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Andrew Bueno 06-19-2008 05:37 PM

Foundation CrossFit
I decided to create this thread so that the many members of the gym can record their progress. We've tried many types of data-recording and nothing seems to stick. Some friends and I tried our thread [WFS] and it worked out great.

Foundation CrossFit started at Greenlake park in the summer of 2007. We've moved and have had our own space on Lake City Way since January of this year. Our growth is slow but steady so we're going to need something to tie us all together and keep us motivated and responsible for our own progress. So here we go fellow Seattlites! :kicking0:

Foundation CrossFit - YOU DA BEST MAYNE!

Andrew Bueno 06-19-2008 09:23 PM

Re: Foundation CrossFit
tonight's WOD

5 rounds for max reps:

97/75, 185lbs deadlift

Nick Steier 06-20-2008 04:37 PM

Re: Foundation CrossFit

Deadlifts 72 (185#)
Pullups 33

Andrew Bueno 06-21-2008 01:45 PM

Re: Foundation CrossFit

"Kettlebell Hell"
5 min kb swings for max reps
waiter's walk to stop light
2 min kb swings for max reps
waiter's walk to stop light

122, 53 w/ 24kg

my back, glutes and hams still ache from the previous WOD

Gilles Belin 06-22-2008 09:22 AM

Re: Foundation CrossFit
My "Kettlebell Hell" was 163/44 (16Kg=28Lbs)

Also worked out on Thursday evening. Deadlifts (95Lbs) and jumping pull-ups.
5 time for reps.
I don't recall the numbers though :(

Dorian Bunker-Pardo 06-22-2008 02:27 PM

Re: Foundation CrossFit
Kettlebell Hell w/16kb bell:


Felt pretty good doing it yesterday, aside from the left arm portion of the waiter's walk. Apparently I have to build up that arm a little bit.

Woke up today with the glutes pretty sore, but that should go away in a day. Good workout Dru!

Gilles Belin 06-22-2008 06:35 PM

Re: Foundation CrossFit
Today (Sunday) workout : ran around Green Lake once (2.8 miles) in 23 min.

Andrew Bueno 06-22-2008 11:19 PM

Re: Foundation CrossFit
You should start running the outside loop of Greenlake for time. It's a bit over a 5k (which is tomorrow's official WOD)

Anywho, what's everyone's plans for July? I'm trying to schedule events for the month

Gilles Belin 06-22-2008 11:45 PM

Re: Foundation CrossFit

Anywho, what's everyone's plans for July? I'm trying to schedule events for the month
I'm out the first week of July (vacation) and the last weekend of July I'm running Ragnar :
... one month to get in running shape :)

Dorian Bunker-Pardo 06-23-2008 11:09 PM

Re: Foundation CrossFit
Did my regular daily workout today. I'm sure it's not very efficient, but I've done the same thing pretty much 5 days of the week for about 8 years now. Most of it was picked by my basketball team's coaching staff back in college and I've just stuck with it, tweaking things here and there. I'm open to any tips or suggestions people may have to make it a better workout. I'm sure I could consolidate some of these lifts with a few simple crossfit movements, but I haven't yet. It doesn't contain much leg stuff, so I'm sure, at the very least, I should toss in a few squats. Anyone know where in the workout would be best to do them?

I'll write out the full routine here once, rather than rewrite it every day:

10 pullups
2 sets of 50 shoulder shrugs - 55 lbs
2 sets of 10 bench presses - 150 lbs
2 x 50 shrugs - 55 lbs
2 x 10 bench presses - 150 lbs

2 sets of 10 seated military presses - 45 lbs dumbbells in each hand
1 set of 12 lat pull downs - 145 lbs
2 x 10 military press - 45 lbs each arm again
1 x 12 lat pull downs - 145 lbs

25 dips
100 toe raises
20 bicep curls (alternating arms) with 35 lbs dumbbells

25 dips
100 toe raises
20 bicep curls (alternating again) with 35 lbs dumbbells

2 sets of 10 reverse fly lifts (like this) with 30 lbs in each hand

10 bicep curls + overhead press (in one motion, both arms at a time) with 30 lbs in each hand

Lastly, at home:
5 sets of 100 crunches

And as a DJ, music is important. Today's workout music = The Game - Documentary

I'm not sure if I have all the right terminology, but it's all pretty basic stuff. Currently it takes me about an hour to run through it all. Sometimes I'll add some time on the bike as well, but usually I get my cardio through soccer a few times a week.

Any suggestions on how to make this better from Dru or anyone else?

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