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Michelle Simpson 01-26-2011 08:17 AM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Glad everyone seems on the mend!! Deb and yay for no serious heart issue!

Warmup: We did one, sad that I can't remember what it was.

Workout: 3 rounds for time 17:05
24 pull-ups (band)
12 bar dips
75 squats

4 min amrap
5 kipping swings
5 push ups
5 squat jumps
4 min mobility stretching, shoulder and wrist
Workout: 30 minute AMRAP
10 burpees
10 CTB (band)
10 squat cleans 75#
10 box jumps 20" box
5 rounds + 2 burpees

I do all of my WOD's at 5:30am on an empty stomach and this one really sucked the life out of me in the last 10 minutes. I really don't want to have to get up any earlier than 4:30 so that I can eat something, but I may have too. Any suggestions from you more experienced folks?

Jim Cordes 01-26-2011 10:53 AM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
1/24 WOD

3-3-2-2-1-1 Weighted Pull Ups
2-2-2-2-2 Power Cleans
Followed by:
Tabata Row for Calories

Weighted Pull Ups: 25-30-35f-35f-40-45f
Power Cleans: 135-135-145f-145f
Just could not get the 2nd rep on any of the weights. All fails, except for the 45# weighted pull up, happened after I successfully did the first rep at the given weight.

Tabata row: 5
Right on the line between 5 and 6, all rounds but two at 6 cals.

The Claw

Pat Quigley 01-26-2011 04:48 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Michelle, small piece of fruit and half glass of almond or coconut milk.

Mobility WOD. traps, shoulder chest.

Bench press: 3X 160, 200, 225 1X 280.

Three rounds for time of:
12 Muscle-ups
75 Squats
scale 8 MU progressions. 6:58.

Jim Colby 01-26-2011 06:14 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
[B][U]January 26[/U][/B]
Swim Workout At Lunch
400 yd warm-up (untimed)
2x200, 2 minutes rest(3:25, 3:20 PR for this workout)
4x100 on 3 minutes (1:32x2 PR for this workout, 1:34x2, old PR)
6x50 (0:40 new PR for this workout, 5x0:41)
Getting faster.:D

Got my new Buddy Lee rope cord replacement. New eq't for practicing MUs is here too, as is some heavier ankle weights for my stability work. Plan to use my new toys tomorrow!

Deb Weber 01-26-2011 06:17 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In

Warmup: Burpees, squats, pushups et al.

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20:00 of:
30 ring dips
30 squat cleans - 95# (65#)
[B]1 round[/B] .5" band...not feeling it; didn't sleep last nite, calling it a rest day.:shrug:

Michael Stiles 01-26-2011 08:48 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
[B]January 25th[/B]
25 singles / 25 x 2 single Leg / 25 backwards / 25 double unders
Bergener warm-up

Bench press 3RM 135lbs (first bench press in 35 years - not pretty)

2 clean and jerks - 115lbs
200 singles (substituted 4 singles for each double-under)
2 clean and jerks - 115lbs
160 singles
2 clean and jerks - 115lbs
120 singles
2 clean and jerks - 115lbs
80 singles
2 clean and jerks - 115lbs
40 singles

15 GHD bench press 30lbs
100m slosh pipe walk (women's pipe!)
20 supermans

Tim Randall 01-26-2011 08:50 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Took a rest day today (had new Heatpump installed

WU-jump rope 10minutes (marathon for me as I suck at JR)
WOD: 800m x 3, 2min rest
rest 2min
rest 2min
rest 2min

Ran hard in Pose style-and was pretty pleased that calf's didn't cramp up
Cool down--stretch and roll out and do Physio recommended exercises for shoulder

John Burch 01-27-2011 06:06 AM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
reverse hyper
2x20 K2E
Decline Bench 3@135 2@185 1@205
Heavy rack pushpress 3@135 3@155 3@165
100 pushup 25/25/15/15/20
5 sets 10 ea
10 ring dips
10 ring rows

row 2000m 9:03
75 thrusters @75# 7:44


Michelle Simpson 01-27-2011 09:31 AM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
[B]Pat[/B] I will give that a shot and see how it works out.


6 minutes
5 squat thrusters 35# barbell
8 ring rows
15 DU's or 30 single jumps. Managed to link 3 DU's this morning, finally.
Skill work:
6 minutes
1 arm KB swing 26#
Kettlebell snatch 26#
Kettlebell quick switch (switching the KB quickly between hands)

Workout: "Holbrook" Scaled 8 rounds with 1 minute rest between rounds.
5 squat thrusters 65#
10 pull ups (band, it's time for an intervention of the band)
100m sprint
Time splits 1:29-1:31-1:37-1:40-1:47-1:52-1:52-1:47

Michael Stiles 01-27-2011 12:01 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
[B]January 27[/B]
[U]Warm up[/U]
400m run, Max jump squats in 1 min: 46, 10 KB swings 35lb, 10 KB SDHP, 20 lunge steps.

Dead lift, hang power clean, front squat, push jerk - 75lbs (78% Rx weight)
5 rounds: 21-18 -15-12-9
[B]24:07[/B] - tried to keep moving, but felt real slow today.

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