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Dale S. Jansen 06-05-2004 06:06 AM

there has been intermittent discussion of size gains via Xfit wrkouts. Some are concerned not possible. Tho not something have been looking for, it was recently commented that I have gotten larger in the past several months(have gone from 162 to 166). This by an individual who does not see me often. At 5'9" I weighed 132 when I met my wife 27 yrs ago. It was all thigh due to about 300 miles a week of cycling in Vermont where I spent my adolescence. These are non-steroidal gains, obviously. My only "supplement" is two Balance shakes a day. In addition, am able to get thru the workouts with fewer and shorter rest intervals. So, while not a dynamo like some of these animals in here, progress is evident. Oh, and by the way, the weight gain is NOT in the belly(wife says is fat development between the ears).

Larry Lindenman 06-07-2004 03:29 AM

Great gains! On this subject, I have lost weight on Crossfit. Mostly due to dialing in my nutrition. I went from 218.5 to 201.5 (today). When I started crossfit my squat, bench and DL poundages were fairly good, for me. These numbers have dropped but are still great for my weight. At first I freaked believing I lost some muscle mass. Upon further reflection I could now sprint (multiple times), complete 16 pullups, knock off handstand pushups and my O-lifts have improved! CF seems to be a great leveler: If your muscle mass is low it will improve. Too fat, you'll lose it.

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