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Andrew Bell 04-13-2011 01:18 PM

Oly/Power/Met Con Log
Figured I would start a log and actually try to keep up with it.....

The past 9 months I have been doing the Oly Lifts 3 days a week with both a strength move, and a met con afterwards. Looking to change it up a bit and combine that with some power lifting (strength move) for overall strength gain. We do met cons at the end of every workout just about. I will (try to) log every day I train.

Current stats:
Height: 6'1 or 6'2, some where in there
Weight: 225 as of this morning

In no particular order: Bigger/Faster/Stronger ;)
Main Goal:
Strength is my main goal, never been too strong but am not a beginner. Along with that continuing to build work capacity/GPP is my second goal. Acceleration/speed is a third goal. I'll never be a Games competitor, and have little desire to learn the skills like muscle ups, double unders, hand stand push ups, etc. Sure there is a lot of strength in them, but at this time, it's just not something I desire to be great at. I care more about the oly lifts personally.
Long Term:
Clean and Jerk: 150kg
Snatch: 100kg
Deadlift: 500lbs
Body Weight: <215lbs
Grace: <3minutes
10K: <50minutes

Current Lifting Stats:
We are currentliy testing this week so here's how I've done:
Monday - C&J - 230lb (105kg) (up 10lbs from maybe 3 months ago when I was injured)
Tuesday - Bench - 205lb (Met con: 3:46 - not hustling, just getting it done)
Doing Snatch tomorrow (Thursday), and CFT (deadlifting first to get a good number on that) on Saturday.

All work outs are done at my buddy's house/garage, and therefore some of the met con might need some explanations (just ask) but can be figured out. We are obviously a little limited on equipment (no pull up bars for now) but make due with what we have, and have more stuff coming every month (plyo boxes being built this weekend). :cool:

Diet has been cleaned up a TON, but is not pure paleo, and never will be. I still eat some grains, mostly in the morning, and afternoon. I also drink a half gallon of high protein/2% milk a day. Dinner usually consists of a steak and asparagus or corn on the cob. Aiming for 300g of protein a day is my main goal, with only 1 protein shake per day.
Black Magic:
Not really planning on taking anything crazy (i.e. test shots/boosters, or anything like that) but I will take ZMA, zinc, AtLarge's Results, ON ProComplex (Protein), and maybe something I'm forgetting now.

Looking to follow the schedule in the excel spreadsheets in the links below over the next 7 weeks. It is built in so that we are lifting/met conning 4 days a week, and any day with nothing listed is an option to go run the park (3 miles). Percentages are laid out for the Oly Lifts, and for all other lifts it will be 5 sets of 3 reps, working up to a 3 rep max. There will be a drop set of 70% of the last set, reps till fail after the 5th set. Any thoughts on programming would be appreciated.
Strength Calender (wfs)
Met Con Calender (wfs)

From there who knows. So let the fun begin......

Andrew Bell 04-14-2011 09:54 PM

Re: Oly/Power/Met Con Log
Bad day today, all 3 of us that train together just couldn't get it going.

Hit 75kilo's for a PR, but should of been closer to 78, but like I say, bad day.

Met con:
6 deads @70kg
6 burpees with the jump over the bar.
rest 2 minutes then run 1/2 mile.

Andrew Bell 04-16-2011 10:18 AM

Re: Oly/Power/Met Con Log
Saturday 4/16/11
CF Total:
Dead - 420lb (PR kinda, pulled this in November then got injured and had to work my way back up to 400 in January)
Squat - 303lb (PR)
PP - 182 (PR)
Total - 905 (PR)

Up 105lbs from January. Not too shabby.

Andrew Bell 04-19-2011 11:09 AM

Re: Oly/Power/Met Con Log
Short active recovery met con:
40 KB sings @60lbs
40 single unders
900m run
40 band stretches
time: 4:50

Andrew Bell 04-20-2011 10:49 PM

Re: Oly/Power/Met Con Log
1 Attachment(s)
ah lookie lookie what daddy got today!!!

Andrew Bell 04-26-2011 07:12 AM

Re: Oly/Power/Met Con Log
Front Squat:
2@220lb, 2@230lb, 2@235lb, 2@240, 2@245

Met Con:
5 Thrusters @ 115lb
Farmers Walk (Dual 88lb kettlebells) to end of drive way
shoulder band stretch (20 reps total)
Farmers Walk back....
time: 7:23

New PR on the front squat. Never really gone too heavy on that move so it was interesting. Met con...... holy smokes that sucked!!!

2@90kg, 2@95kg, 1@98kg, 1@105kg, 1@107kg, 1@110kg, 1@115-Fail

Pendlay Rows:
5x5@70kg, 1x20@50kg

Met Con:
5 deads @220lb
5 over the bar burpees
time: 4:00

Cleans felt good, new PR there, broke it twice actually since 105 was my best. Too high of a jump in weight on the last one, wanted to go for around 112kg but coach wanted me to up it to 115kg.
Met con was just to keep the fat off, was going on fumes at that point.
Day after I'm sore through my upper body.

One more day then rest.....

Andrew Bell 04-26-2011 09:25 AM

Re: Oly/Power/Met Con Log
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Ah snap, just got done...... :super:

Andrew Bell 04-26-2011 10:10 PM

Re: Oly/Power/Met Con Log
Bench press - 50kg with 100lb band tension at top of rep
10x3 on the minute.
Bradley Incline Bench Press (close grip incline bench)
50kg - 5x5

Met Con:
10 Rounds of Tabata (20 on, 10 off) - Exploding Rope Jumps

The bands were interesting. Working exploding was great and REALLY taxing on the CNS, had that "static" type of work in my shoulders after the sets which is my CNS getting worked. Hoping to develop some fast twitch fibers from that work. The met con I am going to name hell on earth cause that's exactly what it was!!!

Andrew Bell 04-27-2011 06:30 AM

Re: Oly/Power/Met Con Log

Originally Posted by Andrew Bell (Post 930586)

Met Con:
10 Rounds of Tabata (20 on, 10 off) - Exploding Rope Jumps

It should be noted that this is a huge 2" rope that is 60' long, and I am taking it from a bent over position, and exploding with it up and taking the rope over my head. It's a version of Battling Ropes.

Andrew Bell 04-28-2011 10:02 PM

Re: Oly/Power/Met Con Log
1 set of 2 @ 60kg, 68kg, 70kg,
3 sets of 1 @ 73kg

1 set of 2 @ 380lb, 402lb

Met Con:
Run 2 miles
time: 16:24

Need more long distance running, legs were fried after this. Pick up the sled tomorrow.

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