nice things for circulation.

I feel better in other ways as well. My lower back is much improved. In the past, it was very slightly sore and somewhat stiff. Now, I have much better flexibility and almost no soreness. I attribute this to 46 pounds of weight loss and more walking, all of which has helped to strengthen those lower back muscles while easing the chronic stress on them.

There are some small changes too. I don't produce as much earwax as I once did. My nostrils don't gunk up with as much mucous as in the past. My allergy symptoms seem to have decreased, although only going through the next late Spring will confirm this.

Relationship With Food
My relationship with food has definitely changed. Thanks to all the weighing and measuring, I am getting pretty good at estimating portions and controlling them accordingly. Without so much added salt in my diet, I can now savor the natural flavor of foods much more than I could in the past. I can taste subtle nuances in foods like broccoli, and appreciate them more. And now, when I taste restaurant prepared food, I am shocked by how much salt it has. Indeed, licking a fingertip's worth of salt crystals is quite shocking - it now has a very sharp and powerful flavor.

Foods that I once thought I would crave, I no longer do. For sure - surely - I would always crave pizza. But not so much now. The crust of pizza is more like cardboard, and the meats on it too full of salt and odd flavors. The starch doesn't do me any good either. Likewise, hamburgers don't have the appeal I thought they would. They are too salty and the buns make me feel tired and lethargic. While the other flavors are fine, these new drawbacks make this food less appealing to me now. Eating really healthy foods can become its own addiction, a beneficial one.

It All Adds Up
So, all in all, while I have encountered a problem with my fat loss regimen, it is not a severe one; and there are many large and small benefits which, taken together, add up to some major positives.

Luke Seubert 07-14-2011 05:01 AM

Re: PaleoZone vs Morbid Obesity: An Odyssey
More-Or-Less A Flat Mile
Time: 20:17
Average Heart Rate: 141 BPM

This is the first day in which I am formally exercising and recording results. I will post comments in this thread, as well as track data at I want to get into the CrossFit 3-Days-On, 1-Day-Off exercise pattern, so this will be the first of three days in a row.

I know that walking 20 minutes isn't exactly a tough CrossFit workout, but given my severe obesity and lack of fitness, I have to start somewhere. So this is my way to scale up my workouts. As my body adapts to 3-On, 1-Off, I will increase the intensity of my walking. I can double the distance, walk on hilly terrain, do a Farmer's Walk, and all other sorts of tougher variations.

Also, I will be doing some weightlifing and metcon. I plan on doing Starting Strength lite - scaled back muscle maintenance version. Also, I am making some medicine balls, and I will be using those for wallballing. And I'm sure I'll add some more exercises as time goes by. For now though, it is weightlifiting, walking, and wallballing.

Personal Record, Thanks to Diet and Fish Oil
I looked over my records from two years back, and discovered that 20:17 is a personal record for me. I was quite surprised by this, because I was walking 20:30's two years ago, but only after some three months of aerboic exercise. Moreover, when I walked those miles back then, I had to breath through my mouth - not hard and fast, but steady and strong. During my walk today, I breathed entirely through my nostrils.

So, I set a personal record despite only having taken maybe half a dozen mile walks in the past 10 weeks, and I did it while respiring through my nose, without light panting through my mouth. Clearly my VO2 Max has improved substantially compared to two years ago, but not due to rigorous exercise. Rather, I attribute this is a high quality PaleoZone diet and regular consumption of 7.2 grams of fish oil every day. Truly, that fish oil is amazing stuff.

Shout Out to Arturo and Mara
Yup, I am taking up your advice to lift weights and exercise as I diet. Thanks for the encouragement and the advice. While I likely would have started exercising more at some point down the road, you two inspired me to get started with it much sooner, no doubt to my benefit. Thank you.

Arturo Garcia 07-14-2011 08:02 AM

Re: PaleoZone vs Morbid Obesity: An Odyssey
Luke: that's a great choice you're making. If you continued to just walk and diet your way to losing another 100+ pounds... you would have lost a TON of musclemass, that's the truth. Sure you would have lost fat too, but why waste precious muscle mass that you'll then have to gain back? It's a waste of time.

The 3on/1off is tough for untrained individuals. Are you sure about hopping in that wagon so soon? Or are some of these "3 on" days gonna be just the walk? If so, then I'd say go ahead. But be careful, don't try to do too much and start slow.

If you plan to do a metcon (which I think is what you mean by "crossfit style workout"), please be sure to pick movements with the smallest risk of injury while performing them fatigued. Honestly I wouldn't even have you doing metcons just yet. You will eventually one day come to the same conclusion everyone has been getting to lately: strength is king. If you're strong, is much easier to gain "metcon" as the moves in them will be a much smaller percentage of your max. You know.... the old example of the guy trying to improve his Fran time having a 140# 1RM thruster and thinking he needs more "lung capacity" or something... and then comes a guy with a 230# 1RM thruster and smokes his time on the first time trying, despite not training "metcon" before, lol. So I wouldn't worry that much about timed workouts for now because you'll lose so much weight! Just imagine yourself being STRONGER and 50# lighter. Your "metcon" or your "v02 max" or whatever is gonna be much better just because of that, even if you don't train specifically for it.

I'd keep the walks and the weightlifting. If you wanna do wallballs as conditioning that's fine too but like I said, start slow and make sure it's not a movement that could injury you if you perform them while fatigued (form breaks down in metcons... a lot).

You call it "muscle maintenance" but if you're very untrained right now, don't be surprised if you actually GAIN strength (and maybe a bit of mass?) while losing fat. This is possible in untrained fat people and as you get leaner becomes less possible or impossible. But you can pull it off, you'll see. I'm glad you chose to take this route. :)

Luke Seubert 07-14-2011 03:39 PM

Re: PaleoZone vs Morbid Obesity: An Odyssey

Originally Posted by Arturo Garcia (Post 960473)
The 3on/1off is tough for untrained individuals. Are you sure about hopping in that wagon so soon? Or are some of these "3 on" days gonna be just the walk? If so, then I'd say go ahead. But be careful, don't try to do too much and start slow.

Excellent point, Arturo. I do plan to start slow, with just roughly 1 mile walks each day for those three On days. Over time, I'll expand that with longer distances, hilly up-and-down terrain, and different walks - farmer's, waiter's, deadman, etc.

For now though, I'll keep it simple and just get used to the 3-On, 1-Off, CrossFit workout schedule. I am very serious about eventually Rx'ing the CrossFit Main WODs, and someday CFSB, and so I begin towards that distant destination with simple and modest workouts.


Originally Posted by Arturo Garcia (Post 960473)
I'd keep the walks and the weightlifting. If you wanna do wallballs as conditioning that's fine too but like I said, start slow and make sure it's not a movement that could injury you if you perform them while fatigued (form breaks down in metcons... a lot).

I noted your point about easing into MetCon. Will do. For the simple workout regimen I have put together, for me, MetCon = Wallball. I am putting together some DIY medicine balls, of around 10 pounds and 20 pounds, so I can scale the workout. And I won't jump into Wallballing and try to rip off 150 of them. Rather, I will begin with air squats executed with good form. And then pick up the reps and pace. And then Tabata air squats, and then Tabata with multiple rounds, etc. Once I build a decent base with the air squat, I'll work in the medicine ball and have some fun (and agony?) with that.


Originally Posted by Arturo Garcia (Post 960473)
You call it "muscle maintenance" but if you're very untrained right now, don't be surprised if you actually GAIN strength (and maybe a bit of mass?) while losing fat. This is possible in untrained fat people and as you get leaner becomes less possible or impossible. But you can pull it off, you'll see. I'm glad you chose to take this route. :)

Agreed. I wouldn't be surprised if I gain some muscle by doing this. And that is fine, although it is not the major goal at this point. Fat loss remains my highest priority. For now, I just want to minimize muscle loss and increase fitness a bit, by doing some exercise. I'll have to bump up daily caloric intake too, and I very likely will drop my bodyweight loss rate to something slower. That is fine.

Arturo, below is my current rough draft workout schedule. Tell me what you think. Notice that the Starting Strength routines are done 2X per week, rather than 3X, which Rippetoe recommends for middle- aged men like me anyway. Also, I use walking on the 2nd day as a sort of "active rest" day, although as I get fitter, I'll make that workout day more challenging. Finally, note that the air squats/wallballing complement the lower body strength work of the SS routines. SS has lots of squats.

Day 1 - Starting Strength Routine A
Day 2 - Walking and Variations
Day 3 - Air Squats and/or Wallball
Day 4 - Rest
Day 5 - Starting Strength Routine B
Day 6 - Walking and Variations
Day 7 - Air Squats and/or Wallball
Day 8 - Rest
Repeat Cycle

I know this doesn't follow the programming philosophy of CrossFit, but that is not my main goal right now. Must crawl before I can walk before I can run, yes? Also, I might flip the days I do SS with the Wallball days, so that weightlifting comes just before a full rest day. What do you think?

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