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Brandon Petersen 08-04-2009 12:35 PM

Woman - First Crossfit Type Workout - 1 Workout

Girl - 25 yrs old - in good shape - stuck on basic isolated movements, and kickboxing classes offered by some out of shape instructor....

What is the first workout you would present her, have her do, to get a taste of Crossfit, what could be, get her hooked etc...
I understand there are other factors going into this, her experience, knowledge on lifts etc..Please take that out, and stick to basics.
She is active, good balanced strength, core etc...

ideas please.....thanx

Blair Robert Lowe 08-04-2009 02:00 PM

Re: Woman - First Crossfit Type Workout - 1 Workout
Many CF gyms have baseline workouts.

Maybe 5-7m of Cindy, scale down pushups and pullups to on knees or hands on box and body rows probably. Maybe 1 round of Barbara. Or maybe a super scaled down version of Fran with reduced reps ( 15-12-9? )

CF baseline workout:

500m row which can be subbed with 50 SumoDeadliftHighPull ( no idea of weight, bar only? )
40x squat
30x situp
20x pushup
10x pullup

Katherine Derbyshire 08-04-2009 02:03 PM

Re: Woman - First Crossfit Type Workout - 1 Workout
An On ramp program was posted on the affiliate forum not to long ago. It's a curriculum for bringing a whole class of beginners up to speed, but definitely worth a look if you're helping an individual.


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