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Garrett Smith 09-07-2006 10:01 AM

I'm finally starting another workout journal...this time here so that I make sure to enter it and it's more easily accessible than the WOD page.

If anyone has health questions to ask, please start another thread, I'd like this thread to stay as much about my workout journal as possible.

My current (arbitrary, by any standard) goal is to reach all of the "Skill Level III -- Blue
advanced athlete" accomplishments in the CF North Athletic Skill Standards. I have chosen to complete every single skill accomplishment at both levels leading up to Level III. Yes, that does mean I will be doing some relatively easy "tests" (like today's workout). I enjoy the small accomplishments, this approach gives me more opportunities to reach goals.

My current bodyweight is around 175#, 6' tall, at approximately 6-7% BF. I'm not interested in competition, only my own accomplishments, as that is all I can affect.

So, to begin.

Short, focused I-Phase session (SFS)--Elbows, wrists, hands, fingers...3 reps

50 Air squats (Level I, done)

10 Pushups (Level I, done)
Pushups are always done on handles, nose-to-floor.

Yesterday's WOD, my version:
Back Squat 175# x 1 (Level II, done)
"B" Squat (R foot forward) 175 x 1
"B" Squat L 175 x 1
Back Squat 175 x 1
"B" Squat R 175 x 1
"B" Squat L 175 x 1
Back Squat 175 x 1
All back squats are high-bar, "jumping" stance, OL style, using a Manta Ray.
"B" Squat [url=][/url]
This exercise is brilliant, IMO. I've had people squat deeper "normally" after performing a couple reps of this on both sides! I don't ever leave it out of a squat workout anymore.

1 round of FlowFit yoga

Garrett Smith 09-08-2006 06:49 PM

Complete R-Phase 3 reps

Garrett Smith 09-13-2006 07:57 AM

I didn't feel great this weekend, I believe I was going through a cleansing reaction. It started Friday and has lasted through today, it is pretty much completely resolved.

2.5 mile hill walk

2.5 mile hill walk & run (~30% run, only on uphills)

Z-Health I-Phase Lunge Positions, Foot & Ankle, 3 reps


Z-Health I-Phase, everything except the Lunge Positions and Foot/Ankle, 3 reps (this completes the 6-week I-Phase workout program).

Squat positions:
Ball of foot
Flat foot

Squat Mobility, all 3 reps bilaterally:
Hindu squats
Bulgarian squats
Cossack squats
Knee circle squats

Compass lunges, all 5 foot positions

William Winger 09-13-2006 04:03 PM

That article (anecdote?) on b-squatting was great! Thanks!

And good luck sticking to your journal! At some point it will be easier to update it after a workout than to not (that's how I feel).

Garrett Smith 09-13-2006 04:24 PM

If I remember to turn on the computer in the morning before my workout, everything will be just fine... :-)

Garrett Smith 09-14-2006 07:16 AM

4 high payoff areas (foot, ankle, hip, thoracic) 3 reps

15 reps, decline situps, back extensions, OHS, pushups on handles, body rows, Samson stretch 15"

BW 172#
Modified WOD:
86# BB High Pull x 7,5,3 (Level I, done)
30" Handstand hold
130# DL x 7,5,3 (Level I, done)
Ring Dips x 3,2,1

1 round FlowFit yoga

I have chosen to not record times anymore. Through doing CF "as Rx'd" previously, I believe that my general fitness will rise whether or not I time it. Timing it feeds into my OCD Type A stuff too much and I choose not to do that. My only criteria is that I see improvement (however I decide to measure it) over the long run. IMO, the short run is for the short-sighted. I personally want to be working out with my grand- and great-grandkids, not sitting around while they play talking about what a great athlete I "used to be".

Going to the racquetball club/weight room with my dad and watching him do the "pec dance" after he did bench presses at my house were some of the biggest motivators for me to become interested in fitness. I want to pass that on for as long as I can.

Garrett Smith 09-15-2006 07:59 AM

Smattering of foot/ankle/hip 3 reps

Modified WOD:
Total 2.1 miles by Google Earth
Ran ~0.8 miles, slight uphill, ending HR ~171
Rested in full squat until HR <100
Ran ~60% of the uphill of a 0.6 mile (round-trip, Sabino Mountain) 18% grade hill, walked to top, rested in full squat until HR <100, walked down--I like my knees
Ran ~0.8 miles, slight downhill, ending HR ~170
Rested in full squat until HR <100
Sprinted about 50m
Laid down until I felt "normal" (Corpse pose from yoga)

There's too many dang cars, the air just isn't very good at even 7-7:30am...I'll definitely have to start running earlier if I want to do this particular run again...

Garrett Smith 09-16-2006 08:40 AM

Complete R-Phase + I-Phase, 3 reps

10 sitting knees to chest (Level I, done)
6 ring pullups, 3 pronated-to-supinated, 3 supinated-to-pronated (Level I, done)
15" L-sit (Level I, done)

1 round FlowFit yoga

Garrett Smith 09-18-2006 05:59 AM


Attended BodyTalk Access seminar

Garrett Smith 09-18-2006 07:26 AM

Starting 12-week I-Phase Program
Spinal lengthening drills
Compass lunges 1 rep, all directions, all 5 foot positions, standard speed

5 minutes rebounding (addendum--forgot to add 5' rebounding to 9/16/06 workout)

BB military press (MP) 45# x 5 reps (Level I, done)
Rings static hang 30" (Level I, done)
Decline board situps 30 reps (Level I, done)
KB CF swings 35# x 25 (Level I, done)

1 round FlowFit yoga

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