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John J Wagner 05-24-2010 10:05 PM

Fractured metacarpal (boxers fracture)
I am a crossfit junkie going three times per week plus doing Kettlebell and cardio. Last week I experienced a fracture and will be in a cast for 6-8 wks. I am interested in workout ideas from others who have gone through a similar recovery.


Trevor Shaw 05-26-2010 04:12 AM

Re: Fractured metacarpal (boxers fracture)
Hey man, I forget the exact term, but unilateral training on the side opposite the injury is a great way to stay in shape during an injury. In fact, there is research out there saying that it will actually even speed the recovery process.

I dislocated my elbow a while back in BJJ class and forced myself to keep lifting unilaterally (DB snatches, cleans, DB bench rows. All compound exercises). I stayed strong and was able to make a fairly quick comeback. Anti-inflammatory diet will also speed recovery. Goodluck

Steven Low 05-26-2010 03:08 PM

Re: Fractured metacarpal (boxers fracture)
neural "cross education" is the term.

Unilateral work is good.

Do as much as you can with the injured arm (movement wise) and squeezing particular sets of muscles with or without resistance as much as you can WITHOUT pain.

Trevor Shaw 05-26-2010 03:55 PM

Re: Fractured metacarpal (boxers fracture)
Thats it! Thanks buddy.

John J Wagner 05-30-2010 08:26 AM

Re: Fractured metacarpal (boxers fracture)
Thanks for the feedback...I found similar advice on other threads and actually began the unilateral workouts last week. It felt good!

Steven Low 06-01-2010 06:42 PM

Re: Fractured metacarpal (boxers fracture)
Oh also, since you broke a bone you should dose up on the vitamin D, calcium, and magesium


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